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We have seen an incredible spread of what some have been calling "rioting", "looting", "mindless thuggery", or simply "anarchy in the UK." What is certain is no-one quite knows what it actually is or means. Even experienced political activists are not quite sure how to respond, but as more and more analysis begins to filter through the non-stop social and hysterical corporate media, where now for UKPLC? Just because rioters do not express overtly political aims does not mean the riots aren't political in origin. How else can disenfranchised, un-politicised youth make their voices  heard by the bourgeois middle and ruling classes?

'Hackney' courtesy Guy Smallman

'Enfield' courtesy Guy Smallman

London: early evening overview

Elsewhere: Birmingham (IMC) :: Bristol

Commentary and advice:

685 people have been arrested, 32 people have been charged and 18 remanded in custody [1]


pictures courtesy of Guy Smallman


[1] - Guardian, uk


brum + bris

That birminghamriots2011 tumblr page has some incorrectly attributed images from london btw.

Birmingham's Militant Consumer Tour:

Brum photos and report: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/birmingham/2011/08/483172.html

Bristol: video of last night riots
article: http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/705414

Symbols of capitalsim

It's ok to attack the symbols of capitalism and steal back the taxes back that were given to the big companys by the state. Or steal back the things that were produced by workers hands and being used by the capitalists to raise their profits by lowering workers income. Take back what they took from you!


Burning houses, where people live is FASCISM! Let's fight people who do that!


re: ^

Riotkid, I sort of agree. But, the burning of homes does not necessitate facism, especially if it wasn't done in an explicitly political fashion. Anger, alienation, and disillusionment are powerful, and acting upon them does not necessarily make you fascist, even if you reckon the actions taken are actions that fascists would also take.