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Public Meeting: How can the government be stopped?

February 08, 2011 18:00

Tagged as: cuts solidarity workers_struggles

London School of Economics

Students Union - The Quad



Places: holborn

Now that Parliament has voted to increase tuition fees and scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance, the question facing our movement is: where next?

Students will be turning up the pressure on the university managers who award themselves huge pay increases at the same time as hiking up fees, and lecturers in the UCU are balloting for strike action to defend edcuation. But in order to get results we need to unite around a strategy that can win.

In this meeting, we will discuss social movements that have won and debate the lessons they hold for our campaign to defend education.

With voices from:
- The movement that defeated the CPE in France after it had been voted through parliament
- The campaign against the poll tax that brought down Margaret Thatcher
- UK Uncut - The 2010 Sussex University Strike - The Tunisian revolution - The Education unions balloting for strike action


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