Time to move on: IMC London signing off

The Indymedia London collective has taken a decision to close.

Collectively we have racked up almost 100 years of involvement with the Indymedia project; from the beginnings of Indymedia in 1999 and the launch of Indymedia UK in 2000 as a manual website and evolution to a content management site, to the creation of local indymedia groups in 2003, and then the launch of the current IMC London website in 2008.

So it is with a sad heart that we bring this latest chapter to an end. Firstly thanks to all the people, friends and comrades who have participated in the project with us over the years, as users, as members of the london collective (over 50 people) and other imc collectives, or as supporters behind the scenes. All of us wish to continue working in a similar terrain and view what comes next as a development from the work that’s already been done. However for us, this Indymedia project is for many reasons no longer the one which we think is tactically useful to put our energy into. There are still many features of the project that we believe to be important and essential, but others which are less so. Below we set out some thoughts on both of these, and some of the challenges and limitations of the Indymedia project over the years.

On a practical note, the open publishing newswire of this website is now closed and the content will be archived, along with selected london related content from the previous different Indymedia UK websites. User logons for the website will no longer work. Our public email lists and wiki pages will also be closed and kept as archives.

We will add to the London Indymedia archive some further reflections and evaluations generated through more than a decade of practice, debate and argument. We also think the function of the London events calendar has been an important one and are interested in thinking about ways of retaining this function in one way or other.

If you wish to contact us or send any feedback on the rest of this farewell message please email us at imc-london-contact@lists.indymedia.org

See you on the streets!
IMC London

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Hackney photos


Photos taken earlier this evening.

a happy bassy dissident birthday - D*I turns 4!


Tonight your local DIY radio crew Dissident Island are set to broadcast their 87th episode - coming to you live and direct from 9pm onwards, the show will feature lots of audio surprises and a farewell set from Dissident Island DJ Deadly Buzz. This episode also marks four years of live, twice monthly, Friday night broadcasts from Dissident Island...celebrate! [click to read more] [show info]

geeks in a field


Every year a bunch of geeks travel to the lovely Wye Valley from all over UK, and trudge up the 80 meter climb to Highbury Farm. There they camp out for a long weekend, running workshops and presentations during the day and sitting around the fire drinking cider at night, or enjoying the eclectic Raveoke and accoustic sets on the open stage. The whole set up is called BarnCamp, the main workshop space is a barn, which also includes the bar, food serving area and washing up corner, and is organised by the hacktivist@s of Hacktionlab.

If you also want to polish your tech skills, check out the Internet privacy (anonymity, security…) workshop this Sunday, June 19, starting at 11:00 at LARC!

See also: (incomplete) list of sessions | session notes | media page, list of posts about BarnCamp2011 | Pics on Flickr: ludwig van standard lamp | churchofpunk | chickarama | Reports: Bristol Wireless | Charlie Harvey | Mike Harris | Video: Sunset timelaps photography | ravin’ geeks | Audio: Luddites, technology, sustainability | CatalystRadio started broadcasting from Barncamp, check out their stream!

What's happening with Indymedia UK?

You find it where it always was, it looks the same and uses the name, but it no longer is Indymedia UK.

On 1st May 2011, Indymedia UK had it's name and URL taken over by a number of volunteers calling themselves the ‘Mayday collective’. Although the site looks and feels like Indymedia UK, it is no longer the same project. It is now under the sole control of a faction of Indymedia UK admins. The volunteers from Indymedia London, as well as Bristol, Northern England, Nottingham, and other Indymedia UK volunteers, no longer have any access to it whatsoever, including some people who have helped maintain the UK site for the past 11 years.

Imc Notthingham article

Big changes are coming to Indymedia UK


On 1st May 2011 Indymedia UK will give birth to two new projects. The Indymedia UK website will be archived, it will stay were it is now, but you won’t be able to publish news. In its place there will be two distinct projects: Mayday will provide a non-regional site with open publishing and Be The Media will present the best of radical news across the regions, including Bristol, Northern, Nottingham and London.

