Protests set to continue outside Spanish embassy

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The protest and camp outside London's Spanish embasy that started almost a week ago grew in strenght during the weekend [report] On Friday night around 30 people set up camp, and on Saturday more people joined in to spend the night on the pavement opposite to the embassy. But it was during the day when the protest grew to several hundred, specially on Saturday when around 700 people joined in throughout the afternoon till well into the night. See report and photos from Sunday ...

Latest: Daily protest and popular assemblies to take place from 7 to 9pm. 39 Chesham Pl, London SW1X 8S.

view of the protest Sunday early evening

view of the weekend's camp ...

... and another one.

sunday's plenary assembly ...

... where people expressed their views and aims.

food break ...

... and time to chill out and network.

london's protest main blog

'do not vote for any of them'

no need to translate

'we are people not goods'

so says the bloke on the statue

'DEMO shout because CRACY is deaf'

last assembly before dismantling the camp ... for now!

Several working groups were formed and started to work on different aspects of the protest. These included logistics, communications & media, international, strategy & action and art & culture. The days were mostly spent in working groups meetings and plenary assemblies that discussed issues ranging from logistics and the future of the London protest, to people debating the characteristics and aims of this 'movement' both here in London and in Spain, as well as how it can be expanded beyond Spain. People from Italy and Portugal were present at the Sunday's assembly where they announced that people are starting to discuss plans for similar square occupations in their countries.

There was also time for spontaneous protest as people periodically gathered shouting "they (politicians) don't represent us!" whilst banging pots and pans. The bigger, loudest and more festive protest of the weekend was on Saturday night, with people improvising chants and slogans against politicians, representative democracy, bankers, political parties and demanding a system change.

On Sunday the plenary assembly decided to dismantle the camp until next weekend - starting on Friday 27th - but to continue the protest outside the embassy every day from 7 to 9pm. During the daily protests this week there are plans for working groups meetings, workshops and further mass meetings that will decide on the shape of the protest for next weekend as well as how to continue is 'movement' in London. The camps in Madrid's Puerta del Sol [live webcam] and Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya [live webcam and podcasts (esp & cat)] announced that would continue for at least another week too.

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Acampada Sol will continue at Plaza de la Puerta el Sol

Acampada Sol Madrid
22nd May 2001

This morning the General Assembly of Acampada Sol agreed to continue camping in Plaza de la Puerta del Sol. None of the thousands of people participating disagreed with this idea.

Among the several reasons to continue camping expressed during the Assembly, exporting the working model throughout Madrid´s neighbourhoods was highlighted as of prior importance.

What we are aiming to achieve is that citizens experience a system of direct participation already developed in Sol until now.

This consensus was reached after this Item of the Assembly´s Agenda was approved at 2.00 pm.

This decision will be officially confirmed once the minutes are published on:

Citizens are gaining awareness of their role in society.

It is important to bear in mind that the General Assembly of Sol gathered once the demonstrations of the 15th of May concluded.

Spending the night in Sol in a pacific manner was decided in the first Assembly; then, the first work commission was established and the movement began to spread to other cities. He aim is to claim a new society that gives priority to citizen´s real needs more than the economical or political ones.

To conclude, a deep change in society and its citizen´s awareness is needed.

Since Acampada Sol begun, more and more citizens are collaborating in this community.

According to one of the speakers of Acampada Sol: “More info about the way this working model will be exported to the neighbourhoods of Madrid will be provided during the week.”

Acampada Sol

@acampadasol –