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Solidarity Demonstration for the 'Thessaloniki 4'


A group of around 30 people demonstrated today at the Greek Embassy in London following a call by the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group. This demonstration coincided with the start of the second trial in Greece of the four remaining defendants that face sentences raging from 4 to more than 8 years after they were arrested, beaten up and fitted up during the anti-EU Summit demonstrations that to…

#Netrootsuk : Digital differences or common cause?


Held: Saturday 8th January, TUC Congress House, London. Around 550 attending.

"The idea behind the original Netroots Nation, and behind Netroots UK is to leverage social media and other tools for political action" - NetrootsUK website

For a large number of people at the event this obviously meant to leverage social media to put the Labour Party back in power. First we fight the cuts, then we br…

Critical Mass report plus some useful advice


Cyclists present in last year's new year's eve Critical Mass think that what happened to one of the massers in the early hours of the 1st of January would count as attempted murder, with repeated attempts to ram him and then run him over, according to Critical Mass mailing list contributions.

As he was heading home on his own, he was chased by a car with one of its doors opened. The open car…

Vigil marks 9 years of injustice at Guantánamo Bay


Tuesday 11th January, 2011 - A silent lunchtime vigil organised by the London Guantánamo Campaign was held outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to mark the 9th anniversary of the opening of the US military torture camp at Guantánamo Bay. At least 50 people took part in the hour-long vigil. There was a strong media presence, with a lot of photographers and videographers, and some report…

Special New Year Messages


Here find assembled one very special collection of New Year Messages, from the ready, the wise and the very very awesome (just like you 8). After the year 2010 ended with a bang, or more than one (e.g. when the doors to the treasury burst open), we hope the monumentum will carry on into 2011 and beyond. So we wish to travel into 2011 with an excited sense of urgency that will grow and grow with th…

Catholic Worker Anti-War Resistance at Northwood


Catholic Workers from St Francis House/ Oxford, Farmhouse/ Rickmansworth and Giuseppe Conlon House, London communities, were joined by 20 anti-war activists, in solidarity with the imprisoned Pfc Bradley Manning, and in resistance to the continued war on Afghanistan, at the gates of Northwood HQ/ London on Wednesday morning Dec 29th.

Report and pics

A merry final show for 2010 from Dissident Island


It's that special time of year...when wage-slavery gives way - ideally - to time off, trips home, vegging on the couch, overeating and celebrations with family and friends...and Dissident Island Radio's got something to fill any moments of holiday boredom: our latest show! Featuring Michael Albert on Parecon, GBC Legal, news on the Ratcliffe trial, a discussion on benefit cuts, Wikileaks, 'citizen…

Catholic Workers "close" Dalston "Arcade of Death"


Thursday 23 December 2010 - Pre-Christmas peace vigil in front of Dalston army showroom in east London by London Catholic Workers and friends, in opposition to the war in Afghanistan and the perceived cynical establishment of a military recruitment centre within this impoverished community during a time of economic hardship. Report and pics ...

Music video, including footage of the action:  http…

UkUncut: Mass Direct Action Against Cuts


Saturday 18th December saw around 55 decentralised UkUncut actions taking place across the country, with seven in London.

Vodafone, BHS, TopShop [twitvid] [video], HSBC and M&S were shut down in Oxford Street, with protests in other stores like Boots and more shops closed in advance of the demonstrations. Earlier spectacular actions in the snow took place in Brixton [utube video] and Hackney, whi…

Brixton 'Kettled Generation' Protest


Council leaders reacted hysterically to the protest outside Brixton Police station on Tuesday 14th Dec. Management emailed all council staff to warn of the protest and potential riots that could result. They even included a request that people leave work early to avoid the area. Nothing can better illustrate the council’s disconnection and fear of the local community.

The meeting and p…

Assange out on bail, Anonymous out in support


Assange was granted bail earlier today, after appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. Over 100 people turned out in support and lined the sidewalk opposite the court, many wearing masks. The event was turned into an impromptu speakers corner by several people addressing various issues around the charges, the leaks as well as wider issues of freedom of speech and information and social justice.…

The full force of the law


Last Thursday we saw another round of breach the human rights with open air detainment, crushing of protesters, furious baton charges and last but not least horse charges into tightly packed crowds. Sound familiar? Remember the G20 last year? While Cameron is announcing to bring down "the full force of the law" on protesters in this so called democracy, and there is public debate whether water can…

Press Conference for Alfie Meadows


On Saturday 11th December a press conference was held at University London Union (ULU) for Alfie Meadows the 20 year old student protestor who was so badly beaten by police on the DayX3 demonstration at Parliament Square that he needed emergency brain surgery.

Video parts: 1 | 2 | 3

Related reports:
hospital refusing to treat protestors? | Vigil for Alfie Meadows DayX3 Injured Near Fatal

DayX3: Betrayal and Anger


DayX3 ShutDownLondon: On the day that Parliament voted (narrowly) in favour of raising tuition fees, tens of thousands took to the streets in a display of anger. After gathering at 12 noon outside ULU in Malet Street [Video]. After a loud and powerful march police tried to stop the demo at Parliment Square, but protestors managed to break the police lines and occupied the square [Video] tearing do…

DayX3: Which Side Are You On?


