no photography in parliament square?

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last week, while covering the protests on budget day, i wandered on to the grass at parliament square. a heritage warden and various police told me both that i couldn't be there, and i couldn't take photographs there. holding my ground and after further inquiry, i was told by the head of the security company managing the 'heritage wardens', that the GLA have a list of websites that the bye-laws prohibit posting to, even non-commercially. the GLA press officer has so far failed to respond to my calls asking for a copy of that list.

full written report here


Right to film on Parliament Square Gardens

I've been to Parliament Square and filmed there many times including their wardens and protets. When I first filmed at Parliament Square the wardens were exactly like you see on the video. Quick to tell me that law's prevent me filming. I simply ignored them even filming from inside Parliament Square Gardens when it was all fenced off to the public(twice).

My last video of Parliament Square was for Peace Strike which is the ongoing protest opposite the House of Parliament gates. I filmed from the center of the square with no issues. It was clear that the video was in relation to the protest but I guess the wardens knew that they were wasting their time trying to stop me from filming since they knew what my response was going to be. I guess that if you also come down to Parliament Square and film they will eventually leave you alone as they tend to only go after People who they know they can control and not the People who know their rights in this country.

The land belongs to the People for the People to enjoy. They even explained it in the video above yet they don't seem able to comprehend their own words.

Here are some videos that I took in Parliament Square (regarding my earlier entry into Parliament Square Gardens)