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Squatters Open Friern Barnet Library

A group of squatters have reopened Friern Barnet Library for public use after Barnet Council ignored an 18-month campaign by local residents and closed it down in April with plans to sell it off to private developers.

Local campaigners were initially wary of the squatters activists and their methods and unhappy at the council for immediately entering into negotiations with them, but have subseque…

Making Ends Meet

The crisis of the capitalist financial system affects people across social classes and across the geography of Europe in similar ways: making a living is becoming more difficult in times of rising unemployment, ruthless neo-liberal flexibilisation of work and dismantling of the welfare state. This also affects housing, mobility, education, healthcare, old age pensions and so forth. Acros…


VID 4 for some of the group this is their first view of their proposed new home. a beautiful riverside plot, left unused for years.


Civil Offence

VID 2 confirmation that the group may be committing a civil offence but certainly not a criminal one


More Papers

VID 3 more papers are served by an enforcement officer at lunchtime today (sunday)


Approaching Windsor

VID 1 a short clip as the group approaches windsor today


Austerity In The Uk Boycott Workfare

Interview with Boycott Workfare on how the workfair scheme is hurting our communities at a time of increasing economical strain on the working classes, and how it is another example of how the UK's austerity measures are not working for the majority, but for the few.

Austerity In The Uk Uk Uncut

UK Uncut interview on austerity measures in the UK and how it is in actuallity helping the rich getter richer while making the poor poorer.

Protests At Shell Annual General Meeting 2012

yesterday was the annual general meeting of oil giant, shell. the main international AGM took place in holland at the hague, but uk shareholders joined in by videolink at a meeting at the barbican. despite a massive security operation, the AGM was hit both outside and in by a stream of activists from 'rising tide' 'occupy oil', 'shell to sea', and 'tar sands uk' among others.

this short film…

Video 12 M Stupid Policing Of Meet The 1 Percent

On 12th May, the City of London police (and some of the met police too) were acting rather stupidly, randomly trying to throw cordons across a march of around 700 people, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, mostly pissing people off.

As part of the 12M Global Day of Action that occurred in over 350 cities, around 700 protesters gathered at St Paul's to take a tour of the financial institutions…

Video: Cops Block 12 M Demo On Fetter Lane

City of London police split, cordon and block the 700 strong 12M march. The style of policing caused an awful lot more problems than it solved - in fact it didn't solve anything, it just pissed people off.

As part of the 12M Global Day of Action that occurred in over 350 cities, around 700 protesters gathered at St Paul's to take a tour of the financial institutions responsible for much of the cris…

Video: 12 M Arrests At Meet The 1% Protest Bo E

Video of cops arresting ppl who were sat down outside the bank of england / royal exchange during the Occupy London 'Meet the 1%' protest on the 12M global day of action.

Full info here:


London Oil Activists Target Bp Sponsored Play

two activists from london staged an unexpected choral protest at the start of the official press night at the RSC's performance of "twelfth night" at their theatre in stratford-on-avon last night. their protest was the second this week to target the new season which is sponsored by the destructive oil corporation BP in an attempt to greenwash their name.

originally planned as a four-piece choral …

Occupy Oil The Sequel Coming May 22, 2012 + #OccupyOil / @OccupyOil

On the 8th of Feb this year Occupy Oil held it first day of mass action. Shell Stations across the UK and indeed further afield were blockaded or ...picketed. We are back and on the 22nd of May 2012 we are holding Occupy Oil the Sequel,Shell Oil will be holding their AGM in The Hague with an audio-visual link to a satellite meeting …

Police Questioning November 5

Questioned by police for filming in Parliament Square on November 5th.

No Juggling In Trafalgar Square

a heritage warden stops a juggler from practising in trafalgar square on a saturday afternoon.

he cites a bye-law that prohibits any games on the square.

whose "heritage" is the warden protecting?

film free for non-commercial and credited use. (credit: rikki indymedia) please contact author for any other usage.

