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mass pillow fight in trafalgar square


as part of the international pillow fight day, which has been running for the past five years, more than a hundred people fought for half an hour in trafalgar square this afternoon, to beat each other senseless with pillows of all shapes and sizes. the square heritage wardens were on hand to ensure not too much fun was had.

NoBorders Carnival, pics & report


Today's NoBorders Carnival marked the end of the week-long Noborders Convergence that has taken place in London this week. Around 200 people followed the call to gather at the steps of St Pauls at midday. After a few speeches the crowd took to the streets marching in a loud demonstration towards central London, and ending in Piccadilly Circus at around 3pm where a 'Reclaim Love' event was taking p…

legal attacks on protest camps - act now


yesterday, the 'boris' fences came down in parliament square. unfortunately it wasn't due to popular uprising. rather, it was part of the continued attack on protest, as a new swathe of laws and bye-laws criminalise the right to 24-hour protest. among the moves, the GLA placed a discreet notice in the evening standard last week announcing their intention to enforce new bye-laws which will dramatic…

‘Guerilla Ballet’ disrupts BP-sponsored Opera


Three ballet dancers interrupted BP’s third and final Summer Screen in Trafalgar Square [1], 30 minutes before the scheduled broadcast of Cinderella began. The disturbance took the form of a short piece of dance based on Swan Lake, with the classic tale used as analogy for BP's controversial investment in the Canadian tar sands [2][3].

#j30strike in pictures


It was a nice day out, sun was shining on the strikers for most of the time. Except for the moment when the police decided to clear that sit in protest on Whitehall outside McDonald's (which had its own line of coppers). Section 60 was used as carte blanche to stop everyone who fulfilled a certain set of criteria: young, (mostly) male, dressed in black, (and apparently in a group with at least one…

trafalgar sq occupation - arrests & eviction


the 9th peaceful anti-cuts occupation in trafalgar square began last night. during the evening there were six arrests and plenty of intimidation. this morning couple of dozen protestors were evicted by a police operation involving 150 officers. they were also told a section 60 is in force today J30.

rally against torture - trafalgar square - sunday


campaigners from london guantanamo campaign and kingston peace council organised a rally in trafalgar sq on sunday afternoon in solidarity with the international day in support for the victims of torture. the rally aimed to raise awareness of torture and the collusion in its practice of states worldwide.

See pics and report...

19J in London and beyond


As part of the #globalrevolution day of action called for Sunday 19 June by the 15M Movement of the square occupations in Spain, around 500 people took part in a demonstration in Trafalgar square organised by the 15M London Assembly.

The 19J European wide day of demonstrations was called to protest against the '2011 Euro Plus Pact' - also known as the Competitiveness Pact or Pact for the Euro - whi…

london slutwalk - pics and report


organisers estimated 3000 people took part in yesterday's 'slutwalk' anti-rape protest yesterday in central london. the crowd filled trafalgar square to hear from a wide variety of speakers, and the event was seen by them as a success. it has certainly opened up a debate about attitudes to women, rape, dress, and misogyny, although not all agree with the premise of the march.

A busy weekend for #spanishrevolution in London


Following two weeks of daily protests and assemblies outside the Spanish embassy a camp was set up, once again, during the bank holiday weekend.

Throughout the long weekend activists from 'Real Democracy London' also took the protests away from Belgrave Square taking advantage that thousands of Catalan football supporters, as well as many crews from Spanish mainstream media, were in town. They sta…

March 26th, The Story Told by Those on the Streets


The massive March for the Alternative demonstration and day of action has come and gone, and what a day it was! Indymedia London was busy reporting the whole day and, together with other radical media projects such as the x26radio live streaming, it offered reporting infrasructure so those taking part in the demonstrations, occupations and actions could tell the story collectively in real time, f…

#26march Trafalgar Sq in the evening Pics & Report


After a full day of determined activity, protest and action around central London hundreds of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square from around 5pm. For the first few hours the square turned into a big party with people dancing to several mobile sound systems, a samba band as well as enjoying live performances over an open mic. But later in the evening, at around 8pm, huge numbers of riot police…

M26 Videos - Impressions of the day

Everyone was out in the streets!

Anti-Cuts Demo - Kennington Feeder March


We marched from Kennington Park and made our way up to Waterlo, joined the main march at Westminster Bridge and then moved slowly, past Downing Street and on to and Trafalgar Square. From there we broke off from the main march and on to Oxford Street where a number of shops were in the process of being targeted for unpaid taxes...

Put the kettle on, and we'll have a party!


