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New Left Project: Re-thinking the welfare state

This interview explores the politics and history of the welfare state in Britain. It takes a much longer historical view than normal and focuses on institutions and events readers may be unfamiliar with. This is out of a belief that the conventional left political narrative about the welfare state has broken down and a new one is needed. The Labour Party, which created many of the public services …

leninology: What next after #j30?

About three quarters of a million workers took strike action on 30th June. This wasn't as big as some strikes in recent years, and certainly nothing close to the 'winter of discontent' evoked by the right-wing press. But I think it was far more important than the previous ones of the last decade, because it was a) far more political, b) not simply a sectional strike over conditions, and c) rooted …

bbc: Squatters: Who are they and why do they squat?

For many people, the word squatter conjures up the image of a dreadlocked, middle-class, tree-hugging hippie eking out an alternative lifestyle in someone else's home. But with plans afoot to outlaw squatting, just who are today's squatters?

bbc: Basildon Dale Farm eviction notices served

Eviction notices have been served on families living illegally at England's largest travellers' site.

Letters from Basildon Council giving 28 days to leave were received by families at Dale Farm on Monday.

More than 400 travellers currently live at the former scrapyard which is on greenbelt land.

About half of the 100 pitches do not have planning permission. Travellers began to set up pitches i…

youtube by me: Police violence at protest 30th of june

at todays protest overly trigger (rather batton and fist) happy police officers unnecesarily applied excessive force and made pre-emptive arrests with no evidence. I managed to capture some of the mentioned violence in the link below to my youtube channel, in my misc playlist you will also be able to find videos from all of the other protests! thank you for reading and or watching!

Demotix: Police kettle June 30th protesters on Whitehall

Police kettled determined protesters, mainly young students, for the best part of an hour after the main June 30th strike marched through London. Press photographers were also getting hassled by police which were not following ACPO guidelines at all. London, UK, 30/06/2011.

Demotix: Police out in force for J30 strike and march

The June 30th nationwide strike saw a huge police operation to counter any resistance during the PCS organised march through the capital. Section 60 was in operation throughout the march route with many arrests made. London, UK, 30/006/2011.

Demotix: Masked protesters questioned under Section 60

Masked protesters were pulled out of the crowds at the beginning of the June 30th strike from Lincoln's Inn Fields and detained and de-masked with their details taken under Section 60 of the Public Order Act. London, UK, 30/07/2011.

Demotix: Man scales lampost to drop banner at start of J30

Shortly after the June 30th strike and march began from Lincoln's Inn Fields around 12 noon, a man scaled a lamp post at the south end of Kingsway dropping a banner supporting the strike. London, UK, 30/07/2011.

the third estate: four things you can do to support the strikes

On June 30th, around 1,000,000 people in the UK will go on strike. This means that most people will also know someone who is going on strike - teachers, civil servants, lecturers, council workers, etc. However, it also means that 64,000,000 people won't be going on strike, but many will want to support it somehow. So, here's a quick guide for how to support a strike if you're not striking.

1) Don…

ZDNet: Police launch £75m national database

A major database of criminals, victims and other people has been formally launched by the National Policing Improvement Agency, although police forces are already using it.

Jennie Cronin, director of the database programme at the NPIA, has announced the launch of the Police National Database (PND). 

The Police National Database (PND), launched on Wednesday, contains the details of between 10…

deterritorial support group: twenty reasons why it's kicking off in cyber space

In February the Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason very succinctly laid out the radically different nature of recent popular uprisings across North Africa, the Middle East and Europe compared to earlier political movements, and the economic and sociological reasons behind it. This incisive blogpost rang true for many of those involved in those social movements, articulating, as it did, a new se…

Blog: Reflections On Facebook vs J30Strike

Earlier today I posted about a current crisis of censorship on Facebook.


  • Citizen activists created, a website advocating peaceful demonstration against austerity measures in the U.K. on June 30th
  • Sometime in the last 48 hours or so, anyone who tried to post or share a link to J30Strike on their Facebook account was blocked from doing so, receiving instead an error me…

Guardian (UK): Punks and Pop Stars Bring Iceland in From Cold

A year ago, comedian Jón Gnarr and his Best Party grasped control of Reykjavik's city hall with an irreverent campaign. They call themselves anarcho-surrealists and their aim is to transform politics.

