Anti Cuts Carnival, Marches and UKuncut Actions

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Several UKuncut 'Big Society Bail-in' actions against Barclays bank took place today across london. At the same time around 1000 people took part in the Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts [pic | videos 1|2] and around 500 marched in Hackney [pic more]. See Tumblewire updates + Live blog archive

In Brixton around 40 people blockaded the Barclays branch for around an hour and a half whilst handing out leaflets and talking to passers by [See Reports and pics 1,2,3]. The same happened in Wood Green [report | twitpics], around 50 people protested at Tottenham court road and Piccadilly branches as well as Soho [pics], and Natwest in Regents st [pic] was also occupied. Some branches were 'turned into libraries', there were read-ins, speeches and stand up comedy [pics]. In Dalston the angle was the NHS cuts with free blood pressure readings [twitpic] with other protests taking place in Hackney, Lewisham, Camden and more.

Wood Green Barclays(Pic MaeveMckeown

Lewisham Anti cuts March (pic: GoldsmithsUCU

Barclays Piccadilly (pic: WanyonEnron

Upstairs in Barclays (pic WanyonEnron

Hackney Twon Hall (pic: cozzabags

Brixton Barclays (pic: maqui pix)


Hackney anti cuts march pics:

Lewisham march pics:

Wood Green UKuncut pics

Hackney Barclays Bail-In, 19/2/2011 pics


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hackney report

Hackney March(ed) Against the Cuts!
February 21, 2011 — hackneyalliance
Nearly 700 people braved cold drizzle on Feb 19th and joined the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services “Hackney Marchs Against the Cuts”! It was a fantastic turnout and a great march with a great atmosphere with people from all communities of Hackney marching to the sound of a samba band! Banners were there from Homerton Hospital Unison, Hackney Council Unison, Hackney Equity, Hackney Keep Our NHS Public, Day Mer and Gik Der and Anadolu Community Centres, North East London ANti Racist Alliance, Hackney Right To Work, Hackney Stop the War and many others! Speeches were heard, in English and Turkish, from Alex Gordon RMT President and Rob Williams Chair of the National Shop Stewards Network, Brian Gardener Chair Hackney Council Unison, Cllr Ian Rathbone (Leabridge ward) of ‘Their Cuts Not Ours’, Hackney Right to Work, Hackney Stop the War, Hackney Green Party, Youth Fight for Jobs, and many others, campaigners and ordinary Hackney people angry about national and local cuts to our services. And next up; Wednesday March 2nd!

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