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Neuroliberation campaign


Neuroliberation is a new campaign which aims to challenge the gambling act 2005 and raise awareness of social manifestations caused by the deregulating of the gambling industry in the UK.

Late report on Jubilee prison demo


London ABC and friends made some noise in solidarity with prisoners inside HMP Brixton.

Save Lambeth Women's Project


Lambeth Women's Project is an umbrella organisation that provides space and other resources to a variety of other women's groups. We currently house 11 groups that will be affected by a looming eviction. LWP had sole use of the building at 166a Stockwell Road from 1979- 2010. When Stockwell Primary School were made managers of the building a 5 year lease was given to LWP in order for the two organ…

Brixton Riots 2011: A Detailed Itinerary


This is something I've been meaning to finish for quite a while, but haven't got round to. It seems good to get it done with before the end of the year. It's a fairly detailed eye witness account of the civil disturbances which took place in Brixton on the night of 7-8 August 2011. It can be considered a companion article to these two:

  • http://london.indymedia.org/articles/9828
  • http://london.in…

Strike! N30


Public sector workers meeting up at Windrush Square this morning before heading off to the main N30 strike at Victoria Embankment.

Update on Land & Freedom Camp


This is an update on the Land & Freedom Camp: a 7 day open exhibition and demonstration taking place on Clapham Common from Sat 17th Sept til Sun 25th Sept.

EDL Switch To Anti-Black Racism

The English Defence League have reverted to type, with torrents of sickening anti-black racism on their divisional Facebook walls, peppered with the N-word, and description of black people being "monkeys" and "apes".  Since their existance, the moderators have tried to brush all of their non-Muslim racism under the carpet, pretending that the EDL have only one enemy, Muslims, but since the rioting…

Criminality and Rewards

What is the crime of looting a corporate chain store next to the crime of owning one?

-- Luther Brecht

Looters don't give many press conferences. This made all of the conversations on today's BBC morning show a little bit one-sided.

Having been out last night in Brixton, I feel as qualified as anybody to offer at least a bit of perspective as an anarchist living in the area for the past six…

Brixton Road Pics - Foot Locker + H&M


Police were very few, very tense and very ineffective. Foot Locker was up in flames, while H&M was being looted. Marks and Spencers, Bodyshop, McDonalds and most other shops on Brixton Road had glass damage, while other places like the games shop at the corner to Ferndale Road and William Hill on Stockwell Road have big gaping holes and look like some things might have gone missing.

Fire Sale in Brixton


The atmosphere was alternately tense and festive in Brixton tonight. After last night's riots in Tottenham, sparked by the police shooting of Mark Duggan on Thursday, riots spread all over London this evening.

People took advantage of heavy rains and miniscule police presence, turning the whole town from Stockwell to Tulse Hill into a free-shop.  Every major chain store and bank had their windows…

Announcing the Olive Morris Memorial Award

The Remembering Olive Collective (ROC) is delighted to invite nominations for the Olive Morris Memorial Award.

In the spirit of Olive’s life and work, 3 awards of £500 each will be given to young women engaged in radical grassroots political activity.

Olive Morris was an significant and inspirational community activist in 1970s Britain, who died at the young age of 27 leaving behind a significan…

Squatting and the Wider Political Rumblings


The Tory government is currently pushing a process of 'consultation' through Parliament that aims to delegitimize and ultimately criminalize squatting in the UK, whilst most corporate media plays the same tune. If successful the creation of new legislation against squatting would do away with a right that is centuries old.

The recent evictions of the OffMarket occupied social centre in Hackney and …

The (Non)Resistance of Clifton Mansions


The attempted resistance at Clifton Mansions, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton is a sorry tale of what London has become, and a missed opportunity for radicalising a new generation of resisters. Brixton, once the home to black power, a strong community spirit, DIY punk culture, squatting and the Brixton Riots in the 1980's, has become a sad shadow of its former self.

Clifton Mansions, homes turned into assets


Tuesday's morning eviction of Clifton Mansions, a block of flats in Brixton's Coldharbour Lane, signaled the end to one of the longest lasting community of squatters in the neighbourhood. The residents in the 22 flats that had been occupied since the early 1990's were made homeless in the latest operation of further gentrification of central Brixton that involved police in riot gear, a police heli…

Report & Pics: Brixton's Clifton Mansions Eviction


Tuesday's morning eviction of Clifton Mansions, a block of flats in Brixton's Coldharbour Lane, signaled the end to one of the longest lasting community of squatters in the neighbourhood. The residents in the 22 flats that had been occupied since the early 1990's were made homeless in an operation that involved police in riot gear, a police helicopter hovering over the area, the fire brigade and b…

Photos: Clifton Mansions Eviction


Clifton Mansions in COldharbour Lane, right in the centre of Brixton got evicted this morning after beiung squatted for more then 20 years.

