Dissident Island Radio Olympics Special


Have a listen to the latest Dissident Island Radio show - an Olympics special featuring a montage of interviews highlighting some of the many political, social and economic issues - this show cuts through the propagandistic messaging to give a more accurate picture of what Londoners are experiencing as a result of 'the games'...[read more]

Dissident Island Radio - 100 episodes old!


Friday 16 March 2012 marked the 100th episode of Dissident Island Radio - our centenary! And with that in mind we decided to make it a bit special. Alongside the usual mix of music, banter, and special guests on the mic we be heard an extended piece on the consolidation of neoliberal capitalism in Europe post 'crisis'. The discussion focuses primarily on the situation in Ireland, Spain, and Greece looking at shifts in power and wealth distribution in recent years...[read more]

#n30: audio from south london pickets + main march

November 30, 2011 saw public sector workers strike across the country in protest of so-called 'pension reforms' by the Con-Dem government to public pensions. The following features audio recordings of picketers discussing their reasons for participating in the national day of action as well as some rambles and observations of the days actions from my perspective.

Greece...Spain...words on grassroots organising

Here we are presenting two audio interviews concerning grassroots organising in Greece and Spain in the context of the recent square occupations, strikes and mobilisations. This is an edited version of the latest Disident Island radio show broacasted on the 1st of July - you can download the whole show here.

On the Island of Dissidents in Spring Time


Dissident Island Radio has been having a pretty active spring so far - with several shows, parties (both past and upcoming) as well as organising a new and exciting project - Catalyst Radio!

Here's the low-down on what the islanders have been up to recently, containing links to archives of recent radio shows, as well as information about what we are preparing for the near future. Read more and enjoy! ...

Sex Worker Special - the interviews


Have a listen to the separate interviews that featured on our Sex Workers' Special.

A merry final show for 2010 from Dissident Island


It's that special time of year...when wage-slavery gives way - ideally - to time off, trips home, vegging on the couch, overeating and celebrations with family and friends...and Dissident Island Radio's got something to fill any moments of holiday boredom: our latest show! Featuring Michael Albert on Parecon, GBC Legal, news on the Ratcliffe trial, a discussion on benefit cuts, Wikileaks, 'citizen journalism' and so very much more...  [download episode 72]

Dissident Island's 70th episode ready to download


The latest Dissident Island Radio show is ready to download - featuring an interview from activists producing radio during the recent anti-nuclear action in Germany, a bit on the Siege of London and the upcoming exhibit above Freedom Bookshop, the recent Fitwatch blog shut-down, pirate radio legend Tetsuo Kogawa hailing from Japan, Hackney Benefits Collective on upcoming gigs, Bristol's Radio Kebele and so much more...

Read on for more info or click here to listen to the show...

X:talk - Human rights, sex work & trafficking


On Wednesday 17 November 2010 the x:talk project launched it's report entitled 'Human Rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking: A human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking laws in the UK' [PDF] at the Centre for Possible Studies with a panel discussion on anti-trafficking policies.

Read more and listen to the recording of the launch of the x:talk report on Human Rights.

Maqui talks to D*I about 29 Sept in Spain

Maqui talked to Dissident Island - the edited interview features on the 15 October 2010 show, but you can listen to the full edit of the interview here...

Belgrade 6 acquitted - an audio interview...


Listen to a follow-up interview with the Belgrade 6 on their acquittal and the continued repression of social movements and protest in Serbia and the Balkans...

Happy Birthday! Dissident Island Radio turns 3...


London's best-known, best-loved, and best-looking autonomous radio crew was once again inside your computer on Friday night, pumping out your stereo from Whitechapel. 6 August 2010 marks three years of dissidence: COP15, the climate camps, and other eruptions have punctuated the steady bass-beat of a show every two weeks. Read on for a complete run-down of what this radical radio rabble have been up to, and download the 3rd birthday show here.

Grab a red stripe and raise a toast with IMC London to celebrate three years of radical radio from Dissident Island!

Direct action? On a boat? Sea Shepherd's got it...


Sea Shepherd Wietse, during his brief stint back on land, talked to Dissident Island about the exploits of the Steve Irwin during its Antartica campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda as well as the imminent Mediterranean campaign, Operation Blue Rage...

Activist Realism - a panel discussion


Listen to a lively panel discussion recorded at the London Action Resource Centre on 10 April 2010...

Ratibor Trivunac of the Belgrade 6


Listen to an exclusive interview with Ratibor Trivunac of the Belgrade 6...