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Successful Demonstration at the Israeli Embassy


Tonight activists from a variety of groups, including people involved in the Palestine Place project at 24 Grays Inn Road (a social centre set up in solidarity with the Palestian people) held a successful demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in support of Palestian hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak, who has been on hunger strike for 85 days now in response to his "administrative detention" which …

Baby Show's links to Arms Fair exposed


The Baby Show is run by Clarion Events, which also happens to run a number of international arms fairs: these include the world's biggest, DSEi, which has been held every two years at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands since 2001. The most recent one took place just last month, to which human rights-abusing regimes such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Algeria were invited. Nine supporters of Lond…

London CAAT's artistic side at the Fine Art Fair


London CAAT members maintained the pressure on Clarion Events with a demonstration outside the International Fine Art & Antiques Fair at Kensington Olympia. After being moved on by the over-zealous security guards, we took up a position outside the entrance to the tube station.

Read report...

Spirit of Summer not Spirit of Slaughter


A report on London Campaign Against Arms Trade action at the DSEi owner's Spirit of Summer Fair

100 days pedal to palestine sets off - pics/report


this morning, 17 cyclists set off on their 100 day journey to palestine. they were supported by a small critical mass ride for the london stage of their journey, visiting the israeli embassy, downing street, and cable street on their route.

Protest at Horse Show's links with the arms trade


Report of London CAAT's protest at the Horse Show

Santa and his elves protest against DSEi owners


London Campaign Against Arms Trade protest at Spirit of Christmas Fair

Who really benefits from 9/11 & the War on Terror


Report from londontruthaction.org at the April 2010 Counter Terror Expo at London Olympia

London CAAT at the Fine Art Fair


London CAAT at the Fine Art Fair to raise awareness of their links to the arms trade

London CAAT at the Spirit of Summer Fair


London Campaign Against Arms Trade raised awareness of the Spirit of Summer Fair's links with the arms trade

Migrants Solidarity Protests in London


Last week started with a picket outside the French Consulate on Tuesday 9th, called by London and Brighton NoBorders groups to protest against the repression of the Kronstadt Hangar Project in Calais by the French authorities the previous Sunday. A series of protests were held outside SERCO offices in Holborn in solidarity with the hunger strike taking place at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Ce…

Demonstration at the French Consulate


About 20 people demonstrated today (9 February) at lunch time in front of the French consulate in Cromwell Rd, London. The demo had been called by London NoBorders to protest the police raid of the "Kronstadt Hangar" by French authorities in Calais last Sunday.

People put up banners and distributed leaflets. Police was around and made sure no protester got inside the consulate.



War On Gaza Anniversary


Around 1000 people demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy on Kensington high street on Sunday 27th, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Israel's war on Gaza. The Israeli army's 22 day 'Operation Cast Lead' left more than 1,400 dead, the vast majority of them civilians, including nearly 400 children.

See archive of relevant past reports in IMC-London.

Horse Show Protest Reveals Arms Trade Links


Campaigners expose Clarion Events arms trade profiteers at international equestrian event in London

SIX members and supporters of London Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) greeted visitors to the International Horse Show at London's Olympia Exhibition Centre on Sunday as they exposed Clarion Events, co-organisers of the Horse Show, as the owners of eleven international "defence" and security exhi…

Boycott Settlement Produce Protest


On 11th October 2009, activists descended upon Sainsbury’s on Cromwell Street, West London to highlight the sale of Israeli and illegal Settlement produce by both Sainsbury’s and other major supermarket chains. Coming from a diverse range of campaign organisations, around 40 activists stood in solidarity with the Palestinian call for a global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.


Climate activists blockade Peruvian Embassy


Climate change activists have blocked the entrance to the Peruvian Embassy today in protest the country’s killing of indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

Up to 100 people have been killed in recent clashes over attempts to extract oil, gas, minerals and timber from the forest where indigenous people have lived for centuries. On June 5, the government's security forces attacked a peacefu…

Boycott Israeli Settlement Produce Action - Video


Short film about the Boycott Israeli Settlement Produce Action which took place at the Tesco Kensington store on Sunday 17th May 2009..

Tesco Settlement Produce Protest


On Sunday 17th a group of Londoners joined in protest against the sale by British supermarkets of Israeli goods and produce from illegal Israeli colonial settlements in the West Bank. The action took place in a West London Tesco. The group assembled around a trolley full of goods labelled 'produce of Israel', explaining the issues around the sale of Israeli goods to the public, alternating facts a…

Sri Lankan Embassy, London surrounded by Tamils

The Sri Lankan Embassy in London is currently surrounded by Tamil protestors. They need people, especially non-Tamils, to come suppurt asap.

The address of the Embassy is: 13 Hyde Park Gardens London W2 2LU

Ref: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=527013&y=180901&z=0&sv=W2+2LU&st=2&pc=W2+2LU&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf

Tamils in occupation here and at Parliament Square - where Parameswaran Subr…

Vigil for Tristan Anderson


Pics of todays vigil for Tristan Anderson outside the Israeli Embassy, who was critically injured last Friday by Israeli troops following a protest against the Israeli wall in the West Bank village of Ni'lin. He was hit in the head by a new type of high velocity, extended range teargas projectile. He received severe head injuries, which resulted in part of his frontal lobe being removed. He is cur…

Reception for the Israeli Ambassador Picket pics


Photos from tonights picket of Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall in protest of the grand reception for the Israeli Ambassador.

legal observers wanted israeli protest tomorrow

after unlawful policing actions at previous demonstrations at the israeli embassy, lawyers and civil rights campaigners are working together to provide massive evidence gathering and legal support at tomorrow's protest - they are asking for volunteers to help