9th Dec: On the day Parliament will vote on Tuition Fees tens of thousands of students, higher education staff and supporters are due to demonstrate in London and Edinburgh in the latest of a month long series of protests [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] actions and over 30 occupations [1,2,3] including schools in london. With the student protests coinciding with the growth  of a wider anti-austerity cuts moveme…

UAL: Camberwell College of Arts Occupied


University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Art is now OCCUPIED!We now have an Amazing space at Wilson Road (SE5 8LU) which is occupied…!! The Lecture Theatre will become a space for students to plan action, make work and perform. It will act as a student union and catalyst to create ideas for action and organisation. We call for more support and involvement! The space is open and ev…

Wood Green Tax Dodgers - Topman & Boots targeted


An angry crowd of Haringey residents marched on Wood Green Topman and Boots shops this morning (Sat 4th Dec) in protest against the corporations' tax-dodging activities and against the government's cuts. Protesters gathered outside Boots with placards, leaflets and a banner reading "Make corporations not people pay". Read  more ...


London Oxford St Topshop Shut in Ukuncut Action


11.20am. As part of around 23 decentralised actions across the country London's Oxford Street Top Shop has been shut down by over one hundred UKuncut protestors.

People gathered inside the store shortly before 11am. Security began physically throwing out press or anyone with 'big lenses' whilst a sit down was held, stickers saying "this item is free"  were plastered about, and chants rang out


Brunel students protest at Vince Cable's Surgery


On Friday evening around 20 students from Brunel University visited Vince Cable's surgery in Twickenham to protest against his proposal to increase tuition fees.

Students set up camp outside the Business Secretary's surgery in sub-zero temperatures demanding answers for his decision to vote in favour of increasing fees. The group was joined by students from a local school, and support was offe…

parliament square permanent demos legislation


there have been various promises, and big media stories based on no more than a sentence or two from a dodgy peer - or recent big stories based on a quote by housing minister grant schapps for example, but finally there are some bones on the story that the con-dem government is serious about removing brian haw's 10-year protest from parliament square. have published a proposed "poli…

Students Defy Police to Take Streets


Thousands of students and austerity cuts protestors took to the streets of London on DayX2 in another national day of action [uk reports]. Refusing to be stopped by hundreds of police officers [1,2] they took their protest mobile, marching miles across the capital city chanting slogans, chased by a police force playing catch up [report + pics]. Later having returned to Trafalgar Square clashes saw…

Hide And Seek at student demo: cops keep fit


LIVE TIMELINE (for info on what happened when) and check TUMBLEWIRE too

After the Lewisham Council meeting was disrupted the previous night [video 1, 2; article 1, 2] with mainstream reporting 4 arrests, and Top Shop being blockaded, there was a call for the 2nd day of action, or DayX2, against the cuts today. A Kettle Carnival is announced for noon at Trafalgar Square, as well as a Black Triangl…

Coalition of Resistance conf - report and comment


more than 1300 people came from all over the country to yesterday's COALITION OF RESISTANCE (CoR) conference at the camden centre. it is clear that students have kick-started a game-changing new era in british politics and there is a real sense that the cuts can be defeated and a new order may just be possible. my only reservations are about the inevitable manouevreings of the old left who hope to…

Hard Times - for Police Credibility

Rounding off an extremely bad month (for them), the past 12 hours has been hard on police credibility as they try to address the fallout from the 24 November demos.  First, they denied that a serving officer discharged a BCF halon fire extinguisher point-blank into the faces of young demonstrators during the student demonstrations this past Wednesday.  However, with the help of one of our very ow…

No Ifs, No Buts...!


This is not an exhaustive report. There were so many of us and everyone has their story to tell (why don't you tell your story?). So basically, they want to take away the right to education, and we won't let them. It was brilliant seeing all those people turn out, 13, 14 year old school kids amongst them. We started off at ULU. Everyone's really angry. How do those who got an education get to mess…

Student Occupations and Protests across London


See the Timeline of Events and the Tumblewire for the reports that came direct from the streets.

There is now a call for a Day of Action next Tuesday 30th November to keep up the pressure.

The occupations which began on Monday at SOAS and other Universities in Bristol, Manchester have now been joined by 15 other UK colleges [blogs list] In London a sit-in started yesterday at Royal Hollowa…

Dissident Island's 70th episode ready to download


The latest Dissident Island Radio show is ready to download - featuring an interview from activists producing radio during the recent anti-nuclear action in Germany, a bit on the Siege of London and the upcoming exhibit above Freedom Bookshop, the recent Fitwatch blog shut-down, pirate radio legend Tetsuo Kogawa hailing from Japan, Hackney Benefits Collective on upcoming gigs, Bristol's Radio Kebe…

white flag revolution established in whitehall


polls show around 70% of britons want troops out of iraq, but only a few thousand turned up today for the 'stop the war coalition' march and rally in trafalger square. however, as the rally ended, a small band of people walked down whitehall and set up their response to the war pledging to remain outside downing street until the troops come home. now they just need a morsel of support from all tho…

X:talk - Human rights, sex work & trafficking


On Wednesday 17 November 2010 the x:talk project launched it's report entitled 'Human Rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking: A human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking laws in the UK' [PDF] at the Centre for Possible Studies with a panel discussion on anti-trafficking policies.

Read more and listen to the recording of the launch of the x:talk report on Human Rights.

Support the Thessaloniki 4


Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Don't Let Them Get Banged Up: Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece back in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned and held on remand, including UK protester Simon Chapman. The prisoners began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

A massive worldwide solidarity campaign followed in…

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