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CallOut to Hackney anarchists against the Cuts

February 22, 2011 19:30

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MOTH Club, Valette Street, next to Hackney Town hall E9 6NU

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We're all convinced that these cuts are an attack on our living conditions!

We've probably all been involved in the various anticuts/students demos, Council lobbies and other UKuncut actions!

But we're probably all finding it hard finding a space where to be vocal and organise as anarchists, surrounded by the
"all-we-need-is-Labour-back", the lefty-trots "give-us-back-the-welfare-state" and the "but-the-Tories-want-less-state-like-you-Anarchists"!!

Some of us in Hackney are already going to the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services. But it is what it is: an Alliance between very different trends. Its work is based on the lowest common denominator: "No to the cuts!".

We're inviting all of you who feel close to anarchist politics to come to the next Hackney Solidarity Network meeting and discuss/decide how we could get together and organise actions against the cuts specifically as anarchists living in or near Hackney (obviously, friends from outside Hackney are also very welcome!).

MOTH Club, Valette Street, next to Hackney Town hall
E9 6NU

And don't forget the Anti Cuts march in Hackney this Saturday 19th from midday



Link_go http://www.hackneysolidarity.info/

Email Contact email: info@hackneysolidarity.info