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UK Uncut: Vodafone and Topshop

December 17, 2011 13:00

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Be inside Topshop Oxford Circus, near the tills at the back of the ground floor, BEFORE 1PM. Look inconspicuous.

Places: oxford street

The results are in! Although Vodafone won the poll, it was a close-run thing - so we're gonna pay both Topshop and Vodafone a visit, starting with a Freeze-In in the huge Topshop on Oxford Circus!

Be inside Topshop Oxford Circus, near the tills at the back of the ground floor, BEFORE 1PM. Look inconspicuous.

At 1pm, the 'mic check' wil begin. If you don't know what a 'mic check' is, see this video. The text for the 'mic check' will be available here by Friday morning. Bring a copy and feel free to be the one that kicks us off at 1pm/continue the speech if the person that is leading it gets distracted.

When the 'mic check' starts, FREEZE wherever you are. The only thing that can warm you up is the touch of a security guard - that's your cue to 'melt' and go as floppy as you can!

After some time, we'll gather outside the front of the store, where you'll be provided with an exclusive UK Uncut-branded Santa costume! We'll then head off as a Santa Bloc with our Santa Samba Band for more fun at Vodafone.

See you on Oxford Street! MIC CHECK!


Brrrr. It’s getting cold out there, isn’t it? Fortunately, a lot of us are able to return home at night to a warm house. Due to the coalition’s cuts, many others aren’t so lucky.

Thanks to a combination of savage welfare cuts, reductions in the winter fuel allowance and outrageous profiteering from the big energy companies gone unchecked by the government, one county estimates its seasonal death rate could jump at least 20% as temperatures plummet [1]. Elderly and vulnerable people will suffer worst as we all struggle with the cost of heating our homes.

The government try to tell us they have no alternative to letting people freeze. It's a lie. Just one alternative the government's cuts is to stop tax dodging by corporations and rich individuals, estimated to cost the state at least £25bn each year [2].

Because companies like Vodafone and rich individuals like Sir Philip Green don't want to pay their tax, people are going cold this Christmas. Vodafone's £8bn tax dodge, signed off by HMRC chief Dave Hartnett, could pay for all of the proposed cuts in the coming year - instead they've dished out a £6bn dividend to shareholders.

On December 17th, as part of UK Uncut's Christmas Special [3], join us for a special 'flash Freeze-In' in a Vodafone or Topshop in central London.

Invite all your friends and family, especially those who will be feeling the cold this winter. Keep an eye on this page for confirmation of the time and place.

Stop tax dodging, warm our homes. See you on the high streets.

UK Uncut action page at http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/actions/772

[1] http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9403783.100_000_Sussex_homes_in_fuel_poverty/
[2] http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/about/cuts
[3] http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/blog/christmas-special