Kettles to be brought to Human Rights Court

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Speaker at Getting to the Truth march denounces campaign to label protesters criminal and terrorist and announces that people are going to the European Court for Human Rights to challenge the Police Policy of Containment, because it is dangerous, it causes crushing on the inside, it's draconian and it's against the democratic right to protest.

Call for people, who have been held in containment during the last week, to come forward as witnesses.

See Pictures and Video of the march.

To everyone who wants to reply to this call for witnesses: We have not been able to find a contact where people can do so. As soon as we will, it will be published here. If you do think of coming forward as a witness, please write a detailed statement of what you witnessed, if you have not already done so. The Legal Support of the Climate Camp has issued a general call out for witness statements.

There is also an online petition to outlaw kettling, that can now be signed.


Press Review on Kettling:

Police at G20 will be tense, despite months of planning
March 31, 2009
Andy Hayman is former Assistant Commissioner Special Operations at the Metropolitan Police
"A protest on the move is harder to police than a stationary rally. Protesters will be prevented from running as this raises the risk of injury to innocent bystanders, the police and other demonstrators. "

Why did the police punish bystanders?
April 3, 2009
Commentary: Tom Whipple
"The police should not have the authority to enact collective punishment. Just as the people who attacked the officers were idiots, so the actions of the police made that violence inevitable."

G20: Did police containment cause more trouble than it prevented?
Thursday 2 April 2009
Duncan Campbell
"The upshot of the ruling and the police's application of their "kettle" formula is that people thinking about embarking on demonstrations in the future may have to decide whether they want to be effectively locked up for eight hours without food or water and, when leaving, to be photographed and identified."

Baton charges and kettling: police's G20 crowd control tactics under fire
Friday 3 April 2009
Sandra Laville and Duncan Campbell 
"O'Brien said the cordons were put in place because a group of about 200 people were violent. "There was no real deliberate attempt to say you are all going to stay here for hours," he said."

Did the handling of the G20 protests reveal the future of policing?

Friday 3 April 2009
Duncan Campbell
"But how much of the trouble as the day wore on could have been avoided by policing that didn't involve containment? And what does this mean for the future of protesting? Does this mean that anyone wanting to go on a demonstration in the future needs to be prepared to be detained for eight hours, photographed and identified?"

G20 protests: 'I don't know who is being protected here'
Thursday 2 April 2009
John Domokos, Laurence Topham, Christian Bennett, John D McHugh, Felix Clay 

Comment is Free:
G20: The police ruined a peaceful protest
2 April 2009
Beth McGrath
"As their batons came down, legal observers called out to people to take the police numbers of those who had hurt protesters. En masse, the line of police all covered up their badges. It was a chilling show of a police force unaccountable to their own laws, and their own humanity."
Analysis: When can police use G20 Tactics?
"It is, however, very difficult to get any information from the police about when and why the strategy is implemented.
Neither Acpo, nor the Met, nor Scotland Yard itself were willing to discuss the scenarios in which they activate the power."



Great to hear that the practice of kettling is being challenged in the ECHR. I've been in a couple (was at Bank on 1st) and there were times when I was scared, particularly as the police lines moved in tighter - and aggressively - for no reason when we had little space to move out of the way of their batons and shields. It felt like they just wanted to put us under stress and were quite willing to beat anyone that couldn't move out of the way in time, which is something that almost happened to me. I was lucky enough to get away with a twisted ankle, which I blame the police for entirely.
Good luck with this anyway, I'll be keeping up with how this goes.

broken hand

I was there right near the rbs branch and suffered a broken hand after putting my hands out to defend myself from a baton charge.

The policing tactics were inhuman i actually had to urinate in the street..

Disgusting behaviour from the police and such activities only ended up inflaming the situation as we all fealt wronged.

contact me at daywalker_q2 at hotmail dot com

Where do I give my email address?

Was in containment and injured while peacefully protesting. will happily give evidence as a witness against brutality

Kirstentribe at

email address?

Who do we contact?

how do i contact them

How do I contact them?

more kettles

video of another kettle, bit less than a year ago. maybe they were practising at the time:

Contact email

Just had a look at another thread and it seems that the contact to send your witness accounts to is:

legal [at]

No more human rights

There is a bill going through parliament right now to legitimise UK reluctance to abide by European Convention on Human Rights so this could be a hollow victory. Second reading scheduled in September.