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Oxfam clothes swap - Dalston Shop

February 10, 2011 18:00

Tagged as: culture environmentalism

Dalston Oxfam Shop, Hackney, 514-518 Kingsland Road, E8 4AR
Nearest station Dalston Kingsland Overground

Places: dalston dalston_kingsland hackney

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Come one, come all, and celebrate Valentines Day in style at the Oxfam clothes swap! Exchange, restyle and rediscover our never-worns, has-beens, and much-loveds, and feel the love this Valentines Day. Bring an outfit, a choice piece or two, and the story behind it to swap and walk away with a gift from a stranger and a whole new look.

Valentines Day is a great chance to show your love not just to those close to us but also people all over the world, so we'll be joined by Hackney's MP Meg Hillier as we explore how you can love your global neighbour and take action to change the world. After the Mexico Climate talks, a global fund to help the world's poorest was agreed- but what happens next? As well as recycling and upcycling clothes, we'll show you new ways to reuse, restyle and reach out to make Valentines Day a global day of love. Join us for some crafty solutions and a chance to make your own valentines cards so you can transform your wardrobe, and your world!

To get the most stylish magic, it's best to bring 3 or 4 really nice things to swap- things you want to pass on to someone else for good times! You can drop things off for the swap between 6.15 and 7.15, followed by the opportunity to peruse and try on things before the actual swap. You can take the same number of items you brought, and anything left is donated to the Oxfam Dalston shop to find a loving home and fund a good cause.


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Email Contact email: mframpton@oxfam.org.uk