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Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA)

October 31, 2012 12:00

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Midday-Midnight - but times for specific slots also vary!! Free entry.

Venue location tbc : 07092 805720 & 07092 846566

Open-access art event in an autonomous space

Weds: opening night
Thurs: cinema
Friday: cabaret & spoken word
Sat: live bands & kids-space
Workshops & debates each weekday 7pm-9pm

Exhibition and refreshments throughout

We are accepting all submissions for these areas. Printed and virtual flyer with full programme soon - please spread the word via your own networks!




Despite a new law being passed by the current government which criminalises squatting residential property there is still room for the dormant, derelict and neglected commercial property in the UK to be put into creative use. Temporary Autonomous Art events began in 2001 to do exactly that; taking an approach which had been largely used to stage free parties and applying it to open up temporary art spaces to the public. The binding factor for all TAA events has been the open-access policy towards all work in the event – the boundaries between artists, curator or spectator being removed.


The format for TAA hasn’t changed much over the years – it simply doesn’t need to; all major artforms and platforms are catered for. Each evening hosts a different artistic focus whilst the gallery runs throughout,and literally takes over the whole building. All artists, performers, musicians, speakers and general helpers are welcome and encouraged to actively take part. The final flyer with a basic programme of events will be produced by the end of September, so we need your info before then for possible inclusion. An extensive programme will feature on the website and be given out at the event.

Due to the temporal nature of the venue used we cannot wholly predict when artists and helpers will have access to prepare the space.



To get involved please e-mail: info@randomartists.org 

For more info and documentation of past events: 

http://www.randomartists.org / http://www.taaexhibitions.org