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Free Pussy Riot

April 23, 2012 18:00

Tagged as: gender music repression social_struggles solidarity

Embassy Of The Russian Federation

13 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QX London

Places: central london

Pussy Riot

Speaking from behind the bars, Miss Tolokonnikova, said she had no regrets about the punk prayer and thanked supporters for sending her food parcels. She asked the judge to release her on bail so that she could seek treatment for migraines and care for her four-year-old daughter, Gera. The request was refused on grounds that she might flee.

Join the Free Pussy Riot Fundraiser the day before our protest:

Dissatisified with a culture of masculine hysteria
An uncontrolled autocracy devours our brains
The Orthodox religion is a hardened penis
Coercing its patients to accept conformity
Soon the regime will censor our dreams
The time has come for the battle to explode

PUSSY RIOT speak: "we realized that this country needs a militant, punk-feminist, street band that will rip through Moscow's streets and squares, mobilize public energy against the evil crooks of the Putinist junta and enrich the Russian cultural and political opposition with themes that are important to us: gender and LGBT rights, problems of masculine conformity, absence of a daring political message on the musical and art scenes, and the domination of males in all areas of public discourse."

Now two of their members are in prison, awaiting a trial for 'hooliganism' on April 24th.

Pull on your neon balaclava, pick up an electric guitar, get yourself down to the RUSSIAN EMBASSY to protest with these women. Meet at 6pm. Pussy Riot at 6.30pm.
On the evening before their trial we will make sure that PUTIN knows women around the world are watching him. In solidarity with PUSSY RIOT.

HOW TO MAKE A BALACLAVA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p97YEvRMEA



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