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new occupy london squat - 'school of ideas'


this week, 'occupy london' activists opened up a new community squatted building in the city, near old street. it is a deserted primary school with loads of beautiful airy classrooms, a small gym, and some pleasant outdoor space. it has lain unused for three years and the owners are awaiting planning permission before demolishing. in the meantime, the hope is to put it to good use for the communit…

School of Ideas welcomes events near Old Street


The School of Ideas has opened its doors to the public, situated on corner of Bunhill Road and Featherstone Street near Old Street Tube in an abandoned school building. It is a space complete with 10 class rooms and has been opened for the free sharing of ideas and solutions, to help solve the pressing economic, social and environmental challenges globally and locally. There is also room for co…

police solidarity blockade of shell petrol station


in many years of independent reporting, i've often seen situations where police have caused larger disruption than a handfull of protestors, closing roads, sometimes closing down businesses, and sometimes massively amplifying the power of the protestors alone (not that that's their intention). however, this evening was, i think, the first time that they so completely did the job of the activists f…

Closing Shell petrol station in Old Street


27/01/2011 - Protesters closed the Shell petrol station in Old Street.

Second successful night of strike action by FBU


Last night was the second 8 hour strike by firefighters to defend their jobs. Strong picket lines have managed to disrupt the attempts to break the strike by Assetco, a company hired in to break the strike. In Old Street firefighters barricaded their fire stations and chained station doors to prevent them being taken over by Assetco. In Southwark a firefighter was run down by a scab fire truck…

Open Art exhibit outside the Occupied Foundry

Open Access Art exhibit outside the Occupied Foundry - Artists Needed ASAP

The front of the foundry is to be covered in the artwork of anyone who wishes in a visual protest against the Hackney councils betrayal of all things golden. Pieces are encouraged to be put up from July 10th onwards and left until... Lets give the old girl one last hurrah and give people something to look at that is n…

Eviction Resistance at the Ex-Foundry

The Foundry closed its doors on the 30th of May, forced out by property developers who plan to build a luxury hotel on the site. On the 8th of June, a group of people squatted the building and transformed the closed space into a social centre.

Another Normal Quiet Weekend in London Town


The streets of London are always in a constant flux, and so are the people of this town that choose to engage in grass-roots political activism. The past few days have seen a flurry of activity around town that has meant it wasn't just a "normal quiet weekend".

It all started on Friday night with an impromptu street party in Old Street that began at the newly occupied Fury Squat, aka The Foundry, a…

Another Normal Quiet Weekend in London Town

Cor blimey! that was another boring weekend!  Street raves in Shoredtich, and looney Socialist Workers in Whitechapel causing more problems than the EDL ever could.

The Tories are cunts, they're cutting back everything! It makes me think "Come back Tony all is forgiven!" (Thats a joke ok), so its good to see people get hyperactive in the streets in a positive non-violent way, but sort of "W…

The Foundry is Gone - Long Live The Foundry!


The well known and much loved pub, alternative arts space and venue for a myriad of political and campaigning events - The Foundry in Old Street - was finally shut down in May as a result of Hackney's Council plans to pull down the building and turn it into a 18-storey hotel and shopping mall.

During its decade long history, the venue was not only consistently open to non-commercial art, music and …

G20 Convergence Space Occupied


A building in central London (shoreditch) has been occupied for the anti-G20 mobilisation.

muTATE Britain has landed...

Thursday 20th November saw the grand opening of muTATE BRITAIN, the largest non-corporate art space in London, located in a disused warehouse on Curtain Rd, Shoreditch.

Forget Tate Britain, muTATE BRITAIN has landed, all 4 storeys of it.

And you heard it here first...