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Campaign against Climate Change Forum/AGM 2011

February 19, 2011 12:00

Tagged as: environmentalism

TBA- check www.campaigncc.org/agm2011 for venue details nearer the time.


Join us in discussing ...

What can we do to get the urgent action we need to confront the climate crisis during the coming year?

What are the key considerations about the current political scene? And the social and economic scene, media climate etc. etc.

Bullding the climate movement nationally and internationally.

Putting climate back at the heart of the national debate

Radical solutions / Building a Zero Carbon Britain / Million Climate Jobs

Concrete ideas for action.

Form groups with others with similar interests /ideas within the campaign.... to convert ideas into real action.

Get involved, learn from others, bring your ideas... get active in the fight against the greatest threat to humanity we've ever seen...

Nurturing the light of a positive solution while the world goes mad...