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Tomlinson Family on Harwood 'not guilty' verdict


In April 2009, along with everyone else, we saw the shocking video of Ian being violently assaulted by PC Harwood just minutes before he died. After the unlawful killing verdict at the inquest last year - we expected to hear a guilty verdict today. The NOT guilty verdict really hurts. But this is not the end, - we are not giving up on justice for Ian. There has to be one formal and final answer to…

Private tenants protest letting agent


Private tenants protested outside Drivers & Norris (D & N) letting agents in Islington's Holloway Road yesterday (Saturday 14 July). The action was in support of two prospective tenants who paid a total of £300 in fees for reference checks which has not been refunded, despite no services being delivered to them by D & N, and no tenancy agreement having been signed.

Solidarity with Olympic Dam uranium mine protests


On Friday, Kick Nuclear and London Mining Network took part in two demonstrations in central London - at the Australian High Commission and at the UK headquarters of mining giant BHP Billiton - to show solidarity with The Lizard's Revenge protest festival taking place this weekend in the South Australian desert. The protests, in solidarity with local aboriginal communities, are in opposition to BH…

Genoa G8 2001 Diaz Raid - Cassazione verdict


This is a personal account by the defendant of an 11 year fight for justice against the Italian police. Every once in a while a legal case comes along in Italy which will shape the future path of a country concerning the standard of its human rights and its legal system. The raid on the Diaz school during the G8 meeting in Genoa in 2001 is such a case. 

'liberate tate' donation to BP-sponsored tate


more than a hundred people took part in a beautifully co-ordinated action today, to deliver a 'gift to the nation' to tate modern gallery. the giant wind turbine blade was delivered in three parts and lovingly assembled in front of security and the public in the heart of the famous tate modern turbine hall. BP, the controversial sponsor of the museum, has recently announced the closure of its wind…

BP F***ing the Future subverts


With the Olympics now only three weeks away, protests against Olympic sponsor BP are escalating. Today dozens of BP logos across London were sabotaged, including the UK’s most prestigious billboard site at Cromwell Road. Around the capital, protesters hit petrol stations, BP-sponsored cultural institutions and advertising hoardings, protesting against one of the world’s most environmentally dest…

Protest against Land-Grab Investors Summit


On Tuesday 26th June, a group of people from environmental, development and farming groups joined together to denounce land grabs outside an international agricultural investors conference in London. Organisers of the £3,660-a-head conference call farmland “one of the greatest investments in the world” and bill the summit as an opportunity to “overcome the perceived obstacles to investment” with t…

Defend Our Right to Protest - Public meeting


A reportback from the public meeting 'Defend our Right to Protest: The Olympics and Beyond' that was held Tuesday 26th June, Harmony Hall, Walthamstow, about 85 people attended. The introduction by the chair was a brief history of the Save Leyton Marsh campaign and the legal and police repression experienced, as well as the repression suffered by students, trade unionists, activists and black and …

"No to Torture" Rally, London, 26 June


Always one step ahead, weeks before the Olympic Games kick off, the London Guantánamo Campaign (LGC) brought a display of international spirit to the heart of the capital with a multilingual "No to Torture" vigil in Trafalgar Square to mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and the twenty fifth anniversary of the United Nations Convention Against Torture becoming law on 26 Ju…

Anish Kapoor's house liberated for the weekend


"We face a hostile corporate assault on public spaces, art and communities. A large space in central London has been liberated for a one-day event: talks, debates, art, screenings, music and celebration." So said activists; Bread and Circuses, as they temporarily squatted A five storey house belonging to Anish Kapoor at Lincoln's Inn Field, that he bought in 2009 and left empty. It was brought to …

IWW Cleaners' demo at John Lewis's


On Saturday 23 June over a hundred people attended a demonstration organised by the IWW Cleaners' Branch in front of the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street. John Lewis prides themselves in caring for the well-being of their employees and sharing the profits of the company with them. Unfortunately, through outsourcing the company frees itself from this commitment with its cleaning staff.

carnival of dirt - day of action


at st paul's this morning there were around 200 activists from more than 30 international activist groups. led by a new orleans funeral jazz band, they began by laying coffins at the gates to paternoster square where the london stock exchange deals in the profits and pension funds of major corporations responsible for worldwide misery. the ceremony was meant to celebrate the people who have tried …

Occupied Finsbury Square Eviction


At 1am this morning, 14th June 2012, over a dozen police vans raced down City Road towards Finsbury Squ. Accompanied by two or three coaches of bailiffs in orange jackets. They quickly formed a line round the site and dragged those asleep out of their tents. Some being aware of the police coming climbed into the barricade built over three of the wooden pallet houses, with one masked protester…

UKUncut secure challenge of Goldman Sachs tax deal


A High Court judge has declared that the anti-cuts campaign group UK Uncut Legal Action should be allowed to take forward their case against HMRC over its decision to let banking giant Goldman Sachs off of up to £20 million in tax- owed since December 2010. This blow to HMRC comes ahead of tomorrow’s report from the National Audit Office who have been investigating five similar tax deals with …

