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bikes alive bike blockade protest at king's cross


earlier this evening, a couple of dozen cyclists brought a little chaos to the junctions outside king's cross station in protest at new revelations over TfL's complicity in road deaths there. despite dozens of deaths and injuries to cyclists at the dangerous king's cross road intersections, it has recently come to light that between 2005 and 2009, TfL actually instructed its planners to ignore th…

report & pics from monday's 'bikes alive' protest


'bikes alive' is a new direct action campaigning group to counter the lethargy of transport for london, and its prioritising of london traffic flow over the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. tonight saw the first of a series of direct action traffic calming gatherings at king's cross designed to pressure TfL into more urgent action over the deadly junction [video]

'bikes alive' action at kings x tomorrow


in the absence of any timetable or genuine willingness from either the mayor or transport for london (tfl), bicycle activists will stage the first of several direct actions tomorrow evening at king's cross road junctions

Third UKCMRI Lab Parliamentary Hearing Report


The third hearing for the Science and Technology Parliamentary Inquiry into the highly controversial UKCMRI proposed bioresearch laboratory took place on 2nd March, at Portcullis House - more below.....

Second UKCMRI Lab Parliamentary Hearing Report


The second hearing for the Science and Technology Parliamentary Inquiry into the UKCMRI proposed bioresearch laboratory took place on 16th February, at Portcullis House - more below.....

UKCMRI Lab Parliamentary Inquiry Report


The government has offered £220 million of public money towards a proposal to build a gigantic laboratory complex alongside St Pancras International Station, planned to handle "Biosafety Level 3" extremely dangerous pathogens in 79,000 square metres of building, eight storeys above ground and four storeys below ground, on land behind the British Library, at a time of brutal cutbacks. It has b…

Date set for UKCMRI Lab Parliamentary Hearing


A date has been set for a first hearing for the Parliamentary Inquiry into the controversial UKCMRI bioresearch lab proposed for central London, for MPs to hear evidence on Wednesday 9th February. Some of the written evidence has now been published. More information below.....

UKCMRI Lab - Documents Released


The Evening Standard has reported explosive news relating to the previous government's interest in the sale of public land leading to the present controversial UKCMRI bioresearch lab proposal. More information below..... 

UKCMRI Lab Webcast of Council Meeting Vote


A webcast is now available of the Camden Council meeting on the 16th December when plans for the controversial massive UKCMRI laboratory for central London were approved by a majority of the councillors on the Development Control Committee who voted regarding this proposal at the meeting. The plans now need to be referred to the Mayor of London and the Department for Communities and Local Governme…

UKCMRI Lab plans approved in Camden Town Hall


Plans for the controversial massive UKCMRI laboratory for central London were approved by a majority of the councillors on the voting panel, at Camden Town Hall on December 16th. However, the plans still have to be referred to the Mayor of London and the Department for Communities and Local Government for consideration and also a planned Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the project has been an…

Date set for UKCMRI Lab Council Planning Decision


A date has now been set for a committee to consider the highly controversial proposed UKCMRI bioresearch laboratory planning application at Camden Town Hall on Thursday, 16th December from 7pm. The Evening Standard has found out about a "high security plan" for the proposed lab. More below.......

nick clegg lecture met by protests


nick clegg was invited to give the 7th 'hugo young' lecture by the electoral and parliamentary reform campaigning group 'unlock democracy'.

his appearance attracted a protest of more than a hundred people angry at mr clegg's complete about turn on his electoral promises relating to education cuts.

UKCMRI proposed lab site photos - Petition Started


Here are photos of the site proposed for a massive bioresearch laboratory, alongside St Pancras International Station, 6 underground lines, near 2 major national stations and thousands of people's homes in busy central London. There is still time to send in objections/comments - a petition has now been started to oppose this - link below.............

pics from tolpuddle martyrs anniversary


an afternoon of music, speakers, procession and banners near the tolpuddle martyr's mural in edward square, king's cross.