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carnival of dirt - day of action


at st paul's this morning there were around 200 activists from more than 30 international activist groups. led by a new orleans funeral jazz band, they began by laying coffins at the gates to paternoster square where the london stock exchange deals in the profits and pension funds of major corporations responsible for worldwide misery. the ceremony was meant to celebrate the people who have tried …

'occupy democracy' teach-in at st paul's today


about 20 people gathered in the wet conditions outside st paul's at lunchtime, to listen to various speakers around the theme of 'occupy democracy.

hunger striker adnan on skype at palestine place


as part of a busy schedule of events at the new palestine place squatted social centre in gray's inn road, around 50 people attended a skype address from palestinian hunger striker 'adnan khader' this evening.

Occupy Oil the Sequel and #RIPShell


“These people have more rights than us” was the response of the police to an irate driver.  He was attempting to refuel at the Shell Garage in Old Street, London.  Protesters had managed to blockade the station in the last action of a very successful day against Shell Oil.

Activists from Occupy Oil in solidarity with Anonymous UK closed the station for almost an hour. The protesters were ca…

Spectre of Shell Reapers hangs over AGM


today was the annual general meeting of oil giant, shell. the main international AGM took place in holland at the hague, but uk shareholders joined in by videolink at a meeting at the barbican. despite a massive security operation, the AGM was hit both outside and in by a stream of activists from 'rising tide' 'occupy oil', 'shell to sea', and 'tar sands uk', among others. see: [ video of the acti…

new occupy london squat - 'school of ideas'


this week, 'occupy london' activists opened up a new community squatted building in the city, near old street. it is a deserted primary school with loads of beautiful airy classrooms, a small gym, and some pleasant outdoor space. it has lain unused for three years and the owners are awaiting planning permission before demolishing. in the meantime, the hope is to put it to good use for the communit…

police solidarity blockade of shell petrol station


in many years of independent reporting, i've often seen situations where police have caused larger disruption than a handfull of protestors, closing roads, sometimes closing down businesses, and sometimes massively amplifying the power of the protestors alone (not that that's their intention). however, this evening was, i think, the first time that they so completely did the job of the activists f…

arctic ice exhibit at st paul's


finnish climate activists brought a block of genuine arctic ice to the steps of st paul's this evening to bring attention to the continuing alarming rate at which the ice cap is disappearing. climate activists staged a mock exhibition from a future world looking back at the early 21st century when the last ice was seen at the north pole. they are highlighting the fact that the ice cap appears to…

Cleaners staging sit in at Corporation of London’s

Cleaners are staging a sit in at the Corporation of London’s Guildhall in

protest at the inadequate response of their employer, the contractor Sodexo

over the abusive treatment of women employees.

mark thomas at bank of ideas


mark thomas played a one hour benefit to a packed room tonight at the newly occupied 'bank of ideas' building in the city

a few pics and words on november 9 student protest


police set up an uber-kettle for the students in london today, about 4 miles long and one street wide, allowing them to walk from one end of it to the other.

occupy old street 6pm

at 6pm lets keep the party going with an occupation of old street roundabout.

tweet, text, share this infomation right now.

see you in the streets.


love and rage.

N9 Anarchist Bloc


Students ·  Sparks · Anarchists

Out on the streets for Nov 9th 

Anarchists will be mobilising on November 9 in solidarity with the students and the striking electricians.

Get active, get angry, get visible!

Zombie bankers target banks and capitalism


31st October 2011: Hundreds of protestors dressed as zombie bankers marched through the streets of London on Halloween as part of the Zombie Bank Run and "Danced on the grave of capitalism". 

The protest left from the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest camp at St. Paul's Cathedral, and marched past the Bank of England to the other Occupy camp at Finsubury Square, before moving on to Canary Wha…

occupy LSX report and pics


despite the media reports that st paul's had to close due to 'health and safety' concerns, yesterday afternoon saw not only a strong presence at the LSX occupation, but also a new successful occupation at finsbury square in the heart of the city.

Occupylsx takes new site; Occupy Finsbury Square


Another Occupy! site was taken on Sat 22nd Oct at Finsbury Square by Moorgate in the heart of the financial centre, after hundreds took part in a 'tour of corporate greed' march that snaked its way past the bank of england [video]

Two tripods were set up as police rushed to the scene to find people setting up tents. The occupation quickly grew in size with 55 tents set up by sunday and several w…

Occupy London Day 2 - pics


Sunday 16 October 2011 - Second day of the anti-capitalist and anti-austerity protest camp in front of St Paul's Cathedral - adjacent to the London Stock Exchange - in the City of London, the financial heart of the capital.

Occupy London Stock Exchange


'Occupy London Stock Exchange' is unable to gain access the London Stock Exchange and a decision is made to occupy the area in front of St Pauls Cathedral.

End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest!


A march for peace and freedom will take place on Wednesday 14th September, from Westminster to the ExCel Centre in east London, where 'Defence and Security Equipment International' (DSEi), the world's biggest arms trade fair will be in progress.

EDL in london - pics and report from yesterday


despite theresa may's ban on marches, more than a thousand edl supporters arrived in london yesterday for a 'static' demo and many of them were marched to it and marched away from it by a major police operation. meanwhile similar numbers of anti-fascist protestors held a rally and kept a vigil to ensure edl were kept away from asian communities in tower hamlets. read report and pics ...

Ian Tomlinson's inquest - Steve Discombe:Scum cop


Is this the most despicable man at the Met police?

unrepentant bankers at NHS Day X demo


deutsche bank workers waved money at protestors outside their bank on last night's demo

london old street shell garage blockade last night


after the remains of the irish government gave approval last week for the shell high-pressure gas pipeline and refinery in county mayo, activists have been staging blockades, actions and protests against shell in solidarity with the residents and activists of rossport. in london, tonight's garage blockade was also called as a memorial to long-time climate activist val jones, who lost a long strugg…

Pics From Ian Tomlinson Protest


around 200 people listened to an open mic outside the offices of the director of public prosecutions yesterday afternoon, before taking to the streets and marching to the spot where ian tomlinson was attacked by policeman simon harwood.



If desecrating Nottingham Castle was not enough, on Friday the 5th of March, whilst in London to pay homage to their far right extremist prophet Geert Wilders, the "patriotic crusaders of England's cultural heritage" paid their respect to one of England's most historic sacred Christian sites, deluging Westminster Abbey with gallons of filthy urine.

Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike Solidarity Picket


A mass hunger strike by families detained at Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire has been met with violent assaults on men, women and children by Serco security guards who mange the prison on behalf on the UK Border Agency.A solidarity protest outside Serco's offices in London (22 Hand Court, Holborn, WC1V 6JF) has been called by No Borders London in support of the Yarl's Wood hunger stri…

May Day in London (Photos)


May Day fun in central London as police refused to play the part scripted for them by the Space hijackers and so took a hands-off low-key approach to policing what turned out to be a wonderful antidote to the bullshit push and shove of the G20. 

Space hijackers Mayday - Photos


The space hijackers and frends took over the square outside of the bank of england for a celebration of the Police State.

Willis / Mitie cleaners 3 months still fighting


WORKERS sacked by Mitie after organising a union defied the multi-million pound cleaning privateer again yesterday by demonstrating in the City of London.

The cleaners have now been protesting for three months - in defiance of legal threats from Mitie - in a determined effort to win their jobs back.

Protest Against Police Tactics 18th April Report

A report on how things went and what was achieved