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Dayx3: Short Video From Parliament Square 2pm

A short video from Parliament Square around 2pm, people have broken through the police lines and are all over the square, heavy police presence protects the parliament.

Dayx3: Demo Leaves Malet Street

Short video of the Dayx3 demonstration leaving Malet Street towards Russel Square.

Uk Uncut Protest At Topshop

Protests at Topshop and other shops owned by tax evaders, Oxford Street, London, Saturday 4th December 2010

When this government let Vodafone get away with not paying a £6bn tax bill earlier this year they sent a very clear message to UK citizens: we are not all in this together. Ordinary people must accept savage public spending cuts, whilst rich corporations can avoid paying billions and billions…

Put The Kettle On, And We'll Have A Party...
Despite the snow and cold, and having had lots of exercise during the day, people in the kettle at trafalgar square still have a party!

Up, Up And Away!

At the midday, short term kettle at parliament square, some people aren't fazed by police lines and choose to get some exercise and go over the fence, rather than stick around and get cold.

Anger At The Lines

At about 5:30pm the 2-300 people still in the detainment zone at Trafalgar Square tried to break out, they almost made it.

Students Run Down Side Street To Avoid Kettle

Students running down a side street in Westminster, avoiding the planned route and the hundreds of police officers. Earlier today, the student march split off in different directions and the police was unable to control protesters as they were taking over several main roads.

Dayx2: Demo In Holborn

Around 2pm: The demonstration which left Trafalgar Square has grown after walking all the way up to Oxford Street and breaking through police lines who tried to split the demo in The Strand.

Dayx2: Demo Leaving Trafalgar Square 12 Noon

Dayx2 gainst cuts and student fees: About 600-800 people met at Trafalgar Square at noon.

Almost on the minute at 12 the crowd started mooving, but the police had blocked off Whitehall completely with vans and police lines.

The whole demo spontanously - to the suprise of the police - turned right into St James Park.

Clashes With Police At Lewisham Town Hall

Video of clashes with police at Lewisham Town Hall 29/11/10 when protesters interrupted a crucial council meeting.

Words From A Police Kettle

David Graeber and Clare Colomon speak from inside the police kettle on 24th November 2010.

Mounted Police Charging Protesters At Whitehall

mounted police charging protesters, they said they didn't, my camera says they did.

Police Force Children Out Of Mcdonalds

police force children out of mcdonalds and force them down whitehall into kettle where they are then held for hours. they can't explain what law they are using.

Interview With Clare Solomon On Student Demo

A short interview with University of London Union President, Clare Solomon on last weeks student demonstration in London against tuition fees and cuts.

On Cuts And Capitalism

A 14-minute interview with David Graeber, on cuts to education budgets.

The Siege Of Millbank

Tens of thousands of students and schoolchildren marched through London on Wednesday against plans to triple university tuition fees.

Violence erupted as thousand of protesters battled police and stormed a building containing the headquarters of the governing Conservative Party.

Over 50,000 students, lecturers and supporters demonstrated against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to…

Bbc Strike Interview

Interview with Donnacha DeLong, NUJ vice-president, on the eve of the BBC strike.

Bookfair 2010 Dr. Richard Barbrook

Does the word 'Revolution' has any meaning anymore? Is there any point to political writing? and was the last British election actually a coup d'état by the civil service?

This and other questions are put to Dr. Richard Barbrook, winner of the 2008 Marshall McLuhan Prize for 'Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology' and a University of Westminster lecturer.

He begins by discussing Guy De…

Bookfair 2010 Interview With Fitwatch

Due to evidence that the police forces have been gathering unprecedented amounts of intelligence on indivuduals at demonstrations and actions (1), FITWatch, here interviewed during the 28th Anarchist Bookfair, are asking people to make requests under the data protection act for any information the police may be holding on them, to try and get a better understanding of how the police are gathering …

Bookfair 2010 Iv. Milan Rai, Peace News

Milan Rai, a British peace campaigner best known for being arrested on 25 October 2005 next to a London war memorial, the Cenotaph, for refusing to cease reading aloud the names of civilians by then killed in Iraq in the course of Britain's most recent war, alongside fellow activist Maya Evans.

He is a writer and anti-war activist, and most recently, has taken on the role as editor for Peace News

Bookfair 2010 Activist Trauma Support

"Trauma work is part of resistance. A lot of people drop out, disappear, stop being active, feel excluded because of their fear or because they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Even after obvious incidents like the Diaz school in Genoa, there was no emotional support set up for the victims. A lot them suffered more from the emotional consequences than the physical in…

Imc London Animation

After improving the video encoder, Imc London is planning to re-encode all videos, which will highly improve the viewing experience. This is a draft for a short clip to be put at the end of videos on Imc London. If you have any comments, please use the additions for feedback.

Bookfair 2010 Counter/Mapping Queen Mary Uni.

To begin by asking ‘what is the university’ requires an investigation of the function of the university not only as a knowledge factory but also as a border. Our investigation of what the university produces as knowledge, hierarchies and power exposes the border/s that operate in, on and around the university. That ‘the university is a border’ is made possible by the operation of a filter mec…

Bookfair 2010 Interview With Michael Albert

An incredibly inspiring interview at the 28th Anarchist Bookfair in London with American activist, political theorist, and writer, Michael Albert on his ideas of Participatory Economics, 'Parecon', which uses participatory decision making as an economic mechanism to guide the production, consumption and allocation of resources in a given society. Here he touches on his ideas, and how they are slow…

Bookfair 2010 Anarchist Cartoonist Donald Rooum

London Indymedia caught up with long time anarchist and cartoonist Donald Rooum to discuss his work with Freedom, Peace News and his Wildcat creation, and the things he enjoys about this years 28th Anarchist Bookfair in Mile End, London.

Bookfair 2010 Chat About Neurodiversity

A Chat with Paul & Luke at the 28th Anarchist Bookfair on the subject of Neurodiversity and Anarchy and how neurodiversity can benefit the anarchist movement. Neurodiversity includes such medical 'handicaps' such as 'ADHD', 'Asperger’s syndrome', 'Autism' and other 'brain differences'.

Bookfair 2010 Interview With Bookfair Collective

Short Interview with member from the organising group of the Anarchist Bookfair, on this years event, the bookfairs future, and the London Anarchist Bookfairs growing importance in the anarchist calendar.

Bookfair 2010 Croatian Anarchist

Chat with Marko, a member of the anarchist collective Ispod Plocnika from Zagreb, Croatia, visiting the 28th Anarchist Bookfair in London, 2010.

St Pancras Out Of Control

The demonstration eventually made it to Kings Cross, and it quickly moved into the Eurostar terminal. It kept moving around the terminal until it eventually made its way to the check-in desks and border control. A group of people managed to go throgh the check in and into the border area, which provoked a quick, and quite freaked-out, response from the security personnel. After a while people …