Star-blue1 Transmit 13 Oct 15:12

Indymedia London is closing - thanks for all the support over the years! See full closing statement here: http://london.indymedia.org/articles/13128

Star-blue1 Transmit 29 Sep 11:06

#29s London Solidarity Portuguese Consulate 3pm

Star-blue1 Transmit 29 Sep 11:04

#29S London Solidarity at Spanish Embassy 6pm

Star-blue1 Transmit 26 Sep 11:20

Article: #25s Madrid Report: We are not afraid - All must go! http://london.indymedia.org/articles/12992 #watch25s

Star-blue1 Transmit 01 Sep 11:09

Tonight! 7.30 £3 unwaged, £1 unwaged Juke Joint Saturday Night Saturday September 1st at 7.30pm 62 Fieldgate Street London E1 1ES Blues Night Benefit for Anarchist Federation (London) Come dressed for the occasion, whether as a sharecropper or an urban hepcat A fine selection of the best of rocking, jumping, swinging blues in all styles from a seasoned and refined connoisseur at the decks. Live music also on the menu.

Star-blue1 Transmit 15 May 13:32

 #15M demo by #occupylondon now at british bankers association after protesting mutliple banks during march

Star-blue1 Transmit 12 May 17:24

Cops announce 35 mins to disperse at bank of england #occupylondon #12M

Star-blue1 Transmit 01 May 21:41

#occupylsx given 30 mins to leave paternoster sq by cops or face arrest #m1gs #mayday

Star-blue1 Transmit 01 May 19:01

#occupylondon #mayday tents outside stock exchange in paternoster square #m1gs #occuypylsx


Star-blue1 Transmit 01 May 14:36

cops arguing about #occupylondon pop up tents at #mayday traf sq rally - saying tents not allowed here


Star-blue1 Transmit 01 May 13:38

#m1gs pic: #occupylondon pop up tents briefly appear at holborn junction ahead of #mayday union march - also see http://yfrog.com/kjgopouj main march now passing by holborn


Star-blue1 Transmit 01 May 10:02

report of at least one #mayday arrest at #occupylondon liverpool st stn #m1gs

Star-blue1 Transmit 26 Apr 11:35

Reports of immigration check/stop & search in progress on Mare Street, Hackney, near London Field's Station 11.30 am. Anyone got more info?

Star-blue1 Transmit 29 Mar 22:35

Picket for cleaner who got suspended after trying to form a union.Tomorrow [Fri 30/03] 5pm 50 Finsbury square in the city of London.Pass it on!

Star-blue1 Transmit 14 Mar 14:12

Pic: Official MET Police Protest Liaison team deployed at #NUSwalkout demo starting at ULU #comeclean


Star-blue1 Transmit 09 Mar 11:21

97 peckham rd is evicted. [09/03, 11:04]

Star-blue1 Transmit 09 Mar 11:05

Fuck tonnes of police evicting 97 peckham rd. Please come now. [09/03, 10:50]

Star-blue1 Transmit 29 Feb 18:36

Around 100 people gathering for the #f29 anti-cuts lobby outside lambeth town hall in brixton

Star-blue1 Transmit 28 Feb 01:00

The school of ideas is also being evicted right now. Support and legal observers needed asap. Featherstone rd, islington.

Star-blue1 Transmit 28 Feb 00:50

@OccupyLSXSOS: Urgent need for legal observers at St. Paul's and School of Ideas. Come down ASAP, we need you!

Star-blue1 Transmit 28 Feb 00:50

@OccupyLSXSOS: Eviction is happening now. Get down to St. Paul's if you can and show your support!

Star-blue1 Transmit 28 Feb 00:21

OccupyLSX is being evicted NOW.

Star-blue1 Transmit 27 Feb 23:55

Police amassing by st pauls in obscene numbers at museum of london. Support needed. Network it! x

Star-blue1 Transmit 21 Feb 10:12

#sparks disrupt bosses dinner then sensationally defeat #balfour beatty! watch #video at http://www.reelnews.co.uk - main target now NG Baileys, join mass #picket weds 7am at kings x station platform 9/10 then morrisons stratford 5:30pm - let's finish another one off!

Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 17:53

noisy #solidarity demo still on at wandsworth prison with drums and soundsystem (despite cops shoving ppl around a bit)


Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 16:24

small noise demo underway outside Wandsworth prison #solidarity

Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 15:15

council rep being a bit grumpy at #reclaimlove - circle about to start soon

Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 14:56

#noborders carnival ended at piccadily circus. People gathnering to go together to the prisoners solidarity demo at wandsworth prisoners solidarity demo called for 4pm.

Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 14:28

#noborders demo now entering piccadilly circus. Found 'reclaim love' event in full swing there. Hope we don't end up holding hands!

Star-blue1 Transmit 18 Feb 14:28

#noborders carnival,weather now turning nastry but demo still loud and stronmg. Now up haymarket approachig piccadilly circus