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Activists 'brick up' Shell HQ as the Arctic melts


Early morning on the 11th September 12 a group of 20 climate change activists calling themselves ‘Ice Bloc’ unloaded nearly two tonnes of ice into the main entrance of Shell HQ. The protest was timed to coincide with this week's impending announcement of the lowest sea-ice coverage ever recorded, a loss of about 50% more ice coverage than the summer ice minimum 30 years ago.  See vi…

London Met Protest, Home Office


Report and video taken fron Reel NewsLondon Metropolitan University staff, students and other supporters attended a rally outside the Home Office at lunchtime on Wednesday September 5 to oppose the revocation of London Met’s international student license, which could result in 2,600 international students being deported. Watch video of the protest

Statement from Peace Strike "Vigil for Iran"




On Wednesday 12th of September, from Parliament Square, Peace Strike will launch the “VIGIL FOR IRAN” This is a pre-emptive campaign to prevent a war with Iran.


We welcome campaigners, concerned citizens and anyone who cares for peace and justice, to join us for the initial two hours from 5…

Solidarity with Japanese anti-nuclear protests


Sixteen anti-nuclear protesters - half of them Japanese - gathered outside the Japanese embassy in Piccadilly, London on Friday morning (10 August), for the second week running, in a demonstration organised by London-based group Kick Nuclear. This was in solidarity with weekly demonstrations taking place outside the Prime Minister's residence in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan against the restarting …

Panton House 16 Anti-Protest Trial: Total Victory!


Dateline: Court One, Westminster Magistrates Court, London, UK, 11:45 Wed 08 Aug 2012 – In a political trial targeting public protest, all sixteen defendants arrested during in an OccupyLSX banner drop at Panton House on Wed 30 Nov 2011 were today ACQUITTED OF ALL THE CHARGES laid against them by the Crown Prosecution Service. After five days in court, a shed load of jubilant innocent people cel…

Solidarity with Olympic Dam uranium mine protests


On Friday, Kick Nuclear and London Mining Network took part in two demonstrations in central London - at the Australian High Commission and at the UK headquarters of mining giant BHP Billiton - to show solidarity with The Lizard's Revenge protest festival taking place this weekend in the South Australian desert. The protests, in solidarity with local aboriginal communities, are in opposition to BH…

Halt Extraditions to the US demo, 23 June


Several hundred people joined a demonstration outside Downing Street on Saturday afternoon calling for an end to the extradition of British citizens to the United States under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003.

Day of Action in Solidarity with John Bowden


London ABC and friends visit the Parole Board.

Anti-nuclear protest hits Centrica AGM


On Friday 11 May, Stop Hinkley, Kick Nuclear and friends held a two dozen-strong demo outside the AGM of Centrica (owner of British Gas) at the QE2 Centre in Westminster. Recent news reports suggest that Centrica may be getting cold feet about partnering with EDF Energy in its nuclear new build projects at Hinkley Point in Somerset and other sites in England. This protest aimed to reinforce the me…

parliament square being cleared for state opening


this morning, the high court lifted the injunction against westminster council preventing them from removing the last tent and the large 'peace strike' box from parliament square. police are now in parliament square to enforce the controversial new PASRA law and clear the square before the state opening of parliament next week. [additional pics]


Shaker Aamer: 10 Years on, Still no Answers


Human rights activists welcomed MPs back to work on Monday 16 April with a colourful protest outside Parliament. Ten years on, Shaker Aamer is still held without charge or trial at Guantánamo Bay: why is he still there and why has the government still not secured his release and return to his family in the UK?

To coincide with this protest, MP John McDonnell tabled a new EDM: http://www.parliam…

Justice for Sale: Chaos in the Courts


Spending public money to "save" money seems to be the way to go. The Ministry of Justice's privatisation and outsourcing of various public services is already proving to be more costly and inefficient than the public-run services they replaced, as demonstrated by a protest by court interpreters outside the Ministry and Parliament on Monday 16 April

mass pillow fight in trafalgar square


as part of the international pillow fight day, which has been running for the past five years, more than a hundred people fought for half an hour in trafalgar square this afternoon, to beat each other senseless with pillows of all shapes and sizes. the square heritage wardens were on hand to ensure not too much fun was had.

UCU/NUT protest in london on strike day


several thousand lecturers and teachers were on strike today supported by many students and a delegation from the PCS  today on a protest march across london to the department for education in victoria. they are highlighting pension changes which will mean higher payments and much later retirement. thousands gathered in malet street this morning for the london march against pension changes. jeremy…

photography bye-laws in parliament square

last week, while covering the protests on budget day, i wandered on to the grass at parliament square. a heritage warden and various police told me both that i couldn't be there, and i couldn't take photographs there. holding my ground and after further inquiry, i was told by the head of the security company managing the 'heritage wardens', that the GLA have a list of websites that the bye-laws pr…

Stop Praying on Our Bodies @ Westminster Cathedral


A piece explaining why a group of protesters including members of feminist group Femcells and South London Solfed took the pro-choice fight to the steps of Westminster Cathedral on Sunday 25th March.

