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Infantile Disorder: Birth of a Global Anti-Capitalist Movement?

In my opinion, it is very likely that the historians of the future will look upon tomorrow as the day a truly global anti-capitalist movement was born. Following the example of Occupy Wall Street, Los Angeles, Boston, and hundreds of US towns and cities, a huge number of small and large occupations will begin on every continent except Antarctica (see Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America,… Dale Farm: The wider context.

Why I locked onto ‘The Beast’ and why you should get your arse down there right now!

A personal perspective on Living at Dale Farm By Dean Puckett.

youtube: What Would Jello Do- Part 11 Occupy Wall Street

Starting with Occupy Wall Street, Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's/Alternative Tentacles) flits from a maximum wage to the Tea Party to UK Uncut to former Senator Hollings to taxing the rich to the Green Party and beyond!

Selfnegation: “Occupy Wall Street”: Why the struggle must go bey

First of all, let me say I stand in full solidarity with the protesters; your actions have inspired us all and been the cause of some much-needed debate. It takes boldness and initiative to take these first steps, and you should be applauded for doing so. I believe all of you want a better world, a desire that I share with you.

There has been much talk lately of the “goals” of the protest, an…

Crimethinc: Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists

Starting with the occupation of a park next to Wall Street on September 17, a new movement is spreading across the country in which people gather in public spaces in protest against social inequalities. We’ll present a full analysis of this phenomenon here shortly; in the meantime, here’s an open letter to the occupation movement, engaging with some of the issues that have arisen thus far. Ple…

YouTube: Exclusive vids of "Afghanistan 10 Years On" 08/10

Exclusive videos from Saturday's demonstration to mark ten years of the war in Afghanistan.

Please spread far and wide:

Police confronted with the truth - Downing Street -

John Pilger - Civil disobedience is the only way now  -

Police turn "EDL member" away from antiwar protest -…

The Guardian: Working for nothing–the truth about low pay in UK

Workers on the bottom rung of the earnings ladder received a leg up on Saturday, as the national minimum wage increased from £5.98 to £6.08. But new research shows that as many as 5 million people higher up the scale are barely earning enough to make ends meet.

Thinktank the Resolution Foundation has looked at workers up and down the country earning less than a "living wage". It found that mo…

Mirror: Millionaires and bankers' friends

In Opposition, Cameron was ­dismissed as a "shallow salesman", ridiculed for hugging hoodies. He now leads the most right-wing Government of modern times, going further than previous Tory Prime Ministers ever dared.

As Tory minister Greg Barker crowed back in April: "We are ­making cuts that Margaret ­Thatcher in the 1980s could only have dreamt of."

The Tories should have romped home at the …

4OD: Do we get the press we deserve?

Author of “Chavs” and political activist Owen Jones believes the British public does not get the press it deserves because newpaper owners and their journalists are an elite and have no real connection with their readership.

Reflections of Nicolas Mottas - Phantis: Greek Crisis: The Apocalypse Now of Capitalism

By Nicolas Mottas.

The default of the people is a prerequisite for the ruling political and financial elites in order to keep the morally corrupted Capitalism alive.[...]

The default of the people - not of the modern bourgeoise - seems to be the prerequisite for the recovery of the "sick", over-accumulated, Capitalist economy. Apparently, Greece (and, consequently, the whole of Eurozone) became …

bbc: Mainstream media hand over riot footage

Untransmitted video from August's riots in London has been handed to police by the BBC, ITN and Sky News after Scotland Yard obtained court orders against the media organisations.

Production orders were made under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

The Metropolitan Police said it was "identifying people through pictures, CCTV and through the media to ensure that people are brought t…

YouTube: Rebellion in Tottenham 2011

The police murder an innocent man, then let Tottenham burn. The real story, told by local people who were there. URGENT: to get justice we first need to get the truth out - please send this link to at least 10 other people and ask them to do the same.

youtube: Linton Kwesi Johnson talks about the recent riots

Here there is an interview with the legend poet and dub warrior from Brixton Linton Kwesi Johnson about the recent riots in England. It was filmed during Europe's biggest reggae festival Rototom Sunsplash, that took place this summer in the spanish town of Benicassim.

His words are so direct and to the point as his poems, lirics and tunes ... and by the way, his gig down there was like dynamite .…

New Scientist: Subversive aps help citizens fight state silencing

WHEN the Egyptian authorities realised protesters were using the internet to organise themselves in January, they came up with a simple solution: in an instant they disconnected the nation, cutting off anti-government dissidents from an invaluable resource.