Successful Demonstration at the Israeli Embassy


Tonight activists from a variety of groups, including people involved in the Palestine Place project at 24 Grays Inn Road (a social centre set up in solidarity with the Palestian people) held a successful demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in support of Palestian hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak, who has been on hunger strike for 85 days now in response to his "administrative detention" which …

windsor eco-occupation (regularly updated)


a group calling themselves 'diggers2012' and loosely affiliated with the occupy movement, are attempting to set up an eco-village on a piece of disused land on the windsor great park estate.

this article is getting regular updates (including an arrest and court hearing) so keep checking back

Tamils protest the visit of Sri Lanka's President


Thousands of Tamil protestors marched yesterday against the visit of the the President of Sri Lanka, visible to the Queen  before lunching with the genocidal Mahinda Rajapaksa along with other heads of commonwealth states at Marlborough House in Central London. The spontaneous protestors later gathered in front of Park Lane Hilton Hotel where Rajapaksa was staying. The Queen passed human rights …

Finsbury Square have to June 15th to appeal


*** Update 7 June: The Finsbury Square occupation has been granted a stay of execution until Friday 15 June to lodge an appeal. ***

The potential forceful eviction of the Occupy London Finsbury Square camp is expected to happen in the early hours in the next few days, with residents choosing to mark the eviction with peaceful resistance. The potential eviction follows Justice Hickinbottom rul…

Palestine Place & Anti G4S Demo



Activists from Palestine Place today joined a coalition of Protesters from over 20 different organisations (including No Borders, War on Want, Women of Colour united, The National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigners, and others) to form a visual and physical protest presence outside the G4S AGM which was held in Paternoster Square.

News from Palestine Place


Palestine Place is now up and running in our Grays Inn home and has hosted a wide range of events, seeing in excess of 150 people over the weekend. A succesful footbal action through the streets of London in support of Hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak happened yesterday (Report) and our event tonight on International law and Palestine, with free Palestinian food on offer for all visitors was attended…

Marie Vesco - 4th anniversary


For the fourth year after the death of Marie Vesco, her family and friends visited the site on the A23 where she was killed, to put flowers and a picture of her at the site, and to remember her.

Save Lambeth Women's Project


Lambeth Women's Project is an umbrella organisation that provides space and other resources to a variety of other women's groups. We currently house 11 groups that will be affected by a looming eviction. LWP had sole use of the building at 166a Stockwell Road from 1979- 2010. When Stockwell Primary School were made managers of the building a 5 year lease was given to LWP in order for the two organ…

'payup' protest at holborn sainsbury's store today


sainsbury's is one of the worst supermaket chains for low pay. it actually pays its poorest staff 75p less than tesco according to 'pay up' activists. so this afternoon, the second of a series of noise protests briefly closed down the store at holborn (near their head office). unidentified security guards assaulted protestors and smashed their loud hailer.

Some sanity on day of parasite worship


With 350 people gathered by 12 O'clock swelling later in the day to 1000, a good sized contingent held an anti-monarchy protest near City Hall today. Private security were reported stopping protesters from accessing the #jubileeprotest site and the organisers suggested people assemble on Tooley St, opposite the Shipwrights Arms. While some were stopped getting their banners out, others debated wit…

Palestine Place resists Eviction & Opens to public


Despite attempts by London’s security forces to illegally evict Palestine Place from 24 Grays Inn Road, a large turnout by local activists and the strength of occupiers within Palestine Place has resulted in the resistance of our first eviction attempt and a strong resolve to remain. The space will be used to raise the profile with workshops, discussion, and action from a variety of gro…

Supreme Court Ruling on Assange Extradition


Yesterday, 30 May, the Supreme Court handed down its 5-2 majority verdict finding against Julian Assange in his appeal against extradition to Sweden. However, the verdict was far from straightforward and an unprecedented re-opening of the appeal now looks possible. The solidarity vigil at the court was organised by Veterans for Peace UK, London Catholic Worker and other supporters.

Globe Protestor: "Why is Israel the Exception?"


Habima Israel's National Theatre is performing in London at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (SGT). Habima regularly performs in illegal Israeli settlements & is funded by the State of Israel. SGT refused Global calls to Boycott Habima. On Habima's opening night yesterday a Protestor from Denmark was thrown out by the Globe for displaying a banner against Israel's Apartheid. He later said, "I …

uk uncut great british street party at clegg's


yesterday's ukuncut street party outside nick clegg's house was part of a nationwide action with parties taking place in half a dozen cities around the uk. the london party was a change in tactic, targetting a politician rather than tax avoiders or workfare exploiters. proving the old adage that you can't please all the people all of the time, the action has been condemned by some as crossing a li…

Street Party outside Nick Clegg's house in Putney


The blocs each set off from their meeting locations in central London and found themselves on a magical mystery tour  train bound for Richmond. Two blocs alighted at Putney and wandering some back streets and snickets, they finally arrived at Nick Clegg's street SW London, bringing the mesage home and forcing the government to listen to the anti-austerity message. Around 400 people now arrived aro…

Street Party - the future’s not what it used to be


Latest: All the blocs have converged to hold a Street Party at Nick Cleggs house in Putney. UK Uncut Press release

A supporter describing why they had come out today to protest says “These cruel cuts are designed to destroy our public services, the NHS, the Welfare state and our future. The cuts are getting personal and so are our protests.”

Earlier today preparations were underway across the …

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