“Bishop Hopes, Shame on You, Come to Us, We’ll Come to You!” On Sunday 25th March a group of twenty protesters took up position outside the doors of Westminster Cathedral. We went with the aim…

report and pics on budget day parliament protests


after the ukuncut action at downing street this morning, protests focussed mainly on the media village at college green, with chanting and banners impingeing on broadcasts throughout the day.

report on ukuncut budget protest at downing st


up to 350 people formed a queue outside downing street this morning in a protest called by ukuncut revisiting and subverting the famous 'labour isn't working' poster that helped bring thatcher to power in 1979. as per the original ad, at the head of the queue was an "unemployment office". also at the front of the queue were some disabled activists from 'disabled people against cuts', who feel p…

report and pics on nhs demo and actions yesterday


a peaceful protest to save the nhs yesterday became a blockade of whitehall and then a march through the streets of london, with health workers, doctors and nurses, students, pensioners, a few children, alongside contingents from the occupy movement and ukuncut. as TSG officers were deployed, there were some incidents and injuries, as well as a controversial incident with some gun-wielding diplom…

Jock Palfreeman Solidarity Demo Report

On Thursday the 15th of March a demonstration was held outside the Bulgarian Embassy in London in solidarity with Jock Palfreeman. The Anarchist Federation’s Stormy Petrel flag and banners with ‘Free Jock’ and ‘Leeds Anarchist Black Cross’ were displayed. About 30 people turned-up to the picket including comrades from Brighton, Bristol, Norwich, Reading, London AF, Surrey/Hants AF, Staines An…

report and pics from yesterday's NUS walkout


up to a thousand london students took part in the march yesterday afternoon, starting at malet street and ending with a call for david willett's resignation at the dept for business, innovation and skills in victoria. the procession was closely policed, and new tactics were deployed.

see report and pics...

Peace Strike takes on the Home Secretary in court


On Tuesday and Wednesday (6-7 March 2012), Maria Gallastegui of Peace Strike brought a Judicial Review of Part III of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 as it relates to a blanket ban on protest camps in Parliament Square.

'reclaim love' 2012 - pics and report


despite the pouring rain, hundreds attended the annual 'reclaim love' event at piccadilly circus yesterday, and in an antidote to valentine consumerism, they partied, hugged, laughed and played. in sync with other events around the globe, they also held hands in a huge circle round eros, and central london resonated to the chant 'may all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace'. this is…

Workfare demo shuts Westminster Tesco


Right to Work and unemployed activists and supporters occupied Westminster Tesco on Saturday. Police issued warning over trespass and refused to answer why they weren’t arresting Tesco bosses for breaching minimum wage legislation. Defiant protesters demanded that Tesco withdraw immediately from all government schemes that force slave labour on the disabled and unemployed chanting: Tesco bosses …

guardian article claims 'reclaim love'


in a piece in monday's guardian about the commercialisation of valentine's day, jeannette winterson appears to have taken inspiration from a long-standing annual event, or perhaps it's a case of love conquering all. either way, without linking to this weekend's event, she suggested we 'occupy valentine's day', and 'reclaim love', exactly the concepts behind the nine-year long succession of 'reclai…

#occupyoil noon protest at nigerian commission


as part of today's #occupyoil actions, a small group of protestors braved the freezing temperatures and held up #occupyoil logos outside the nigerian high commission in northumberland avenue. they leafletted passers-by and protested for about an hour.

legal attacks on protest camps - act now


yesterday, the 'boris' fences came down in parliament square. unfortunately it wasn't due to popular uprising. rather, it was part of the continued attack on protest, as a new swathe of laws and bye-laws criminalise the right to 24-hour protest. among the moves, the GLA placed a discreet notice in the evening standard last week announcing their intention to enforce new bye-laws which will dramatic…

Peace for Iran - No to War: Second weekly protest


A small but vociferous band of supporters of Peace Strike and 'Solidarity with the Iranian People's Struggle' (SWIP) staged their second weekly protest this afternoon outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Westminster. They are opposed to foreign military intervention in Iran or Syria.

right to protest consulations end today

today and tomorrow are respectively the deadlines for getting your comments in to the two consultations aiming to criminalise protest camps in london.

Just say no to Dorries' abstinence bill


Nadine Dorries bill proposing mandatory abstinence classes for young girls was withdrawn before it could be debated by MPs in parliament today. Close to 100 mostly women protesters welcomed the news of the withdrawal with cheers and applause.

The protest was supported by Women Against Rape and Black Women’s Rape Action Project, The British Humanist Association, Feminist Fightback, Abortion Right…