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infousurpa and offline 9-15 Feb 09

InfoUsurpa and Offline infosheets now available to download, print and distribute!

InfoUsurpa revived as a networking tool for Social Centres in London and their participants, and Offline bringing the news back to the streets.

infousurpa and offline 2-7 Feb 09

Info Usurpa , revived as a tool for the London Social Centres Network. Together with the Offline, bringing the news back to the streets.

stop the genocidal war


1] Force an immediate ceasefire by both parties to this conflict to prevent further loss of lives. 

[2] Take any necessary steps immediately to safeguard the civilians trapped in the conflict zone, either by deploying a UN sponsored or EU sponsored monitoring mission. 

[3] Create safety zone and No fly zone from the Sri Lankan armed forces as a matter of urgency. 

[4] Provide immediate medic…

Reel News for Real People

Reel News is intended as a two way resource, so let us know about your campaigns. Better still, film them yourself and send us the video - if it's inspiring, we'll put it in the newsreel! We can also be commissioned to make campaign videos, and offer help on camerawork, video editing and other skills needed to make your own video. Rates are on a sliding scale depending on your resources - if you h…

Why i renounce my vote

The article below deals with my feelings toward the current economic situation, after looking back at all the hard work done by the sufferagettes in the aid of getting women the vote, i ask, was it really worth it?

Seven Years of Guantánamo Bay: London Actions


Sunday 11 January 2009 marked seven years of lawlessness, torture, abuse, arbitrary detention and all the extralegal excesses committed by the Bush administration in the name of the "war on terror" as the detention and torture camp at Guantánamo Bay "celebrated" its seventh birthday.

Along with pictures of dead Iraqi children and the manmade tragedy following Hurricane Katrina, the orange jumpsu…

Climate Rush occupy Heathrow Airport


Both Heathrow and Manchester airports are being targeted today in the second mass action by 'Climate Rush'. The domestic departure lounges of both airports are being simultaneously occupied by protesters staging a sit-down 'dinner'. In response to a call out from a new art collective called 'ARTPORT', performers, musicians and artists are also attempting to creatively transform Heathrow Te…

Sorry, sorry, sorry... but we're back now


We are so sorry about the downtime and the loss of media, we can't even tell you how sorry we are. A lot of things came together to make this happen and we spent the beginning of the year feeling extremely stupid. We are specially sorry for all the contributors that have been posting to the site, and for all the groups that had created their 'Group' pages. Be reassured that we have done our best t…

Muslim Civil Servants Not Welcome

"In front of us, they would refer to the immigrants that they'd arrested as 'chinkees', 'niggers' etc. They'd call black people 'spear-chuckers' and 'savages'..."

Jamil Ahmed, was employed by the Home Office from 1992 until 2007. Whilst a senior immigration officer, he launched a race discrimination case against the Immigration and Nationality Department in 2004 and was subsequently sacked by the…

Greece Uprising - London Solidarity

After police shot and killed a teenage boy last Saturday, protests have errupted all over Greece. The international community has responded with solidarity actions all over Europe, to get updates about what's going on in Greece check out the Occupied London blog.

On Monday protesters successfully shut the Greek Embassy down. Photos: 1 | Report on Indymedia UK: 1 | 2 | At this protest, journalists…

New blog on the Greek riots - updates in English

In memory of Alexandros Georgopoulos.

The struggle of humanity against authority, as always, continues.

Climate Change Critical Mass and March Pics

This morning around 150 cyclists rode from lincoln's inn fields via several pertinent stops to the start of the Climate March at Grosvenor Square. There, several thousand protestors marched to Westminster as part of a campaign to force the government to take climate change seriously.

Hear audio of speeches outside the Department of Transport | See video of the critical mas | Further report and pi…

24 hour Fast for Burma's political prisoners

From 9am 26th Nov to 9am 27th November Burmese held a 24 hour hunger strike/fast in Parliament Square, London. Burmese Muslims, Buddhists and Christians all held prayer services for political prisoners in Burma. The brutal Burmese military dictatorship has recently sentenced student leaders and democracy activists to 65 years in prison. The Burmese were calling on UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon …

Critical Mass Report and Pics

In the week of the law lords' final ruling on the legal status of critical mass, friday night saw around 200 cyclists brave the damp and cold to take part in the "commonly or customarily held procession" - for the third month in a row, no police directly accompanied the ride. the ride itself was mostly fun and smooth-going, but there was a collision at marble arch that marred an otherwise succesfu…


Weekly now, relation of events in and around social centres in London.

