Hard Times - for Police Credibility

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mounted police charging protesters, they said they didn't, my camera says they did.

Rounding off an extremely bad month (for them), the past 12 hours has been hard on police credibility as they try to address the fallout from the 24 November demos.  First, they denied that a serving officer discharged a BCF halon fire extinguisher point-blank into the faces of young demonstrators during the student demonstrations this past Wednesday.  However, with the help of one of our very own regular contributors, Indymedia had already exposed this as a falsehood. As of this morning, the corporate press has followed suit.

Next up: the police statement that their tactics "did not involve charging the crowd" of young people detained between lines of riot cops for nine hours. Video posted on Indymedia has again shown this to be untrue, and this time it's The Guardian that's picked up on the story. Although the police may have hoped for a PR bounceback, the whole framework of public order policing and its standard toolset (mass detention with no charges laid, internet censorship, and surveillance of people doing political organising work) appears to be increasingly provoking a reaction.

Thanks to Indy contributors Rikki and 101 for their great work.  See you in the streets!


Time to educate ourselves and prepare for the next round

The cops say the rules have changed and we are entering a new era but we know they are just the same thugs they've always been. Let's not stagnate, stuck repeating the same set pieces like performers providing the mainstream media with the same bullshit images to justify the police repression. It's time to prepare, switch up, move on.

Check out these essential reads before next tuesday. Read them, print them, share them:-

Guide To Public Order Situations, updated January 2010

Delia Smiths Blockading For Beginner

Direct Action - A Handbook (look for newer edition called The Handbook of Direct Action)

Bodyhammer: Tactics and self-defence for the modern protester

Tech Tools for Activist

Let's make sure everyone taking part in the next round of protest has the tools required to organise, plan, make decision, be safe and effective.

Please make sure these links are widely known by people organising for DayX 2