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Lobbyists Of London


Evidence that the City of London Corporation is a lobbying organisation for the banks is now indisputable. The City of London Corporation brushes off suggestions that it is a lobbying organisation but as media reports yesterday showed - at the very least it certainly uses their services. Read more ...

Building Local Groups

To get involved / help set up groups...


4pm-6pm, London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, E1 6ES


Followed by social. 

Cash-Rich City Freezes Pay For Workers


As the City of London Corporation announces a pay-freeze for the most poorly paid workers in the Square Mile, publishing their City Cash Accounts is more necessary than ever.

Lord Mayor and PM in Tobin Tax-Dodge


When you consider that the City and the Conservative party are at least partially responsible for the failed policies that caused the economic crisis, their complacency over the Eurozone crisis is alarming. David Cameron and the Lord Mayor now have questions to answer.

Read more ...

UK Uncut Christmas Special

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the town,

Cash tills were ringing, snow falling down.

Big business is merry, and with good reason-

For it’s the busiest shopping day of the season.

But not every CEO should sleep snug in their bed,

As dreams of big profits dance through their head,

Because any tax dodgers with hope of good cheer:

UK Uncut know you’ve been naughty this year.

Police Officer Punches Protestor in the Face - Hay


Whilst at the Haymarket in central London on November the 30th at approx 18:15pm the Police force protestors away. Whilst on the line Officer FH463 punches out at protestor 3 times and hits him in the face.

#n30: audio from south london pickets + main march

November 30, 2011 saw public sector workers strike across the country in protest of so-called 'pension reforms' by the Con-Dem government to public pensions. The following features audio recordings of picketers discussing their reasons for participating in the national day of action as well as some rambles and observations of the days actions from my perspective.

Pics: banners at #N30 demonstration


N30 was thee biggest day of strike action seen in the UK for decades, and so London saw hundreds of thousands of people marching together in a demonstration called by most public sector unions. Here there are some photos of traditional union banners on display at the demo, as well as banners from a variety of groups and organisations that came together to fight the government cuts in public sector…

N30 Strike! MARCH


A few photos of N30 Strike Demo at Victoria Embankment. I'm afraid my kids were a bit unco-operative - they thought the whole thing was very boring and no fun! Quite perceptive... anyway this is what I managed to photograph.

Strike! N30


Public sector workers meeting up at Windrush Square this morning before heading off to the main N30 strike at Victoria Embankment.

UBS attempt to intimidate Bank of Ideas Occupation


UBS attempt to intimidate Occupy London supporters with questionable legal documents. Following the official opening of “public repossession” Bank of Ideas this weekend, bailed out Swiss bank UBS have delivered a set of legal papers to this already thriving community centre on the borders of the City. [1] Occupy London lawyers have placed doubt on the enforceability of the documents delivered by U…

tea, cake and dubstep, 197 mare st resistance


another successful resistance in hackney

Police use fear of kettling to dilute student demo

Police used the fear of being kettled to good effect today as hundreds left march at end rally after brief moments of containment.

N9 Student Demo at Malet Street/Gower Street


I managed to get down to Malet Street around 12pm for the start of the N9 Student Anti-cuts Demo. The mood was good, but given the very obvious police presence, there was clearly a tension in the air. Police horses 'led' the march in front of a thickish blue line.

#Occupylsx - Exclusive videos

St. Paul's Cathedral Wandsman - War, debt and Jesus Christ - Occupy the London Stock Exchange



Sceptic grills protester - a passer-by has his say - Occupy the London Stock Exchange



General assembly - provisional demands - Occupy the Stock Exchange - London



Occupy London Stock Exchange 17.10.11


I visited the St Pauls occupation site around 10am Monday morning for an hour or so with my daughter. The police were around of course, a few of them milling about being 'nice', while a number of identikit TV reporters were making banal commentaries about the goings on around them, Actually things were quite quiet - there were a couple of meetings going on here and there, and some discussions with…

Towards the end of state


The occupation of the London Stock Exchange along with the rest of the world last Saturday with large public support may seem like a trifle reformist for most activists but its very presence shows a real disenchantment with standard democratic functions, and a desire for more horizontal decision-making.

Occupy London Stock Exchange


'Occupy London Stock Exchange' is unable to gain access the London Stock Exchange and a decision is made to occupy the area in front of St Pauls Cathedral.

News from ALARM


ALARM (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement) meets every second and fourth sunday of the month, 6pm, in Central London.


Online booking of event spaces at Rebellious Media

If you are coming 2 the #rebelliousMC you can book a meeting space DIY style online, limited number available so get in quick http://bit.ly/o3j68Q

InfoUsurpa 19th - 25th September

weekly radical events/actions listings for london

all events are free or on donation unless otherwise stated

DSEi 2011 - Life Neutral Solutions


You’ve heard of the importance of being carbon neutral? Well, being Life Neutral is the same - but with people. For every* life lost as a result of the use of products from our member organisations, we make sure that a new life flourishes.

Join today and your next child could be a Life Neutral™ child. Read more...

Nov 9 National Demonstration for Education


National demonstration and walkout against cuts to education

After a period of political lull, students are mobilizing again for their first big action this year – a national demonstration-cum-walkout in London on November 9. The march is focused against cuts to the education sector, and is meant to involve not just students but education sector workers as well.

Lansley at privatisation mtg as NHS Bill debated

On the day the House of Commons held the second day of the report stage and third reading of the Health and Social Care Bill, (Wednesday, 7 September) Andrew Lansley was opening a conference for the independent healthcare sector.  Also present was Barbara Hakin, National Managing Director for Commissioning Development at the Department of Health, and David Bennett, Chairman and Interim Chief Execu…

A few quick clarifications on the recent riots

as the title says: A few quick clarifications on the recent riots.

InfoUsurpa 29th Aug - 4th Sept

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Construction Workers hold 'fight back' meeting


Over 400 construction workers met at Conway Hall last Saturday to hold a mass assembly to decide how to fight back against the 8 major construction companies who are tearing up the national agreement for electrical construction workers. They propose to slash rates, de-skill the industry and pave the way to smash the organised workforce. The rest of the national and smaller regional employers are s…

The failings of Liberty: Fighting for your Rights?

Liberty, formally known as the National Council for Civil Liberties, is the pressure group that works to promote human rights and civil liberties in the UK. Take a look at the recent postings to their website.

Round up of articles and analysis on the Riot


After the most severe rioting seen in England since 1981 [see: Like a Summer with a Thousand Julys ] the activist community is debating the riots and their likely consequences on protest, as an out of touch government lashes out with new laws and draconian measures to show they are in some sort of control. As the comunities organise against the backlash like this North London Unity demontration to…

InfoUsurpa August 15th - 21st

weekly events and actions listings for london (and surrounding area)