BeTheMedia | Find out more about the history of Indymedia: article | video | pics | i - the film

TUC Demo Photos (1)


Photos of banners and demonstrators.

#March26 TUC Demo Alt Media meeting - Sat 12th


Alt Media + Grass roots reporting for March 26th TUC Demo

Saturday 12th March, 3pm - 6pm @ ULU (as part of March26 AAC Prep Weekend)

Calling all film makers, video shooters, audio recorders and radio enthusiasts, photographers, twitter reporters, DIY media makers, bloggers and writers. Together we are stronger >> Come and prepare and co-ordinate together for covering the massive March 26th demonstrations and actions >> Join Indymedia London and other projects including radio stream coverage and Reel News in discussing and developing plans for collaboration and grass roots reporting of the demonstrations >> If you have a project already underway come and present it, if you want to get involved come along ready to participate.

IMC London Statement on the recent Schnews Article

Following the publication of this schnews article, Indymedia London
would like to make it clear that it does not log, monitor or filter
the IP addresses of those who visit or publish on this website. The
hyperactive code that indymedia london and others [1,2] run on does
not have these facilities built into it.

Tech notice: SSL cert out of date

If you're publishing to London Indymedia, logging into the site, or just like to view your IMC info over an encrypted connection, you may have noticed that our SSL security certificate is out of date.  Even if you've previously accepted the security warning, you'll get a certificate error when viewing https://london.indymedia.org

The Emperor Wears No Clothes [En] ΒΆ

We are writing this statement in support of democracy.

Since Sunday, November 28th, WikiLeaks and five major newspapers from around the world (The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais) have been publishing redacted versions of leaked US Diplomatic Cables in an ongoing story that has become known as "Cablegate." The identity of the original leaker is - as yet - unconfirmed.

Booklets by Indymedia London and HacktionLab

Booklets that will be given out for donations at the bookfair, here available as PDFs.

Their business and ours


If you ask anyone on the street, "what business is Google in?", they'll answer without hesitation, "they are in the search business." Google is seen primarily as a search company. It gives us, the public, internet search services for free, out of the generosity of its corporate heart. It also happen to give a us a whole pile of other great services: Gmail, YouTube, Gtalk, and the Android mobile phone operating system, which recently became the most popular smartphone OS in North America. And it does all of this for free, sometimes at a financial loss - by some estimations, YouTube loses a dollar every time you watch a video. What a nice corporation! It runs all of these great services for us, and we don't pay it anything! Wouldn't it be nice if all global companies could be so Not Evil?

Google is not a search company.

Indymedia 10th Birthday Party


After months of preparation getting everything together, and a last minute rush of activity, Dissident Island and Indymedia London celebrated 10 years of Indymedia in the UK. The party celebration took place last Saturday night, with around 300 people turning up at the newly opened Social Centre in Camberwell to enjoy and dance to a great line up of bands and DJ sets, to watch films, and to have a toast or two at the bar. The party started at 4pm with a series of workshops and presentations and went on till the very sunny Sunday morning [Photos 1 | 2]

A comment posted in the IMC-UK wire sums up the general feeling most people expressed during bash:  "Thanks to Indymedia London and Dissident Island for a great celebration of 10 years of Indy UK, and cheers to the crew, performers and volunteers for all their hard work! Good luck with the social centre too."

A big shout from Indymedia London and Dissident Island to everyone that turned up to celebrate with us, and to all the bands, djs and crew that helped out on the night. We hope that the future brings many more years of independent, autonomous, radical and participatory media!

Corporate Social Networking .. How Cool Is That!

Sparkled from some articles posted to Indymedia London recently about Non Corporate Social Networks and a report from the Software Summit that took place in Whitechapel, as well as an audio interview to Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation also published to this site not long ago,  I share below some of the reasons why I think corporate social nut-workin is so cool!