The outage inspired James Burke and Chris Pinchen - both members of the P2P Foundation, a group that monitors how data is shared online - …

YouTube: Despot Deals: UK openly selling arms to dictators

As the British Prime Minister departs Libya after celebrating the end of Gaddafi's 42-year rule, anger grows in the UK over the arms fair that once hosted the Colonel when he was stocking up with new military hardware. Critics say it's one of the world's biggest weaponry sales floors and that it provided Libya's ousted leader with the means to launch his deadly crackdown on the opposition. An…

State Watch: EU "Troublemakers" database still on the agenda

Statewatch Analysis: Using false documents against “Euro-anarchists”: the exchange of Anglo-German undercover police highlights controversial police operations (pdf) by Matthias Monroy: Examination of several recently exposed cases suggests that the main targets of police public order operations are anti?]globalisation networks, the climate change movement a…

Open Democracy: As the trial of 9 UK Uncut activists begins...

As the trial of 9 UK Uncut activists begins, Britain's right to protest is also in the docks

Yesterday, nine Brighton UK Uncut activists faced their first day in the courts. Eight of them had superglued themselves to a Topshop window last December to protest against tax dodging by Sir Philip Green, the billionaire retail magnate who owns the store along with several other major UK fashion cha…

Reelnews: Rebellion in Tottenham 2011

The police murder an innocent man, then let Tottenham burn. The real story, told by local people who were there.

There is a violent, racist gang terrorising London who need to be stopped - the Metropolitan police.

URGENT: to get justice we first need to get the truth out - please send this link to at least 10 other people and ask them to do the same.

Infantile Disorder: Public Sector Strike Predictions

General secretaries have used the Trades Union Congress conference in London to announce that they will be balloting their membership for strike action against the government's raid on pensions. So far, only 30% of the public sector workforce is covered by the ballots, but already the ruling class is howling in outrage. Using past experience and a little dialectical materialism - i.e. revolut…

Al Jazeera English: 9/11: When truth became a casualty of war

When the two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre that day, the impact was registered by those who perished that day – and the countless others who have perished in the wars fought ever since.

But the force of the impact was also felt on the media landscape itself and its complicity in the construction of the global war on terror that rearranged and justified the political ev… Dissident Island - Episode 88 ready for download

Episode 88 of Dissident Island sees some of the crew crawl back after their summer hiatus to bring you the latest from the streets of London and beyond.

We had a bit of a look back at the month of August - with riots and multiple deaths at the hands of the police it's been a busy one.

There were words from Tower Hamlets ALARM about what to expect from September 3rd's EDL demonstration in Tower Ha…

Mail: Notting Hill Carnival

They came in their hundreds of thousands to dance and have a good time, Rio de Janeiro-style.

And yesterday revellers let their hair down in style at the Notting Hill Carnival in West London, with drumming groups, floats and sound systems all taking centre stage.

More than 6,500 police officers patrolled the streets for the second day of the event yesterday as Scotland Yard continued its unprece…

TMP Online: Government to cut water supply to Traveller Camp

The Council have released information that they intend to cut water and electricity supplies from Dale Farm after the eviction notice period expires on midnight 31st August. This will leave sick, elderly, young, and pregnant residents without access to water or electricity. Amnesty International have condemned the removal of vital water and electricity in these circumstances, and asked their s…

Blogger: Dale Farm: Five Facts

The Travellers at Dale Farm in Essex have been given notice to leave the site by 31st August by Basildon Council, who are otherwise threatening forcible eviction. As the biggest Traveller site in the UK, it's a fair bet that there will be significant media coverage and plenty of comment and opinion.

In the hope that coverage will at least start out as being accurate, here are Five Facts abo…

bbc: Essex Camp 'supports Dale Farm travellers'

A protest camp has been set up in support of the UK's largest travellers' site, ahead of an eviction deadline.

Supporters from as far as Sweden, Holland and Italy hope Camp Constant will resist bailiffs at Dale Farm, near Basildon.

The travellers own the Cray's Hill site, but half of its pitches are illegal and do not have permission.

Basildon Borough Council gave notice to 86 families to leave…

The South African Civil Society Information Service: Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Iceland refused to pay off its debt. No one in the UK is reporting on that

theGuardian, uk: UK riots were product of consumerism

The recent riots in London and other big cities were the product of an "out-of-control consumerist ethos" which will have profound impacts for the UK economy, a leading City broker has said.

NS: Damn or fear it, the truth is that it’s an insurre

Bankers loot the Treasury, MPs fiddle their expenses . . . and then the establishment turns on deprived young people in England’s inner cities and calls them criminals. The August disturbances weren’t riots: they were the revolt of the working class.

On a warm spring day, strolling in south London, I heard demanding voices behind me. A police van disgorged a posse of six or more who wav…

YouTube: David Starkey Raps on Newsnight

David Starkey Raps on Newsnight (funny video)

Guardian: Naomi Klein: Looting with the lights on


Back then the people on cable news thought looting was highly political. They said this is what happens when a regime has no legitimacy in the eyes of the people. After watching for so long as Saddam Hussein and his sons helped themselves to whatever and whomever they wanted, many regular Iraqis felt they had earned the right to take a few things for themselves. But London isn't Baghdad,…

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