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Lobby the BMA to oppose NHS privatisation

February 17, 2011 18:00

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Lobby the British Medical Association’s
London Regional Council meeting

Ask them to oppose the Coalition’s plans for mass privatisation of the NHS

THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 6 pm onwards

At BMA Headquarters BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP 






The London Regional Council of the British Medical Association (BMA) is meeting on Thursday 17 February to discuss the Coalition government’s plans for the National Health Service.

The government’s Health and Social Care Billthrows open the NHS budget wholesale to exploitation by the big commercial healthcare companies. It will finish the process started 30 years ago and carried forward by politicians of all the major parties to turn the NHS into a market.

The Bill has not yet been passed through parliament.

It is still possible to overturn it.

If doctors oppose the Bill it becomes unworkable.

Doctors (and the formation of GP consortia) are at the heart of the Coalition government’s plans to privatise the NHS. If their biggest organisation, the BMA, opposes the plans – the Coalition’s plans become unworkablle. Tory ex-Health Minister Stephen Dorrell, chair of the Coalition’s own Health Select Committee, is telling the government that they have to get GPs on board. Surveys show some 60 per cent of doctors already oppose the Bill.

By lobbying to show our support for a BMA stand against the proposed changes, we can encourage and strengthen doctors to see they are not on their own, but have the support of public and patients.

This is a real chance to make a decisive difference to the continued existence of the NHS.

Please come to the lobby, bring banners and placards, and your friends, neighbours and family.

Poster: http://www.keepournhspublic.com/meetings/20110217BMA.pdf