Bike Hating Cop On Critical Mass

cop (CO4141) prevents critical mass cyclists from crossing goodge street even though lights are green. he seems to be making an arbitrary distinction that bicycles aren't traffic. according to his perverse theory, the cyclists were obstructing the traffic by being on the road. i wonder if he's ever used that line against a line of cars, buses, lorries, or taxis?

or perhaps it was just utter bulls…

No Photography In Parliament Square?

last week, while covering the protests on budget day, i wandered on to the grass at parliament square. a heritage warden and various police told me both that i couldn't be there, and i couldn't take photographs there. holding my ground and after further inquiry, i was told by the head of the security company managing the 'heritage wardens', that the GLA have a list of websites that the bye-laws pr…

Pirate Bay Founder Warns Of Cashless Society

Peter Sunde warns London Web Summit that their must be some anonymity in payment systems while warning Bitcoin currently does not provide the solutions

Pirate Bay Founder Talks Bitcoin, Cash & Anonymity

Peter Sunde, co-founder of Pirate Bay and micro-payment site Flattr, warns of the consequences of a cashless society that will put a stop to anonymous transactions and increase the power of financial institutions to destroy businesses by blocking payments a la Wikileaks.

For the full story check

No Borders Carnival Clip, Sat 18th February

Here's a short clip of today's Noborders Carnival part of the international NoBorders Convergence that has taken place in London this week. Today's carnival, which was called as the final event of the convergence, gathered around 200 people on the steps of St Pauls at midday. After a few speeches the crowd took to the streets marching in a loud demonstration towards central London, and ending in P…

School Of Ideas Opens To The Community

The School of Ideas opened its doors to the community yesterday with activists hoping to replicate the success of its predecessor Bank of Ideas.

The former school has been cleaned up and readied for workshops, cinema, debate and meditation, but those behind the enterprise are calling for others to get involved.

Two of the first people to arrive were a couple of sexual health workers based across…

'We Have Rights'

Did the police act illegally in breaking, entering and evicting a new squatted space?

Proposed Squatting Laws Put On Trial

Activists held a series of mock trials of squatters at the squatted Old Street magistrates court today to highlight the campaign against the goverment's plans to criminalise squatting in residential properties.

The court also heard testimony of the consequences to vulnerable people should the bill pass and fierce criticism of the consultation process that has excluded those who will be most affec…

Occupy War Tribunal Sets Model For People's Court

The first of the London Occupy movement's citizen tribunals took place today looking at the case for the former British government under Tony Blair to be prosecuted for war crimes.

The event, staged at the former magistrates court in Old Street, Hackney, was recorded to enable an edited version to be presented to the police in the coming weeks in the hope they will investigate.

The tribunal, hel…

Video Of Bikes Alive Protest

The video shows cyclists and others moving around the junction at Kings Cross. Des Kay recited one of his poems at the end of the demo and was cheered, despite being manhandled by an officer.

 Pedestrians on foot and people in wheelchairs joined with cyclists to protest against the polices of Transport for London, which prioritises motor vehicles over vulnerable road users. This could become …

Brixton Rally Nov 30 Public Sector Strike

Public sector strike, November 30 Day of action, showing clips of the Brixton rally and march. Additional talking head interview of UCU member talking about why public sector workers are on strike,  privatisation of the public sector and the occupy movement.

Occupy Justice: Clowns Cause Chaos In Court

Invisible Circus brought Old Street Magistrates back to life on Friday when a rag-tag bunch of entertainers were put on trial in front of a packed courtroom.

The sinister looking rogues were charged with such crimes as making children laugh, juggling, frivolity and listening to repetitive beats before being sent to the cells much to the pleasure of the gallery.

Happy New Year

Old Street Magistrates Prepares For Trial

As reported on this site the former Old Street Magistrates Courts have been occupied and being readied for a series of mock trials after Christma. Activists have been tidying up the Grade II listed building and preparing the cells for their new tenants.

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