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Haringey protest against cuts

February 24, 2011 17:00

Published by group: GroupHaringey Solidarity Group
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Outside threatened services all round Haringey, then rally at 6.30pm outside the Civic Centre in Wood Green, N22.

(tube: Wood Green)

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Haringey Alliance for Public Services is calling for local protests at threatened sites around Haringey from 5-6pm.  Please get in touch if you would like to organise one.

Rally at 6.30pm outside the Civic Centre.  There will be a meeting of the full council where they will be making their final decision over what cuts to make for 2011-12.  The government has demanded the council make £41m this year, with more to come.

Facing closure: older people's residential homes and day centres, youth clubs, voluntary projects and facilities.

Budgest slashed: parks (cut by 50%); libraries (books budget cut by £200k) and schools.

Huge cuts: to NHS services and local FE colleges.

Haringey councillors need to stand by the residents of Haringey in defending the services we all need, rather than doing the Government's dirty work for them.




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