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DSEi 2011 - Life Neutral Solutions


You’ve heard of the importance of being carbon neutral? Well, being Life Neutral is the same - but with people. For every* life lost as a result of the use of products from our member organisations, we make sure that a new life flourishes.

Join today and your next child could be a Life Neutral™ child. Read more...

Ken Clarke's house targeted in squatting protest


Today Ken Clarkes home was targeted by squatters in protest against government plans to criminalise squatting. Squatters and supporters of squatting from across London stood on the porch of Clarkes terraced house unfurling a banner which read "housing is a human right" and served a mock six month eviction notice on him. From there the group went on to target other locations related to the pro…

Banner Drop at DSEI: The Worlds Largest Arms Fair


Activists hung a 12 metre 'Destroy DSEi' banner on the site of the ExCel Centre at dawn this morning. ExCel opens its doors to the controversial Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair on September 13th. A wave of protest actions are planned for the first day of the fair.

Activists dropped the banner from two cranes opposite the ExCel Centre in Newham,where the arms fai…

dale farm solidarity march - report and pics


on saturday 10th sept people arrived from all round the country to support locals and travellers in a solidarity march from wickford station to a rally at dale farm in crays hill, essex.

read report and see pics | videos 1 | 2 | 3

Kayaks attempt to stop warship getting to DSEI


Today, warships en route to the world's largest arms fair were disrupted by protesters angry at a trade that inflicts untold misery and death across the planet. Protesters manoeuvred kayaks in front of the ships to prevent them gaining access to Royal Victoria Dock. At a time of austerity and government cuts, East London will be hosting Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi) from 13th …

EDL in london - pics and report from yesterday


despite theresa may's ban on marches, more than a thousand edl supporters arrived in london yesterday for a 'static' demo and many of them were marched to it and marched away from it by a major police operation. meanwhile similar numbers of anti-fascist protestors held a rally and kept a vigil to ensure edl were kept away from asian communities in tower hamlets. read report and pics ...

Dale Farm under Siege


Notices have gone up along Oak Road, adjacent to Dale Farm, saying that the road will be closed to all but residents from Friday, Sept. 2nd. Both ends of Oak Road will be blocked (blocking access via both Hardings Elm Road and Gardiners Lane North). Additionally, the lay by on the southern end of Oak Lane (leading on to the A127; by the white ‘Basildon onion’ water tower) will be blocked.

Major Gains for cleaners at HeronTower IWW Dispute


Following negotiations with the cleaning contractor LCC, who covers contracts at the prestigious Heron Tower near Liverpool Street - the IWW Cleaners and Allied Grades Branch has secured significant gains to the benefit of our low-paid. The IWW had launched a campaign to secure full payment of the living wage £8.30 per-hour for, a resolution of staff shortages, issues of unfair dismissal and ant…

Solidarity with Fortnum 145 court appearances


A group of around 15 protesters met outside Westminster magistrate court today to show solidarity with the remaining half of the original 'Fortnum and Masions 145' arrested during the anti cuts protests in London on 26th March. They appeared in court to enter their pleas and have their court dates set. See Flicker pictures and a short Youtube video. Initial reports are that so far 115 of the 145 …

Demo outside of Wandsworth council leaders house


Only one week after the riots, the media and politicians have been trying to out do each other on how draconian they can be to placate the 'hatemail' readers of midlle England. Wandsworth council have served a single-parent family with an eviction notice after the tenant's son was charged in court over disturbances during the recent troubles, its aim is not justice but revenge. Housing Solidarity …

Construction Workers hold 'fight back' meeting


Over 400 construction workers met at Conway Hall last Saturday to hold a mass assembly to decide how to fight back against the 8 major construction companies who are tearing up the national agreement for electrical construction workers. They propose to slash rates, de-skill the industry and pave the way to smash the organised workforce. The rest of the national and smaller regional employers are s…

2000 joined unity march "give our kids a future"


around 2000 people joined an assembly in dalston this afternoon, before marching north to tottenham for a rally outside the town hall. the event was called by the 'north london unity assembly' which brought together more than 70 local community leaders and groups under the banner "give our kids a future". Read report and pics 1 and 2.

at the same time around 30 people assembled at the lewisham cl…

Round up of articles and analysis on the Riot


After the most severe rioting seen in England since 1981 [see: Like a Summer with a Thousand Julys ] the activist community is debating the riots and their likely consequences on protest, as an out of touch government lashes out with new laws and draconian measures to show they are in some sort of control. As the comunities organise against the backlash like this North London Unity demontration to…

Welcome to the Big Society


We have seen an incredible spread of what some have been calling "rioting", "looting", "mindless thuggery", or simply "anarchy in the UK." What is certain is no-one quite knows what it actually is or means. Even experienced political activists are not quite sure how to respond, but as more and more analysis begins to filter through the non-stop social and hysterical corporate media, where now for …

Unrest Spreading to Hackney, Lewisham, Croydon...


On the third day of the unrest in London people started to report clashes with the police in Hackney and Lewisham, around 6pm clashes with police were reported from Peckham Rye area. In Hackney people started to smash windows along Mare Street. There have also been running skirmishes and large fires reported in Croydon this evening. At 9pm there are also reports from, Catford, Ilford, and Clapham…

London's Burning!


