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Shut Guantánamo - candlelight vigil


Braving sub-zero temperatures on Friday evening in the capital, around two dozen human rights activists joined the London Guantánamo Campaign (LGC) outside the US Embassy in Mayfair, London, for a candlelight vigil to mark the fifth anniversary of the campaign's regular "Shut Down Guantánamo!" demonstrations outside the Embassy. Performances were also given by Actors for Human Rights and poet Serg…

Hand Off Iran and Syria protest at US Embassy


A rally took place outside the US Embassy in Mayfair against any foreign military intervention in Iran or Syria. Organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the demonstration was attended by at least 500 people. 'Free Iran' and 'Free Syria' protesters were also present, as well as a few vocal supporters of the Iranian regime; and a group from Occupy London wore Guy Fawkes masks.

Muslim group hold 911 demo outside US Embassy

Muslims Against Crusades hold demo outside US Embassy to highlight the suffering of Muslims since 9/11 while calling for Sharia law in the UK.

Oxford Circus to Picadilly


Going for a wander in Occupied London

March 26th: Roundup of events


300 - 500 thousand people marched through central London on March 26th. The demonstrators protested against government austerity measures which force the bulk of the population, and especially public sector workers, to pay for the economic crisis which erupted out of the banking sector two years ago.

Most of the demonstrators - trade unionists, families, and people against the austerity measures …

X:talk - Human rights, sex work & trafficking


On Wednesday 17 November 2010 the x:talk project launched it's report entitled 'Human Rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking: A human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking laws in the UK' [PDF] at the Centre for Possible Studies with a panel discussion on anti-trafficking policies.

Read more and listen to the recording of the launch of the x:talk report on Human Rights.

pro-palestine protest at BT-sponsored olympic ball


last night, a star-studded BT-sponsored 'british olympic ball" was targeted for protest by pro-palestinian activists to highlight BT's partnership with israeli telecommunications firm "bezeq international" who provide military telecommunication infrastructure throughout the occupied west bank and golan heights. here there is a report , some pics and a very short film of the night.

12 dying outside US embassy london


a dozen supporters are nearing a fatal end of a hunger strike outside the london US embassy in grosvenor square. this piece (text by belinda mckenzie) is a call-out to a solidarity demonstration on saturday evening at 6pm (5th september). three of the strikers were hospitalised last night on the 37th evening without food. they have vowed not to give up.

Camp Ashraf hunger strike day 11, US embassy

Camp Ashraf solidarity hunger strikers on day 11 outside US embassy, London

Around ten Iranian exiles have been on hunger strike outside the US embassy in London for the past eleven days in protest at alleged brutality by Iraqi forces against Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, at least twelve of whom have been killed, 500 injured and 26 taken hostage according to the protesters.

There will b…

Pix-&-Vidz of the Palm Oil Rush – Wed 01 Jul 09


Dateline: Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London, UK, 19:00, Wed 01 Jul 09 – Inside the hotel, rich and powerful men in suits attend the Agri Invest Congress gala dinner, a forum for producers and investors of agro-fuels decide which bits of the rainsforest should next be carved out to make room for palm oil plantations and other agro-fuels. Beyond the serried ranks of Met Police rozzers, outside the…

Emergency Demonstration for Binyam Mohamed


The London Guantánamo Campaign and Brighton Against Guantánamo held a demonstration on Tuesday (17 February) lunchtime to call on the US president to release British resident Binyam Mohamed who has been held at Guantánamo Bay without trial for over four and a half years. Free Binyam now!

                 Update: Binyam Mohamed returns home!