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Occupation at Leyton Marsh served papers

Occupation Leyton Marsh camp served legal papers

Offmarket: evicted space, project still alive!


After a bit more than 3 full on months of activity, the Offmarket squatted social centre on 121 Lower Clapton road was evicted by Bailiffs, police and owners on Thursday 7th July 2011. Read report and see pics ...

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Owner and Bailiffs at OffMarket

Attempted eviction happening right now!

London Social Centres raided, arrests at Rat Star

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces. There are about 8 arrests reported from the Rat Star in Camberwell.

Offmarket new Access Codes

OffMarket has moved to a new location just 5 doors away from the old place. The new address is 121 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, E5 OPN. Here are the access codes for our new building.

OffMarket has moved!


We, the OffMarket collective, take disused buildings and turn them into open resources. OffMarket has just moved location - now at 121 Lower Clapton Road E5 0NP. People have been busy making the building useable and it's now up and running, packed with events and regular activities! If you want to help out / get involved pop by when you can or give us a call on 077 0627 9299. See more info and fu…

OffMarket Opens New Space: Access & Info


We, the OffMarket collective, take disused buildings and turn them into open resources. We have just moved in to 111 Lower Clapton Road E5 ONP.  It is a small space, only a shop front consisting of a main front room and a very tiny room a the back, but there are lots of ideas about what to do with this space! [Read more & accessibility info ...]

Opening hours: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, tuesd…