DayX3: Betrayal and Anger

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DayX3 ShutDownLondon: On the day that Parliament voted (narrowly) in favour of raising tuition fees, tens of thousands took to the streets in a display of anger. After gathering at 12 noon outside ULU in Malet Street [Video]. After a loud and powerful march police tried to stop the demo at Parliment Square, but protestors managed to break the police lines and occupied the square [Video] tearing down metal fences and using them offensively - others had split off and approached from different directions. A militant frontline confronted police who repeatedly hit back with batons, even beating people on the ground [audioboo]. Meanwhile in other parts of the square people danced, sang, chanted and shouted at the politicians in Parliament. More...

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After attempts to break out of parliament square, police charged with horses into the crowd several times, whilst some of the crowd fought back. Clashes intensified to a level not seen for many years in London - injuries were widespread.

At 6pm parliament voted in favour of the tuition fee raise, sparking more anger amongst the protestors. A large crowd beseiged and attacked the Treasury, smashing windows, breaking down doors and climbing into the building. About 1000 people split off and demonstrated along Oxford Street, whislt Topshop had windows smashed. A convoy of cars containing Prince Charles drove into the demonstration and was attacked. Later the Supreme Court on Parliament Square also had windows smashed.

In the evening, thousands were kettled on Westminster Bridge [ Video ] for over an hour. Reports speak of 6 police and 43 protestors taken to hospital and around 26 arrests.


Good article on demo clashes

Comment: Eyewitness at the Parliament Square demo
Thursday, 09, Dec 2010 11:38
The protestors suffered from a violent moral certainty. The police became robotic and brutal. But this protest should not be condemned. By Ian Dunt -

videos from yesterday

Police charging protesters in Parliament Square:

Protesters fightback with paint bombs

Warm the kettle

If we come prepared to these demos, the Kettle tactic which is designed to break the morale of the demonstrators by cutting access to warmth, toilets, food etc... will become redundant.
We need portable composting toilets, hot food, instruments, warm clothes + blankets. At this point, we can stay put for days meaning that the power shifts from the oppressors to the oppressed. After a certain time, the police officers will be demanding that we leave (not the other way round). At this point, we can peacefully refuse and sit down in strength.
Climate Campers should have the know-how to organise effectively for a kettle and turn it inside out.

Put the kettle on.

London Ambulance Service: 44 taken to hospital

Student protest yesterday
10 December

To be attributed to a London Ambulance Service spokesperson:

"We attended the student protest yesterday (9 December).

"Our staff treated 58 patients, and 44 of them were taken to hospital."


Don't forget they used cs/pepper spray at people too. And dogs.

Reports by Peter Marshall + Mario

On the day the Parliament was voting for a three-fold increase in university tuition fees, students filled the main streets of Whitehall in a noisy and at times indisciplined protest. Police actions stirred up antagonism, and there were a number of charges in which protesters and press suffered minor injuries as riot police used their batons and police horses also made a short charge into the crowd.

Some of the injuries appeared to be caused by 'rogue' officers and several press photographers told me that they had been been very clearly targeted by individuals, with several of my colleagues having their equipment deliberately smashed by police. Fortunately for my safety I had left to photograph the small official rally on the Embankment minutes before the worst violence flared up, although I was threatened by both riot police and mounted officers during the events.

Continues with set of good pics at:


On the day that the student tuition fees increase was being voted on in Parliament, thousands of students came out to show their opposition to the coalition governments plan for higher education. There was a vast police presence in Trafalgar Square and in the vicinity of Parliament as they feared the repeat of previous student demos which start peaceful, but turn riotous after the police use their, “contain and control” tactic, commonly known as “kettling”.

On arriving at Trafalgar Square, the protesters found the police had lined a route which drove the procession towards the Mall then to Horse Guards Road finally funnelling them into Parliament Square. The lawn part of Parliament Square has a metal fence around it which was erected a few months ago to deter the public from access; this barrier stopped the crowd from moving. More and more protesters filled the road around the lawn, finding all ways blocked by armoured police with shield and batons drawn. The crush turned the whole area into a powder keg which exploded.This led to the destruction of the fence allowing people to spill into the lawn area to gain breathing space.

Continues with set of good pics at:

arrests and injuries

met police report 33 arrests, 0 charges, many people released on bail, some are still detained. 43 protesters and 6 policemen were hospitalised,