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grassroots/utube: Video: Interview about riot background

Amidst the looting, the violence and the clashes with the police at the London Riots in Hackney... has this guy hit the nail on the head?


blogsport: Enfield riots: the aftermath 8th August

As people across the globe wondered why and struggled to place us on a map, I sat in my living room, just metres away from hundreds of criminals smashing up my home town and attacking the police sent to protect it. I slept to the sound of helicopter rotors and riot van sirens.

This morning I woke to a sinking feeling and an itch to get out there and survey the damage as yet more sirens blared. Th…

Reuters: London rioters point to poverty and prejudice


"It's us versus them, the police, the system," said an unemployed man of Kurdish origin in his early 20s, sitting at the entrance to a Hackney housing estate with four Afro-Caribbean friends who nodded in agreement.

"They call it looting and criminality. It's not that. There's a real hatred against the system," he added, listing what he saw as the police prejudice, discrimination and l…

Guardian: Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... multi-ethnic areas from London to Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol burned, a myth was being dispelled: that so-called "black youths" are largely behind such violence.


Jay Kast, 24, a youth worker from East Ham who has witnessed rioting across London over the last three nights, said he was concerned that black community leaders were wrongly identifying a problem "within".

"I've s…

Independent, uk: Caring costs – but so do riots

Working at street level in London, over a number of years, many of us have been concerned about large groups of young adults creating their own parallel antisocial communities with different rules. The individual is responsible for their own survival because the established community is perceived to provide nothing. Acquisition of goods through violence is justified in neighbourhoods where th…

Guardian: No evidence Mark Duggan opened fire at police...

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has just announced that there is no evidence that Mark Duggan opened fire at police officers before he was shot dead, according to ballistic test results, reports the Press Association.

Gadget Helpline: Official BlackBerry blog site hacked

RIM's Official Blackberry Blog has been hacked by a group of people who feel that their involvement with the UK Metropolitan Police and Government to help stop the London rioting is wrong.

With rioting breaking out in London and other main cities, word has spread fast that those involved in the violence, mugging and looting are discussing and plotting their actions via the Blackberry-specific cha…

youtube: another classic BBC moment with Darcus Howe

Click the link below to watch...

The Telegraph: London riots: the underclass lashes out

No one seemed surprised. Not the hooded teenagers fleeing home at dawn. Not Ken and Tony, who used to live in Tottenham and had returned to stand vigil over the missiles and torched cars littering an urban war zone. Tony claimed to have seen the whole thing coming. “This was always going to happen,” he said.

Guardian (UK): Looting 'fuelled by social exclusion'

After the riots came the looting. Across London windows were smashed, and shops emptied. On Monday experts said social exclusion and the breakdown of law and order could have spurred looters to disregard social norms.

"Many of the people involved are likely to have been from low-income, high-unemployment estates, and many, if not most, do not have much of a legitimate future," said criminologi… Inclusive Democracy as a political project for a n



ID is a project for direct political democracy, economic democracy (beyond the confines of the market economy and state planning), as well as democracy in the social realm and ecological democracy. In short, Inclusive Democracy is a form of social organisation which re-integr…

google: Map Mashup of riots


google: Map of London riots: verified areas

Map of events:

:: Saturday 6 August ::

Tottenham - Riots start after protest at police killing.

:: Sunday 7 August ::

Enfield - Police are called to High Street Enfield after reports shop windows are being smashed. A police vehicle is damaged.

Chingford Mount - [18:28] Three officers are injured after being hit by a vehicle in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest. The officers had been making arres…

Birmingham Riots 2011: A few words.

It’s easy to dismiss the rioters as “scum with nothing better to do” but there are much deeper problems here. As a young, male, ethnic minority in the inner city myself, chances are, I probably know some of these people. I can relate to the feelings of helplessness. I’ve been fortunate enough to be successful as a musician myself and been able to create my own positive future, but these kids…

youtube: Amazing time-lapse photography rioting Tottenham

Amazing time-lapse photography showing the smoking skies over rioting Tottenham, north London, the other day

Huffington Post: Q&A w/ Jody McIntyre who witnessed Brixton riots..

Jody McIntyre witnessed the riots in Brixton on Sunday evening. He told Huff Post UK trouble flared up in the area of South London at around midnight and around 500 people were involved in disorder. A Curry's was set on fire and police were attacked. The self described journalist and activist has been accused of inciting riots but says it is important to understand why London is witnessing disorde…

Inspector Winter blog: Tottenham Enfield Brixton Policing and Public Di..

