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Dissident Island Radio Olympics Special


Have a listen to the latest Dissident Island Radio show - an Olympics special featuring a montage of interviews highlighting some of the many political, social and economic issues - this show cuts through the propagandistic messaging to give a more accurate picture of what Londoners are experiencing as a result of 'the games'...[read more]

Dissident Island Radio Olympic Radio

On tonight’s show, we cast a critical eye over the 2012 Olympic games, which are set to open in East London in a week’s time.

Where We Stand: Formation of a new (A) project

May Day statement of "Collective Action". In it we outline our analysis of the problems facing the anarchist movement in the UK and offer a call out to all independent anarchist communists to participate in our project to re-visit our political tradition, re-group and re-kindle our political action.

Pics: banners at #N30 demonstration


N30 was thee biggest day of strike action seen in the UK for decades, and so London saw hundreds of thousands of people marching together in a demonstration called by most public sector unions. Here there are some photos of traditional union banners on display at the demo, as well as banners from a variety of groups and organisations that came together to fight the government cuts in public sector…

Strike: All power to the 99%


Strikes and Pickets started early in the morning at their workplaces. In City of London there was a banner drop in Liverpool street station stating "All power to the 99%", accompanied by a band and the Electricians started picketing their work places. Dave Prentis of UNISON said earlier that it..."should be the richest people (bankers) not the poorest workers bailing out the economy" which sums up…

Construction Workers hold 'fight back' meeting


Over 400 construction workers met at Conway Hall last Saturday to hold a mass assembly to decide how to fight back against the 8 major construction companies who are tearing up the national agreement for electrical construction workers. They propose to slash rates, de-skill the industry and pave the way to smash the organised workforce. The rest of the national and smaller regional employers are s…

Round up of articles and analysis on the Riot


After the most severe rioting seen in England since 1981 [see: Like a Summer with a Thousand Julys ] the activist community is debating the riots and their likely consequences on protest, as an out of touch government lashes out with new laws and draconian measures to show they are in some sort of control. As the comunities organise against the backlash like this North London Unity demontration to…

An Open Letter To City of Westminster Police


Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing in response to recent communication from your 'counter-terrorism desk', which asked people to share information about anarchists. According to your info - which I note you cut and pasted from the first line of the 'Anarchism' Wikipedia entry - "Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a s…

J30 Strike gets public support across London


Across the capital most schools, colleges, local authority staff and civil service joined 750.000 UK workers on a one day strike to warn the govenment and capital to stay away from their pensions and wages. Across the UK over 12,000 state schools were closed.  Read full feature with links to reports, pics and videos here.

Updates from the streets: Tumblewire | Tumble pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

** J30 Strike Website now live **


News, updates, calls of action, interactive action maps, downloads -- its got it all!

UKUncut Emergency Operation


On Saturday 28th local high street branches of different banks were transformed into hospitals in a 'UK Uncut's Emergency Operation'. Anti-cuts activists from several parts of London followed the call to "tell the government to leave our NHS alone; it's the banks that are sick" [read full call].

Video reports: Emergency Operation, Camden | Save Homerton hospital | Emergency Operation: Wood Green

UCU Strike, Demos, Actions and Occupations


Several hundred university workers, lecturers and students marched today following a call for a national strike by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) This was the first national strike in higher education for five years, and the first in further education since 2008. It is clear the opposition to Government spending cuts and austerity measures is growing, and this became obvious today as th…

London Occupations Teach-Outs today & Euston 5pm

From SOAS Occupation blog...


'Come all ye minds of intrigue. After a very successful teach-in day, it is time to once again break out of the university bubble. This time we take to the streets in a form of protest quite different than the usual. Our message that education and access to knowledge should be open and accessible to all will be made all a…

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


20 years ago today, on March 31st 1990, I was part of this huge crowd of hundreds of thousands people protesting against Maggie Thatchers Poll Tax. This became known as the ‘Battle of Trafalgar Square’, after police attacks on the protest provoked the largest act of civil unrest in London for a century. This great protest was the culmination of a country wide uprising, where in every town and city…

London Builds Up to COP15


The UN Cop15 Climate Conference is due to take place in Copenhagen from 7th-18th December. Recent campaigns and mobilizations have clearly represented people's desire to dramatically reduce emissions across the world, but this seems to still have little impact upon Governments. Those in the global south who have contributed least to the problem are now facing the effects. Increasingly climate camp…

Police surveillance of climate activist vehicles

Climate Camp activists intending to drive to the Swoop on Radcliff on the 17th October should be prepared to take a few precautions if they want to avoid being picked up by vehicle surveillance.

Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces


This week sees the third international 'Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces'. Squatted Social Centres and Squatter Groups throughout Europe have called for "two days of direct action on Friday 18th & Saturday 19th around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis".

In London there will be an event on Saturday 19th in a yet undisclosed location. Present on…

Dissident Island Radio - Two Years Old!


Dissident Island celebrated thier second anniversary with a show streamed on Friday 17th. This London based free radio station has been broadcasting on the internet every first and third Friday of the past 24 months, with a great mix of grass roots politics and live DJ sessions. Dissident Island is probably the longest running regular radio show in London of such kind, and a quick look to their ar…

Pix-&-Vidz of the RMT Tube Strike – Thu 11 Jun 09


Dateline: RMT Picket Line, Seven Sisters, London, UK, 13:00, Thu 11 Jun 09 – On the second day of the London Underground Two Day Strike, pickets from the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers stake out an autonomous space for Industrial Direct Action, outside Transport for London’s new Pleiades House offices in Westerfield Road, N15 5LD. With red and green flags flying high, a B…

FIT Stopped from Filming on Gaza March


Forward Intelligence Teams on the Gaza march on Saturday faced their toughest opposition to date, as people from the march joined Fitwatch activists in blocking police cameras.

As the FIT tried to film the march, they were soon challenged by Fitwatch activists. As the marchers saw what was happening more and more of them came over to support, and before long two FIT coppers and their photographer…