The Age of Evictions ... and Resistance!


Two different communities. One living in Clifton Mansions, an inner city block of long term squatted flats in Brixton, south London. The other made of 90 families part of the UK's largest Traveller community in Dale Farm, a former scrap-yard purchased by the Travellers ten years ago near Basildon, Essex.

They both now face one common problem: the threat of eviction. Dale Farm's long battle has no…

#J30 Critical Mass, from Brixton to Deptford


We joined the J30 Critical Mass at the Brixton Oval. Prior to that we had been for a while visiting the different pickets in the Brixton area, and we quickly realised that this strike wasn't going to be confined to a ritual Unions march in central London. We stood for a while in the Lambeth College picket in Brixton Hill where we noticed the constant shows of support by the honking cars passing by…

Critical Mass 30th June 11

Thursday 30th June saw the first attempt to a General Strike in Britain for more than 80 years, although it was primarily a Public Sector workers' strike.

As part of the support for the strike from people who are not necessarily public sector workers, a Critical Mass happened in South London,  visiting the picket lines that had been announced and showing support.

Pics: Brixton Natwest UK Uncut occupation


Brixton Natwest was today turned into a housing project to highlight the cuts being made to Housing Benefits. 

This is how 'Big Society' looks like ...


This is how 'Big Society' looks like, Lambeth Town Hall Occupation.

We arrived to last night's second demonstration against the Lambeth Council cuts budget meeting slightly late, and as we were approaching the Town Hall the first thing that surprised us was the loud noise coming out from the demo, a cacophony of car horns responding to the 'Honk Against The Cuts' placards, mixed with the chants o…

Storming Lambeth Town Hall


It began just like one of the many townhall protests in south London recently: Several hundreds of people had gathered outside Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton Square to protest, while the council inside was supposed to make a decision about implementing governments cuts. To the suprise of many, it became a great spontanous protest.

Lambeth Town Hall Occupation 23.02.11


Lambeth Save Our Services <http://lambethsaveourservices.org> anti-cuts protesters occupy Lambeth Town Hall's Council Chamber during final Council budget vote.

Lambeth Town Hall Occupied by People's Assembly


Lambeth town hall in Brixton was taken over and occupied by protestors as the council met to vote through budget cuts of tens of millions of pounds. Hundreds of people gathered outside the town hall (as they'd done previously two weeks ago) and at around 7pm took over the chamber chanting "This is what democracy looks like" and "No ifs, no buts, no public services cuts!", before holding a people's…

Anti Cuts Carnival, Marches and UKuncut Actions


Several UKuncut 'Big Society Bail-in' actions against Barclays bank took place today across london. At the same time around 1000 people took part in the Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts [pic | videos 1|2] and around 500 marched in Hackney [pic more]. See Tumblewire updates + Live blog archive

In Brixton around 40 people blockaded the Barclays branch for around an hour and a half whilst handing out …

Stop! Thief! ...


UK Uncut protest outside Barclays Bank, Brixton. Here there are some photos:

Brixton Barclays Shut Down by #ukunkut Protest


Following a call by UkUncut for a 'Big Society Bail-In' day of action targeting branches of Barclays bank across London, around 40 people shut down the bank's Brixton branch for most part of the morning. People gathered at the branch in Brixton Rd from 11am, blocking the front entrance until around 12.30pm, at which point the protest ended with most people moving on to other anti-cuts protests tak…

Lambeth Town Hall anticuts protest in Brixton


Up to 200 people gathered on Monday evening outside Lambeth Town Hall following a call by Lambeth Save Our Services, to protest against the cuts that Lambeth Council is planning to impose to the local community as part of their 'austerity budget' consisting of a package of £37 million of cuts. The protest started at 6pm right at the doorsteps of the council's building. Several people representing …

Anti-Cuts Protest at Lambeth Town Hall 07.02.11


Photos of this evening's anti-cuts protest outside Lambeth Town Hall organised by Lambeth Save Our Services.

Brixton 'Kettled Generation' Protest


Council leaders reacted hysterically to the protest outside Brixton Police station on Tuesday 14th Dec. Management emailed all council staff to warn of the protest and potential riots that could result. They even included a request that people leave work early to avoid the area. Nothing can better illustrate the council’s disconnection and fear of the local community.

The meeting and p…