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In ‘embankment’

Down with defeatism: Richard Stallman talk at IET


Richard Stallman - hacker, founder of the Free Software Movement, activist and theorist for civil rights in the digital age, gave a talk at the London's IET on Monday, 7 March 2011.  He spoke about the politics and practice of free software, and he also discussed a range of issues which have arisen in the digital age - from the oppressive use of ‘copyright' by media corporations and resisting dra…

Huge Stop the genocide of Tamils demo

There is a feature currently running at IMC-UK that is covering the ongoing autonomous action that has settled at parliament square after blockading Westminster bridge for almost a day and night/.

The series of events that followed has been eclipsed steadily by the determination of the ongoing hunger strike.

It is not intended to take focus away from the two lives dangling so dangerously in hung…

Put people first march begins


The Put People First march has begun.  It's very difficult to tell how big the entire demonstration is right now, because the entire embankment for at least a mile is filled with people - the demonstration stretches out of sight in either direction.