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Pics: Hackney Against Cuts - Town Hall Demo


Around 300 people gathered to protest outside Hackney town hall as the councillors met to vote on millions of pounds of cuts. The town hall front entrance was ringed with three layers of crash barriers with police deployed with riot shields at the doors.

There was about an hour of speeches from local anti-cuts campaign groups, trade unions groups and local community groups as well as a performanc…

Anti Cuts Carnival, Marches and UKuncut Actions


Several UKuncut 'Big Society Bail-in' actions against Barclays bank took place today across london. At the same time around 1000 people took part in the Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts [pic | videos 1|2] and around 500 marched in Hackney [pic more]. See Tumblewire updates + Live blog archive

In Brixton around 40 people blockaded the Barclays branch for around an hour and a half whilst handing out …

OffMarket Opens New Space: Access & Info


We, the OffMarket collective, take disused buildings and turn them into open resources. We have just moved in to 111 Lower Clapton Road E5 ONP.  It is a small space, only a shop front consisting of a main front room and a very tiny room a the back, but there are lots of ideas about what to do with this space! [Read more & accessibility info ...]

Opening hours: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, tuesd…

Coworking at The Clouds – An Invitation

Every Tuesday (as from last week, January 11th, 2011) United Diversity and VisionOn.TV will be hosting upstairs at Passing Clouds as a Coworking space.

Catholic Workers "close" Dalston "Arcade of Death"


Thursday 23 December 2010 - Pre-Christmas peace vigil in front of Dalston army showroom in east London by London Catholic Workers and friends, in opposition to the war in Afghanistan and the perceived cynical establishment of a military recruitment centre within this impoverished community during a time of economic hardship. Report and pics ...

Music video, including footage of the action:  http…

Haphazard/ London Fields Squat


pictures from the London Fields Squat from over the last three months... 



Mp3: David Graeber & Stefano Harney on Capitalism


On 17 October 2010, the artists at the occupied JTG Gallery hosted a series of talks and discussions centered around the upcoming cuts. We're not exactly early risers, so we didn't make it down for the entire event, which lasted from 2pm until midnight, but we did manage to get some (not great quality) audio from the early evening.

The first set of remarks, by well-known anarchist direct actionis…

Empty Police Station Squatted In London


A police station has been squatted in London in retaliation against police oppression.

What follows is a communique' from the occupied to the occupiers:

Events in London this week


Every week in London you can see film, music, talks, workshops and organisational meetings, a myriad of ways for everyone to get involved and engage with a radical london that you may only ever otherwise hear about when the G20 comes to town, or in subtle subvertising campaigns as you pass through London's daily avenues of corporate control.


'Die-in' against nuclear transport at Olympic Park


What if... "Dozens died and thousands more were exposed to dangerous levels of cancer-causing radiation after a train carrying high level nuclear waste exploded as it passed through the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London this afternoon. The public is being warned to steer well clear of the area as the radioactive plume makes its way across the capital and the southern half of England."

The ri…

Call out for Queer Workshops


The Queer In/Visible Academy organizes a day of workshops and discussions on Sunday the 5th of September.

The Foundry is Gone - Long Live The Foundry!


The well known and much loved pub, alternative arts space and venue for a myriad of political and campaigning events - The Foundry in Old Street - was finally shut down in May as a result of Hackney's Council plans to pull down the building and turn it into a 18-storey hotel and shopping mall.

During its decade long history, the venue was not only consistently open to non-commercial art, music and …

Plane Stupid ‘estate agents’ condemn Newham mayor


Eco-activists have branded Newham's mayor a ‘sell-out' for not protecting East Londoners from increasing noise and pollution as a result of flight increases at London City Airport.

195 Mare St stage is NOT getting demolished


We were all thinking (and we told everyone) that we were going to lose the back part of the building on 195 Mare st, that includes the big hall and the stage, but the space is going to remain intact for as long as its occupied! :)

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The streets of East London turn green and gold!


Over 30 merry men and women could be spotted running around the streets of East London last Sunday, spreading the word about the Robin Hood Tax campaign.

Eviction alert - New Rampart space

A bunch of heavies broke into the rampart and threatened us with eviction tomorrow (saturday 24 april)

Report on today's London FreeSchool


The first workshop day of the 5th London FreeSchool just finished and it was great!! Some of us (the brave ones that stayed until the end) had a general debrief about how things went and what we think worked well and what worked less well :)


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Stage available to use for free in Hackney


195 Mare st E8 3QE

Food Not Bombs Hand out Free Food in Hackney!


A group of around 15 volunteers converged on Hackney town hall on Christmas eve armed with vast quantities of delicious, warm vegan food carried by cycle, trailer and trolley to give freely to the community, no strings attached, under the banner of 'Reclaim your food'.

Hackney: Borough-wide controlled drinking area

Hackney Council is having a survey about a proposed borough-wide controlled drinking area.




Hackney Heckler Launched!

Hackney's only truly independent non commercial community newspaper, Hackney Heckler is launched October 3rd 2009 by Hackney Solidarity Network

Hackney Solidarity Network aims to provide a space where both individuals and groups involved in campaigns or interested in campaigning, from across Hackney, can come to network, to report back on and share information on what they are doing, and to share…

Abahlali baseMjondolo Events in London


A list of the public events involving Abahlali baseMjondolo in London from 30 August to 5 September.

DISARM DSEi Activist Arrested for Holding a Banner


Last Saturday, 25th July, activists gathered outside Dalston Kingsland shopping centre, for a demonstration against the army showroom which recently opened there. By 1.30, around fifteen people had assembled by the main entrance. Two activists from Disarm DSEi, who had been inside the building looking for the demonstration, decided that they would exercise their right to peaceful protest inside th…

Afghan name-reading at Dalston army showroom


Belated report of vigil held on Thursday 9 April, just before Easter.

Catholic Workers Counter-recruitment at Dalston Military Showroom

In these times of escalating war on Afghanistan/Pakistan (Af-Pak) and crashing economy, the British military have opened a recruitment/showroom in low income Dalston, London. The showroom is "home to a virtual battlefield stimulator which gives vistors a chance …

New G20 convergence space opened

g20 convergence space- payne house, earl street ec2a 2al

This space is now being squatted as a convergence centre, the space is non-affiliated and welcomes all activist groups (as long as they agree to the 'safer spaces' policy and respect the ideals of the space).

Hackney Social Centre call out

After 4 years of occupaion with the agreement of the landloard this squated warehouse has suddenly been informed of the baliffs being booked to evict the space on 3rd April despite having recieved no notification of any court preceedings !

So the space is being opened up as a social centre/arts space and invites veryone and anyone to come and get involved...

Cops stop Class War bonfire party, photos

The guy fawkes night Class War "Burn A Politician" Bonfire Party was stopped by the police.


Hackney Wasn't Crap - Walking tour report

Hackney isn't Crap Gentrification Tour on Sunday the 28th of September walked from Dalston lane to Broadway market visiting new developments like Dalston Square and listening to shopkeepers and local residents at the sharp end of the regeneration of Hackney.

How 600 million of pounds were burned last night

How 600 million of pounds were burned last night in the Hackney Planning committee of London.

Hackney Council effort to sell off most of its land bank asset to speculative driven private property deals suffered a blow last night at its very own home - the Hackney Town Hall.

Solidarity Protests Against the G8 Summit 2008

The G8 2008 took place in Hokkaido, Japan, from July 7th to July 9th. As in the past years, people from all over the world protested against this summit and the capitalist system it represents [Pics] both in Japan and in many places around the globe.