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Talk-In: Violent Vs Non-Violent Tactics

February 26, 2011 15:00

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11 Soho Street


The Talk-In is a reinvented concept in countercultural talks, inspired by the 60's concepts of the Be-In and the Teach-In. The Talk-In aims to bring a wide variety of subject matters of interest to the counterculture into the mainstream. Each Talk-In will explore an issue of current relevance and look at it from different perspectives, with plenty of audience participation.

To launch this concept we have 2 debates:


Following the recent Protests against Government budget cuts and tuition fee increases, as well as recent protests in the Arab world, the LONDON TALK-IN, with the help of its panelists and audience will explore and debate the tactical options open to Protesters.

How do we define the word 'Violence'? Should protesters be 100% 'Non-Violent' at all times, even when kettled/attacked by Police or opposing protesters? Is 'Defensive Violence' by Protesters justified in a way that 'Offensive Violence' is not? Are Anti-Property tactics truly 'Violent' and are they justified tactically and/or morally? Is Violence against Police ever justified, whether 'Offensive' or 'Defensive'? Are there spiritual implications of Protester's choice of tactics? Is Radical Street Protest itself, ('Violent or Non-Violent') an outdated mechanism/dead end for getting 'results'? And in a 'Bigger Picture', do Protesters/Activists need to move on to other ways of thinking about 'Political Protest' in general and/or the Changes they want to see?

This debate will give Protesters/Activists a chance to interact with the 'Public' on questions of this kind and hopefully we can all move the Political Protest Paradigm forward.

Claire Solomon (President, University of London Union, organiser of recent student protests)
Chris Knight (Professor of Anthropology, and 'Leading Anarchist' according to the Sun's recent front page)
Ellie Mae O'Hagan (UKuncut London Campaign Organiser/New Left Project)
'Che' (Radical Activist)

Host: Jeff Laster (Parallel-Younversity/Synergy Project/Luminopolis)

The featured debate will be immediately followed by the following talk:


Are you a reactor or a creator? Our world is chock full of problems, an overwhelming barrage of unresolved issues that desperately need our attention and creativity. At a time when more and more of us are waking up to the issues we face as a global family—whether environmental, economic, political, and beyond—it is not enough anymore to simply react to everything we find wrong with the way things are. We have to strive to work together to create something new.

Host: Jody Paterson

The venue, Vantra, is London's newest and healthiest vegan restaurant. All food is organic and vegan and cooked with the lowest temperatures or raw for optimum health benefits. There is a fully-licensed organic bar with fresh juices, superfood smoothies, lattes, as well as beers, wines and cocktails.

Entry is free, but donations are welcome to help with expenses.


Claire Solomon pulled out

Dunno who's going to replace her

line up

Professor Chris Knight (The Sun's bogeyman anarchist)
Maria Gallastegui (Parliament Square Peace Strike since 2007)
Ellie Mae O'Hagan (UK Uncut London campaign organiser/New Left Project)
Susanna Lafond (Veteran of roads protests and Stonehenge campaigns)
Chetnya Vuvraj (Student Protestor / Whitechapel Anarchist Network)

Host: Jeff Laster (ex-Weathermen/Parallel-Youniversity/Synergy Project)