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Haringey activists stage letting agents inspection


Haringey Housing Action Group and other housing activists held an inspection of local letting agents to draw attention to high rents, short-term tenancies, discrimination against housing benefit claimants and high administration fees.

Private tenants protest letting agent


Private tenants protested outside Drivers & Norris (D & N) letting agents in Islington's Holloway Road yesterday (Saturday 14 July). The action was in support of two prospective tenants who paid a total of £300 in fees for reference checks which has not been refunded, despite no services being delivered to them by D & N, and no tenancy agreement having been signed.

Protest against Tottenham company

Haringey residents today gathered outside the offices of Smart Housing Group on Tottenham Lane to protest against the company's attempts to encourage London councils to move homeless residents out of the city, calling on passers-by to contact the company and demand that they withdraw their plans.

IDS challenged at workfare protest in tottenham


hearing that iain duncan-smith (the secretary of state for work and pensions) was due to address a conference in tottenham this morning, 'boycott workfare' and 'youthfightforjobs' organised a protest outside the venue. he arrived late, and walked up to the door shouting that "workfare is a brilliant scheme". when challenged over public statements, he refused to engage, instead pushing a young man …

Tottenham - two days later


Visiting High Road two days after the first riot, that sparked others around London, and around the UK, with reports coming in from Birmingham and , the place is still locked off by police.

hundreds march in wood green against cuts


around 250 people marched through haringey this afternoon in protest against massive cuts in local public services and community grants

Haringey Uncut Bankers Bail-In #2

Over a dozen of us bailed in to Wood Green NatWest today, protesting at cuts to public services, and in particular the cuts to housing benefit and social housing which will lead to more people being homeless.


Haringey council chambers occupied


Several hundred people protested outside the budget meeting at wood green civic centre tonight. the building was occupied, and more than twenty people managed to break through a small police line and enter the council chamber, where they delayed the council meeting by nearly two hours. two were arrested after 3 van loads of TSG officers were called in to clear the building. A solidarity vigil was …

solidarity demo now at hornsey police station

two people were arrested after being pushed down stairs by police at wood green civic centre where councillors were met with angry protests at their meeting to pass huge budget cuts. protestors, who were eventually evacuated from the building after occupying the council chambers for nearly two hours, have now gone to hornsey police station where the arrested pair were taken.

Wood Green Barclays Occupied by Haringey Residents


Big Society Bail-in. On Saturday 19th February local anti-cuts "bailed in" to the wood Green branch of Barclay's Bank to protest against the government cuts agenda. About half of the 30 or so local residents occupied the bank and turned it into a home - with rugs, chairs and cushions - to bring attention to the number of people that will face homelessness if cuts to housing benefit and other publi…

Wood Green Tax Dodgers - Topman & Boots targeted


An angry crowd of Haringey residents marched on Wood Green Topman and Boots shops this morning (Sat 4th Dec) in protest against the corporations' tax-dodging activities and against the government's cuts. Protesters gathered outside Boots with placards, leaflets and a banner reading "Make corporations not people pay". Read  more ...


angry crowd at haringey council meeting tonight


an angry crowd of 50 to 100 people braved the cold tonight to picket a haringey council meeting at wood green civic centre in protest at proposed cuts on public services in the area.

Haringey anti-cuts march


Over 200 people took to the streets of Haringey to protest against proposed cuts to public services. Local residents and workers responded to a call by Haringey Alliance for Public Services, and marched to the Civic Centre in Wood Green.

At the rally, on Monday 18th October, protestors called on Haringey councillors to demand adequate government funding, reject privatisation, and oppose and re…

Review of Ambient Information Systems publication


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Haringey Independence Day


Saturday, 30th May was Independence Day in Haringey, north London, as the neighbourhood declared independence from "party politics, religion and government agencies, where individuals and groups in Haringey can organise collectively, exchange ideas and make their own decisions that affect their lives." 

The event combined workshops, film screenings, bike repairs, music, a history walk, and refres…

Pix-&-Vidz of Haringey Independence Day 2009



Dateline: Haringey, London, UK, Sat 30 May 09 – On a gloriously sunny Saturday in May, Haringey Independence Day 2009 provided discussions, workshops, stalls, films, socialising and refreshments for everyone who cares about their community, environment and workplace and wants to change them for the better.