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Update on Land & Freedom Camp


This is an update on the Land & Freedom Camp: a 7 day open exhibition and demonstration taking place on Clapham Common from Sat 17th Sept til Sun 25th Sept.

London Social Centres raided

At least two London Social Centres raided - unclear of the legality of the raids at the moment - but illegal or not it's clearly linked to almost certainly false stories about anarchists targeting the wedding tomorrow. 

If you can make it down to the Ratstar (298 Camberwell Road) near Camberwell Green or Offmarket (121 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton, Hackney) it would still be good to have a presence…

London Social Centres raided, arrests at Rat Star

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces. There are about 8 arrests reported from the Rat Star in Camberwell.

Pics of UCU strike pickets in London Universities


Here there are some photos of today's pickets of the strike called by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) at different campuses of the University of the Arts London and the London Metropolitan University.

UAL: Camberwell College of Arts Occupied


University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Art is now OCCUPIED!We now have an Amazing space at Wilson Road (SE5 8LU) which is occupied…!! The Lecture Theatre will become a space for students to plan action, make work and perform. It will act as a student union and catalyst to create ideas for action and organisation. We call for more support and involvement! The space is open and ev…

‘Sow the seed’ for a fair deal on climate change


Growing cress in pots - something fun you remember doing as a kid? Now musicians The Magic Numbers and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly have joined Oxfam to give this small fun task a big new meaning.

This Saturday, 16th October is World Food Day and the musicians will be joining hundreds of people around the UK, growing cress in yoghurt pots, to support Oxfam's call to UK MP's to ‘Sow the Seed' needed to …

Alternative Vegan Festival

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Can't afford to be vegan? Think again... veganism isn't a privilege for the rich!

The Alternative Vegan Festival is a DIY, grassroots event which will show how being vegan doesn't have to cost the Earth.

Police Racially Motivated Assault on Shopkeeper


Police attack shopkeeper in Camberwell

CCTV Free Zone


Anti-CCTV Campaign kicks off to a flying start in Camberwell. Recently in Camberwell various CCTV smart cars have been patrolling residential areas under the publicly known purpose of traffic enforcement. A group of activists who had recently moved to the area observed the Southwark council spy cars recording number plates of all cars passing through their vicinity as well as recording the mov…

Indymedia 10th Birthday Party


After months of preparation getting everything together, and a last minute rush of activity, Dissident Island and Indymedia London celebrated 10 years of Indymedia in the UK. The party celebration took place last Saturday night, with around 300 people turning up at the newly opened Social Centre in Camberwell to enjoy and dance to a great line up of bands and DJ sets, to watch films, and to have a…

Photos Indymedia 10th birthday party


Photos from last night's Indymedia 10th birthday party, thrown together with dissident island at the new social center in Camberwell,  South London.

New Social Center in Camberwell


Following the occupation of a series of buildings in Camberwell by the Tattoo Circus for their DIY Prisoner Support Benefit in association with ABC Bristol and the Bent Bars Project, several of the occupied buildings have been retained so that they can be used as the venue for the Indymedia 10th Birthday party

The current plans of the occupiers are to continue holding onto the space as a socia…

Livesey Occupiers Re-Open Community Museum


Families flock to the Livesey Museum for the re-opening of the former children's museum to mark two years since Southwark Council shut the building down. It was a wet Sunday morning in South London as community activists scurried round the beautiful Livesey museum on the Old Kent Rd, putting the final touches to the space for a free family funday.

Police had called the occupiers the day before sta…

Reading of the Names of Afghan War Dead


This morning of small group of south londoners replied to the call-out for "Unauthorised" Reading of the Names of Afghan War Dead and went in front of a Territorial Army Centre near Camberwell.

We read the list of Afghan civilians dead into the intercom of the base, and we shouted the names of the English soldiers killed in Afghanistan to the passbyers.

Troops out of Afghanistan!

Buy nothing day - brixton report


"Buy nothing day" is an international anti-consumerist day. Put simply : people are encouraged to stop shoping for one day. In Brixton, activist set up a stall to give away free food and other free items.

The Library House Social Centre in South London


The New Squatted Social Centre is very near Myatts Fields, and not far from Loughborough Junction station in Brixton. The Library House stands right behind Minet Library. The occupied building seems to have been part of the library services but left empty long time ago.

The Social Centre is run by a group of local south londoners that have put quite a lot of work into fixing up the space, and the…