March 26th - All out against the cuts

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Hundreds of thousands are expected to march in the biggest street mobilisation since the anti-war march of 2003. Following several calls for people to do more than simply march from A to B [NetworkX | Rallying Call | UK Ungoverned] there are a range of actions planned including feeder marches, sit downs, UKuncut occupations on Oxford Street, people's assemblies, and yet more occupations of different locations, including Hyde park and Trafalgar Square. It's clear March 26th willl be an important expression of anger, and solidarity, and one which will show that these are issues which are increasingly affecting the majority of us. Read more

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Following months of demonstrations, occupations of town hall's and other buildings, road blockades and widespread campaigning, the national protest against the cuts and for the alternatives is finally taking place on Saturday 26th March at 11am. 

Whilst the TUC has announced "there are no official feeder marches" in an echo of the failure by the NUS to support their own students, rank and file anti-cuts campaigners are preparing several feeder marches: The Education Bloc from ULU, a South London feeder from Kennington park, including a Radical Workers Bloc and a North London Feeder from Camden. Other groups are meeting in advance to march together on the day including a newly announced East London Dissident feeder march.

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I've had word that the TUC march is going to be re-directed by activists within the trade unions. It's not going to go to the TUC leadership/Met 'plan'. London is going to experience a spontaneous tsunami on the 26th.

Everyone has got to come out and do their own thing in their own way: just keeping together in spirit and solidarity is all that counts.

It's all coming together as one struggle. An Egypt moment. Call out everyone:

Anti-war activists (re: Libya etc) are welcome
Roma travellers in London facing eviction are welcome
Environmental activists against nuclear power are welcome

March. Occupy. Collectivise. Party. Down with the regime!