After some awesome time all over central london, with protesters refusing to be told where to protest and successfully avoiding the health and safety risk posed by police to get hypothermia and dehydration, everyone assembles back at trafalgar square. Lots of people voluntarily walk into the kettle, but even though police is now stopping the protest from actually beig and effective protest, that i…

DayX2 Pics and Comments


Some pics of the day, and general impressions and musings.

Check out the reports on the occupation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and why this happened. 

Get to trafalgar square at about 1pm, and everyone's gone already. Luckily Imc timeline knows where people took off to. But once you lost the protest, there's no way of catching up. For the largest part people are just m…

Break out attempt at Cockspur lines

At about 5:30pm the 2-300 people still in the detainment zone at Trafalgar Square tried to break out. Being on the other side of the police line was not all that pleasant, as there were quite a few bottles (mostly plastic) as well as sticks, firecrackers and smokebombs coming our way. Some serious anger and the only thing stopping people were the vans parked behind the lines. The officers at one p…

Hide And Seek at student demo: cops keep fit


LIVE TIMELINE (for info on what happened when) and check TUMBLEWIRE too

After the Lewisham Council meeting was disrupted the previous night [video 1, 2; article 1, 2] with mainstream reporting 4 arrests, and Top Shop being blockaded, there was a call for the 2nd day of action, or DayX2, against the cuts today. A Kettle Carnival is announced for noon at Trafalgar Square, as well as a Black Triangl…

Dear diary...describing the march ULU to Whitehall

If I kept a diary yesterday, this is what it'd look like...

No Ifs, No Buts...!


This is not an exhaustive report. There were so many of us and everyone has their story to tell (why don't you tell your story?). So basically, they want to take away the right to education, and we won't let them. It was brilliant seeing all those people turn out, 13, 14 year old school kids amongst them. We started off at ULU. Everyone's really angry. How do those who got an education get to mess…

Pictures of the march at Trafalgar Square


The march has passed Trafalgar Square and is heading for Whitehall

Student Occupations and Protests across London


See the Timeline of Events and the Tumblewire for the reports that came direct from the streets.

There is now a call for a Day of Action next Tuesday 30th November to keep up the pressure.

The occupations which began on Monday at SOAS and other Universities in Bristol, Manchester have now been joined by 15 other UK colleges [blogs list] In London a sit-in started yesterday at Royal Hollowa…

Women Say No to NATO


Women of four antimilitarist networks went on the London streets on Saturday 20 November 2010 to tell the Heads of State assembled at a NATO Summit meeting in Lisbon: Disband this aggressive war-fighting nuclear-armed alliance now. Military security does not mean security for women. Read more below.

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


20 years ago today, on March 31st 1990, I was part of this huge crowd of hundreds of thousands people protesting against Maggie Thatchers Poll Tax. This became known as the ‘Battle of Trafalgar Square’, after police attacks on the protest provoked the largest act of civil unrest in London for a century. This great protest was the culmination of a country wide uprising, where in every town and city…

Tar Sands Protest & Climate Camp in Trafalgar Sq


Things were looking good at the Trafalgar Square campsite today. There had just been a Tar Sands protest outside the Canadian Embassy where a road was blockaded. Tea and biscuits were served. Just a a small police presence which didn't follow the protesters back into the square. Then protesters climbed onto Nelson's plinth to display banners and chant. More photos and reports 1 |2 | Climate Camp T…

Pictures from the Wave and Climate Camp in London


A few pictures from the Wave demo and getting ready for Climate Camp afterwards.

Pics: Cop Out Camp Out Action, Sat 5th Dec


After the Climate Wave demo in central London, the Camp for Climate Action announced by sms the meeting up location for the 'Coup Out Camp Out' action. Following this call, around 200 people gathered from 3pm at Jubilee Gardens in the Southbank waiting for the confirmation of the final loction of the Camp. At around 4pm this arrived via another sms asking people to quickly move towards Trafalgar S…

“Save Vestas” 4th Plinth Protest – Pix-&-Vidz


Dateline: 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square, London, UK, 05:00-06:00, Fri 31 Jul 09 – Gerry Byrne makes best use of her one hour stint on the 4th Plinth, as a part of Antony Gormley's One & Other art project, by staging a one woman “Save Vestas – Save Jobs – Save the World” protest, coping as best she can with a bunch of drunk, abusive, foul-mouthed, profoundly ignorant, laddish twenty-someth…

Anti-Bush Visit Protest Marred by Police Violence

On Sunday 15th of June, as George W. Bush was making his way to Downing Street for his last state visit to the UK, thousands of people were gathering in Parliament Square following a call from the Stop the War Coalition.

Although the turn out to Sunday's protest was much smaller than in 2003 when Bush last visited the UK in the high of the Anti-War protest movement, by mid afternoon a crowd of ar…