"Look out it's the TSG", this screamed by a youth clad head to toe in black, while wearing his face mask.

So I quickly check behind me, having been on the wrong end of a TSG baton charge before while deployed in plain clothes as a spotter I have no desire to feel the pain again. But there is nobody there but a couple more of my officers, oh it's us, this young lad thinks we're the TSG!

Working on …

MediaGuardian: BlackBerry Messenger played a key role in riots

Using BlackBerry handsets – the smartphone of choice for the majority (37%) of British teens, according to last week's Ofcom study – BBM allows users to send one-to-many messages to their network of contacts, who are connected by "BBM PINs". For many teens armed with a BlackBerry, BBM has replaced text messaging because it is free, instant and more part of a much larger community than regular…

T.H.A.G.: Tottenham Today. London Tomorrow.

Tottenham is the start. The EMA riots of last year, the battles of March the 26th, along with the many smaller scuffles at town halls from Lewisham to Hackney, they all build to today.  The start of 2011's Urban Riots. The opening of the first front.

Fuck Generalise the strike, we say  Generalise the Riot. The next few days will see "experts" try and tell you this wasn't about anything except a …

the third estate: Tottenham burning - first hand report...

It was about 10 PM last night when I arrived at a police barricade, just south of Tottenham police station. At that point there was a crowd of around 500, men and women of all ages. Most were there in anger, some were onlookers, and others were just trying to get home.

A couple of girls draped in Ghana flags needed to get up the high road. "Do you think if we ask the police they'll let us through…

Ian Bone blog: the 'riot experts' are amongst us

Ah it has begun.  An endless promenade of pastors, youth workers, community leaders ( why don't white folks have community leaders?), vicars, multi-culture wallahs being interviwed to offer explanation of the riots to the worried well As in 1981 the explanations are old hokum - total bollocks. The rioters ‘want jobs- - well they'l be some construction opportunities for sure now they've burned down…


When it comes to greek punk in the 80s there is no fun. Things are dead serious. In contrast to the famous scenes of britain and usa, greek punk encompasses everything that punk was supposed to be in the first place. Indeed the early greek punk scene is characterised by all the integrity and sense of purpose that punk stands for. That scene (early 80s) can only be related to the anarcho punk s…

BlottR: BREAKING NEWS: ire in Tottenham as riots continue.

Non-corporate photos and report:

Two police cars, a bus and a shop have been set on fire in north London following a protest over the fatal shooting of a young father by police.

A crowd of around 300 has gathered in the area of the disturbance in Tottenham, north London. The situation remains tense and volatile. The police are worried that by doing so they are scattering individuals into the sid…

DailyMail: 'There's an anarchist living next door!'


'There's an anarchist living next door!' Breach of human rights row as anti-terror police tell residents to report them along with Islamic fundamentalists

  • Anarchists should be reported, advises Westminster anti-terror police

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:34 PM on 1st August 2011


Counter-terrorism police have asked…

CommentIsFree: criminalising online dissent - democracy in peril

The disproportionate response to hacking protests means we are in danger of leaving our future leaders behind bars

James Ball

In March this year, more than 150 UK activists were arrested while occupying Fortnum & Mason in a protest against tax avoidance. They were held in cells overnight and charged with aggravated trespass. Earlier this month, the charges against all but 30 were dropped, as i…

BBC: Fortnum and Mason protest charges dropped by CPS

Charges of aggravated trespass against 109 people accused of storming Fortnum and Mason have been dropped. A sit-in organised by campaign group UK Uncut was held at the luxury food store on Piccadilly, central London, in March in protest over alleged tax avoidance by the business's part-owners. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided the prosecutions were not necessarily in the public in…

Demotix: Police evict Clifton Mansions

Police closed off Coldharbour Lane at 9am to evict a community squat in the heart of Brixton. Over 50 people protested outside and members of the community joined in. Specialist police units worked with fire crews to remove them. London, UK, 12//07/2011.

CNN: David Graeber on the dirty secrets of debt

ONLY ON THE BLOG: Answering today’s OFF-SET questions is David Graeber, who teaches anthropology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is the author of “Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value,” “Lost People,” and “Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion and Desire.”

His new book is entitled “Debt: The First 5,000 Years,” and in it, Graeber indeed examines the…

youtube: "anarchy all over the world

...worth watching to the end for an excellent little rant.

Neil Jackson - Conflict: Parliament Square taken back (for an hour)

Parliament Square was temporarily occupied by activists during Thursdays union strike and march.

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