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Bemused police stumble upon the Climate Camp set up in Blackheath, Greenwich and politely ask what's going on


fucked up legislation

these coppers are local ones who obviously weren't briefed about the camp and things. this behaviour just shows how dangerous the recent legislation around taking photos and video in public (and of coppers) is...


heh heh. I love that cameraman


Why is that police think they have a right to not be filmed? To walk up and interfere with someone's private property. The guy was filming and they came up and interfered with him. Just goes to show that the police are no different. The PR policing is just a false front. Get ready for some more deaths by baton. Our thoughts are with you brave climate campers.

Camera Shy

Not at all surprised to see an officer with not a clue about rights to film and photograph in public spaces. When will so called "frontline" officers receive and remember briefings on dealing with press? Good luck to all photographers and film makers. Keep as calm as this cameraman, state the facts and let the images speak and bear witness.

S76 + MET Photography advice to officers

As the first person said, the assumption that many police officers have that they can push people with cameras around (press card or no) has gotten worse since the counter terrorism legislation regarding photography (s76).

The MET did update their advice to officers about the law after complaints from NUJ etc

People should read and understand their rights:

And see:

PS well done that cameraman for cool attitude.

Hearty praise

The cameraman deserves the highest praise possible for managing to record so many details of those police officers and staying so calm. Well done.

Official Complaint

I hope you make an official complaint about this. If you don't, this offer will carry on acting like that.

He should of just told him

If people turned up in my garden and started setting stuff up, refused to tell me what was going on and just stood there filming me I think I too would get a bit annoyed. As would many, many others.

The copper asked what was going on, the guy knew what was going on and didn't tell him.

Would he of answered the questions of a non-police officer?


On if the passer by had his hands all over the guy's camera.

FOI request

I have just received a refusal from the MPS to identify the officer concerned, so have lodged an appeal.