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Talking About Collectives...

February 06, 2011 12:45

Published by group: GroupACBC
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Part of the Really FreeSchool in 5 Bloomsbury Square WC1A 2LX.

Access seems difficult, there are steps at the front, there are stairs inside, toilets are in the basement and the place is generally pretty busy!

Places: bloomsburry


A Collective for Better Collectives (ACBC) does what it says on the tin (or wants to). We're interested in peoples' experiences working, living or being in collectives, and we want to open spaces where groups of us can share our learning as a kind of mutual aid.

Our events aim to create a forum for listening without judgement to each other's experiences, to share stories of what has or hasn't worked well in our collectives and why.

Our Website: http://acbc.noflag.org.uk

To subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't done it yet, you can go there:

////Talking about Collective event, sunday 6th Feb 12.45pm to 5pm///


Different topics of discussion happening at the same time in different corners of the same room. Everyone is invited to move freely from one discussion to the other

- Reading group on conflict resolution (reading material here)
- Experiences of implementation of safer spaces policies
- Participation and inclusiveness
- How and why things go well in collectives?

Reading material will be available shortly, check this space!

WORKSHOPS: 3-4.15pm
- Walking discussion: let's try and have a meeting/discussion while having a walk in the local park :) We will discuss the roles that we usually find ourselves taking in our collectives, with or without wanting to take them!
- Collective support group: come and share your collective experiences, what's going well and less well, support and give advice to each other to try and deal with issues in our collectives.
- Voice Workshop: the effect that voices have on us is something that each of us experiences everyday but very rarely think about. when we are working together in collective situations the voice can be imperative to how we relate to one another, consciously and unconsciously. in this workshop we will explore some of the effects that voices have on our capacities and desires to listen and to respond, to become more aware of the sonic qualities of our speech as much as the content.

And hopefully some breaks, teas, biscuits and nice times!

When - Sunday 6th Feb 12.45 to 5pm. start at 1pm
Where - 5 Bloomsbury Square WC1A 2LX
Email us - acbc[at]riseup.net for updates



Link_go ACBC website

Link_go Really FreeSchool

Email Contact email: acbc@riseup.net