Guardian: Brian Haw, veteran peace campaigner, dies aged 62

Haw, whose tent became a familiar sight in Parliament Square, dies in Germany after a long battle against lung cancer

BBC: This World: 2010-2011: The Invasion of Lampedusa

How a crisis on a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean is changing the face of immigration in Europe. This spring, in the wake of the uprisings across the Arab world, the Italian island of Lampedusa, just 70 miles from the African coast, has seen the arrival of over 40,000 migrants from Tunisia and Libya.

This programme charts how, within weeks, its small migrant reception centre i…

youtube: Generation OS13

The new culture of resistence

BBC: Kings Cliffe: Radioactive waste disposal approved

Plans for low-level radioactive waste disposal to be allowed at a landfill site in Northamptonshire have been given the go-ahead by the government.

YouTube: I am Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning is the accused Wikileaks source who allegedly provided the truth about the human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, exposed government corruption and lies around the world, and changed journalism forever. He has been held in punitive pretrial detainment for nearly a year.

* Official video of the Bradley Manning Support Network

* Created by Agit-Pop Communications

* Music…

Guardian: Police buy software to map digital movements

Geotime software, bought by the Met, collates data from social networking sites, satnavs, mobiles and financial transactions

Britain's largest police force is using software that can map nearly every move suspects and their associates make in the digital world, prompting an outcry from civil liberties groups.

The Metropolitan police has bought Geotime, a security programme used by the US milit…

FastCompany: Counterterrorism Software Helps Cops

One of the largest distributors of commercial law enforcement software in the United States is integrating open source intelligence into its products--and they are betting the results will lead to enhanced counterterrorism efforts.

More than ever, law enforcement agencies are connecting to far flung sources of information in the fight against terrorism. Now Virginia's i2 Group is offering p…

Guardian: Pay gap widening to Victorian levels

High pay commission forecasts top earners' slice of national income will rise from current 5% to 14% by 2030

Wage disparity between the UK's top earners and the rest of the working population will soon return to the levels of the Victorian era unless action is taken to curb executive pay, a new report by the high pay commission claims.

At the same time a new ICM poll shows that 72% of the pub…

Demotix: Climate change activists protest at Lib Dem HQ

Climate change activists protested outside the Liberal Democrats HQ and Downing Street during a cabinet meeting this morning to demand the Lib Dem's follow recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change, whom Vince Cable has reportedly opposed. London, UK, 16/05/2011.

Demotix: Moroccans demand closure of Temera prison

Moroccans protested outside their embassy in London to call for an end to the corrupt regime and for closure of Temera prison, which is reportedly used by the Americans before transporting prisoners to Guantanamo Bay. London, UK, 15/05/2011.

PopMatters: The Current State of Activist Media

Recent article by Chris Robé, with an interesting analysis on Indymedia. He recalls how indymedia was the coolest thing from Seattle up to the mid-2000, and observes that in today's alternative media conferences and gatherings, Indymedia is hardly visible. He thinks that movements still have a need for Indymedia, and illustrates this with the example of a badly equipped media center (with about 5 …

BBC: Thanet Earth target 'Kent exploitation'

Campaigners have staged protests outside two supermarkets in Kent to highlight what they dub exploitation of workers by a supplier's agency staff.

Unite says agricultural producer Thanet Earth is failing to adhere to legal requirements on how agency employees working there are treated.

The protests were outside Tesco and Marks and Spencer in Broadstairs.

Thanet Earth says it uses licensed a…

Guardian: Are you a 'domestic extremist'?

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis explain how the Data Protection Act can open up police files. Plus a step-by-step guide to making your own request

Police spies and corporate infiltrators: what we know so far

Have you been on a protest recently? Have you attended a political meeting, or stopped by at a rally? Were you stopped and searched, or photographed by police?

Even if you have done nothing unl…

Demotix: Occupy for the Alternative remain in Trafalgar Sq.

UK Uncut's Occupy for the Alternative have continued their weekly weekend occupation of Trafalgar Square, this week coinciding with the May Day demonstration which marched from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square. London, UK, 01/05/2011.

Demotix: London marches for May Day 2011

After the traditional march from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square, people listened to speeches on May Day 2011, otherwise known as International Workers' Day. London, UK, 01/05/2011.

Guardian: RYLWDDN: police criticised for pre-emptive strikes

The protester had only got a few bars into his version of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, recast as "we all live in a fascist regime", when the plain clothes officers moved in.

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