BNP Threatens Free Media

This is a repost of the current Indymedia UK Feature, even though it does not relate to London, it does relate to Indymedia.

Indymedia is yet again facing legal threats to prevent the free flow of communication, this time from a political movement known for its hostility to free speech. On the 21st November 08 Indymedia UK received an email from someone claiming to be a legal representative for t…

Critical Mass Victory at the House of Lords

Since 1994, London cyclists have been gathering every single month to cycle, party and assert their right to the road - the famous Critical Mass.?

Amidst other police tactics aiming to break the d.i.y spirit of the event, the Police attempted to ban the ride in September 2005. The court case and obligatory appeals that ensued lasted for 3 years until the 26th of November 2008 when the Law Lords r…


InfoUsurpa is a fortnightly listings of events happening in London Social Centres and beyond.


Hope in Common

From one of the bellies of financial capitalism reaches us David Graeber's analysis of the current crisis, a look at the recent past of our movement and the lack of organised resistance to capitalism.

We seem to have reached an impasse. Capitalism as we know it appears to be coming apart. But as financial institutions stagger and crumble, there is no obvious alternative. Organized resistance appe…

infousurpa and offline

latest london events and future as well - for the next week.

Space Hijackers at the Spirit Of Christmas Fair

Since Clarion events bought the Dsei arms fair, that delightful cornucopia of torture equipment and corporate cash flow,?The Space Hijackers have been keen to help their marketing team?inform the existing customer base of the new shopping opportunites this expansion will yield.?

This time we took our Arms Fair marketing team to the Spirit Of Christmas Fair ...

Liberty and Justice for All….?

The London Guantánamo Campaign witnessed the dawning of a new era as America voted by holding a candlelight vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair. Around 35 people attended. New president Barack Obama has pledged to close Guantánamo Bay and we aim to hold him to that!

some halloween critical mass pics

some pics from london halloween critical mass.


halloween critical mass cycle ride

for the second month running, the critical mass appeared to be without police presence. one cycling paramedic accompanied the ride. the mass was generally peaceful, well self-organised, and very pleasurable. one of the longer rides too!

Anticapitalist Halloween at Canary Wharf - Fotos

About 200 people gathered tonight at Canary Wharf to celebrate the demise of capitalism.

Anarchist Bookfair 2008

Autumn, the leaves turning golden, the Anarchist Bookfair. Stepney in East London, Saturday 18 October 2008.

London Protest Against Italian Ethnic Cleansing

Roma in Italy are suffering ethnic cleansing. Protesters held a lunchtime vigil at the Italian Embassy in London on Thursday 17 October, 2008. Report and Pictures by Peter Marshall, images (C) 2008, Peter Marshall

HLS & NYSE Shareholders Protests

Wednesday 15th October, 07:30hrs. Activists arrive at the New York Stock Exchange on Cousin Lane, London. It's been nearly 2 years since an early morning demonstration took place there. A few minutes after their arrival, staff realised they were there and rushed to close the shutters. The activists were only just handing out leaflets and holding placards. There wasn't even a megaphone in sight. Re…

New Indymedia London Site Ready For Action!

It is now almost five years since Indymedia London came to life as part of the United Kollectives network of IMC's throughout the UK. Now, in 2008, things have moved on; the reality in the streets is very different from that of 2003, and so there has also been a change in the way people experience the internet. The kollective in London has been working hard for the last few months to ad…

Welcome to IMC London

Ok, so you've just been to a demonstration or an action then? Good on you. We hope you had a great time! And now you feel like telling everyone about it, even better! You've come to the right place. Or maybe you've just been to a great benefit party, or gig, or workshop, or talk, or film screening, or exhibition, or .. whatever else you think you should let everyone know about it.  This is the pla…