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From the belly of the Beast Petroleum


On the way in to the BP AGM, they searched my bag and dropped my camera.  Then (my favourite part) was the assuredly "random patdown search" which seemed kind of ominous, in a private room which seemed to be the security office.

G20 Summit Hits London ...


... “We Won’t Pay For Their Crisis!”

On Thursday 2nd of April the G20 (or G22) are descending on the city in a Summit to address the current global Crisis, and to discuss how to “re-stabilise” the world economy and how to re-write the rules of global Capitalism, whilst thousands of people are losing their jobs and homes on a daily basis.

Amid the biggest police operation to be launched…

G20 Protests + Events List + Locations Map


Many media outlets have been publishing various lists and maps of G20 protest events,

(eg. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/blog/2009/mar/23/online-guide-to-g20-protests

http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/LI118029.htm )

So here's a more accurate one of confirmed events and initiatives so far from various groups and coalitions (*more events are being announced).

For a GOOGLE map of events,…

Love your rage, not your cage - G20 communique



The bankers are having a laugh - still - at our expense. They pocket £650,000 a year pensions - for life! We get redundanciesclosed shopshouses repossessed, the dole queueno future for our kids.

Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson are responsible for the credit crunch as much as their banker pals - pals shared with Cameron and Osbourne's City slickers.

The pathetic TUC…