Reports started to come in around 7pm about trouble in Enfield, North London, continuing on from last nights disturbances in Tottenham. A police car and shop windows have been smashed up, and several shops ( Tesco, a chemist and a jewellery shop) being looted. Police in riot gear are in the area and talk of a large crowd hanging around.

Around midnight, after the end of Bixton Splash, clashes wit…

Tottenham riots after protest against police


Tottenham broke out in riots last night (6 August) after a protest of 150 people outside the police station against the police shooting of local taxi driver Mark Duggan last Thursday night near the Broadwater Farm estate. The riots went on for some hours and then moved off the main road into the side streets as locals gathered to watch and join in the trouble. Some reports say that the riot kicked…

a happy bassy dissident birthday - D*I turns 4!


Tonight your local DIY radio crew Dissident Island are set to broadcast their 87th episode - coming to you live and direct from 9pm onwards, the show will feature lots of audio surprises and a farewell set from Dissident Island DJ Deadly Buzz. This episode also marks four years of live, twice monthly, Friday night broadcasts from Dissident Island...celebrate! [click to read more] [show info]

An Open Letter To City of Westminster Police


Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing in response to recent communication from your 'counter-terrorism desk', which asked people to share information about anarchists. According to your info - which I note you cut and pasted from the first line of the 'Anarchism' Wikipedia entry - "Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a s…

Demo against new migrant prison in Sussex


On Saturday 30th July activists from Croydon, Brighton, London and elsewhere followed a call from Croydon NoBorders and gathered in Hayward Heath, Sussex, to protest against the opening of a new detention centre for migrants in nearby Pease Pottage.

Walking through the town, distributing leaflets the protesters drew people's attention to the direct impact of European immigration policy on families…

parliament banner - SOCPA section 128 convictions


last thursday, two people were found guilty at westminster magistrates court under section 128 of the serious organised crime and police act (socpa), which creates a criminal offence of trespass on certain 'designated' sites. the convictions were related to a banner drop from scaffolding at the front of parliament during the only debate there has ever been about the war in afghanistan. read rikki'…

Dale Farm Solidarity Bulletin 27th July


The date for eviction looms heavy. Dale Farm family homes are liable to bulldozing from midnight on 31st August. Dale Farm residents are devastated. Meantime, Saturday activity days at Dale Farm are growing in strength each week. Supporters from across the UK are visiting Dale Farm each Saturday, spending time with residents, taking part in legal observer training sessions, helping with practical …

Report on HAG Library InfoNight


Hackney libraries are an essential community resource which are under threat from cuts in public services. Staff face redundancies and down-grading and the many services which libraries provide, like community events are threatened. Hackney Anarchist Group held a Libraries InfoNight at Well Furnished on July 21st to draw attention to the role of libraries in social cohesion and education to hear f…

Squatting and the Wider Political Rumblings


The Tory government is currently pushing a process of 'consultation' through Parliament that aims to delegitimize and ultimately criminalize squatting in the UK, whilst most corporate media plays the same tune. If successful the creation of new legislation against squatting would do away with a right that is centuries old.

The recent evictions of the OffMarket occupied social centre in Hackney and …

CPS Drop 109 Fortnum & Mason protest cases


Today the CPS have announced that they will be dropping 109 cases of the 145 arrested at Fortnum & Masons during anti-cuts demonstrations on March 26th. There remains 30 people who the CPS still plan on prosecuting, 13 of which have a trial set for November. But questions remain as to why the decision was taken to arrest 145 people staging a sit-down protest against tax dodgers and why they contin…

Disarm DSEi Day of Action: September


This September, the world’s biggest arms fair - DSEi - will be back in London. Disarm DSEi is calling a Day of Action against the arms fair, and has produced resources including a pamphlet and colour poster. At this year's DSEi over 1200 arms companies will be hawking their deadly wares to 25000 buyers from around the world, including military delegations from repressive, human-rights abusin…

Furnishing All Your Community Needs


An update from Hackney's most highly furnished social centre - WELL FURNISHED! With OffMarket evicted last week, the crew at WellFurnished are stepping up to offer their space out to the community at large and all those involved with OffMarket before.

Read more ...

‘Guerilla Ballet’ disrupts BP-sponsored Opera


Three ballet dancers interrupted BP’s third and final Summer Screen in Trafalgar Square [1], 30 minutes before the scheduled broadcast of Cinderella began. The disturbance took the form of a short piece of dance based on Swan Lake, with the classic tale used as analogy for BP's controversial investment in the Canadian tar sands [2][3].

Clifton Mansions, homes turned into assets


Tuesday's morning eviction of Clifton Mansions, a block of flats in Brixton's Coldharbour Lane, signaled the end to one of the longest lasting community of squatters in the neighbourhood. The residents in the 22 flats that had been occupied since the early 1990's were made homeless in the latest operation of further gentrification of central Brixton that involved police in riot gear, a police heli…

'Just Do It' - Review


Review of the film 'just do it', which will be coming to cinemas next week. The film documents the environmental protest movement over the last three years. Its revealing and exciting, with lots of live footage of direct action and action planning not available in any mainstream media. It does, however, focus more on actions than the politics and organisation behind these actions, which are i…

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