Vodafone Oxford St Occupied! We want our £6bn back

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Vodafone's flagship store on Oxford Street has this morning been occupied by people protesting at its avoidance of a £6bn tax bill having routed money through a Luxembourg subsidiary. At a time when the country is facing savage cuts it's clear there's one law for the rich and corporate and another for the rest of us. Resist the cuts! Join us.

More actions are planned - expect to see more especially this saturday!

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Occupied and then shut down (pic: youandifilms)

inside occupation (pic: chris_coltrane)

police closing shutters (pic: chris_coltrane)

Flyer Text from UKuncut - click to enlarge

Right to work (ukuncut)

Tax Dodgers have branches all over... (pic: youandifilms)

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Anti Cuts Action event on Fckbk: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=118522394874856


Direct action against the cuts

Was this event:

The crisis was caused by the rich and powerful. Now they have the cheek to try and make us pay for it, whilst at the same time awarding themselves multi-billion pound bonus packages and tax reprieves. We will not stand for it.

This is their crisis. If they want cuts, they can make the sacrifices.

Nice one

There was a good programme on Radio 4's File on Four last night (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vhgpl). All about tax loopholes for major corporations. Worth a listen.

It's definitely something that a lot of people would get angry about, if they knew, or knew quite how much this non-payment of tax is happening, and is likely to increase, just as the cuts are being announced and implemented.

Now we just have to work out a way to get our mitts on the cash...

Private Eye background on Voda £6bn


First published in Private Eye 1273, 3-16 Sept, 2010

Laurie Penny reports on Vodafone Action

Protesters blockade Vodafone's flagship store
Posted by Laurie Penny - 27 October 2010 15:37

"The next five years can't just be about marching on Whitehall to hear Tony Benn speak"


great work

great stuff.

Youandifilms Video of Anti Cuts Action

5 Min film of the Vodafone occupation and closure - direct action against the cuts...


Press Release for today

Action Against The Cuts
07730536959 / 07999272515



65 activists have today stopped trading at Vodafone’s largest retail store on Oxford Street, London, by blockading the doorway in disgust at the HMRC’s deal with Vodafone that have allowed them to walk away from paying a tax bill thought to be worth £6bn to the public purse[1].

The action started at 09:30 this morning where activists gathered at The Ritz hotel near Oxford Street following rapid mobilization over the weekend via Twitter, Facebook, blogs and text messaging.

The 65 activists occupied the store with a classic sit in before the store had chance to even receive its first customer.

This comes exactly a week after George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review in which he announced that another £7bn will be cut from welfare, producing a total of £18bn of cuts from vital welfare services.

These cuts have been widely condemned by charity groups representing the most vulnerable in society, and the highly respected Institute of Fiscal Studies confirmed on Thursday last week that the coalition’s cuts will indeed hit the poorest in society the hardest.

The issue of tax evasion by corporations and the wealthy was not however even mentioned during Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review speech, despite the fact that it is estimated that the deficit to the public purse from tax evasion amounts to at least £12bn each year [2].

To add salt to the wound, Osborne also announced last week that large corporations in addition will be expected to contribute 4% less in tax to public services across the next four years through a reduction in corporation tax.

Activists on today’s action also note that Andy Halford is both a financial advisor to Vodafone and a corporation tax advisor to the treasury [3].

Under a banner that read “Pay your taxes - save our welfare state”, Jennifer Kyte said, “The cuts are not fair, we're not all in this together, and there are alternatives. Why not start by collecting - instead of writing off – the tens of billions owed in taxes by wealthy corporations?”

She continued, “The economic downturn was caused by the reckless greed of the private sector, but it is the public sector and those at the bottom that are picking up the bill. Is this their idea of the wonderful Big Society?”

Zeketa Darby said, “We will not pay for their crisis! The public need to join together and hit the streets to take concerted action to fight these cuts”



For further comment:

Call: 07730536959 / 07999272515

Email: actionagainstthecuts@gmail.com

Twitter: @ukuncut



[1] The details of the Vodafone scandal have been released originally following an investigation by the satirical magazine Private Eye.




[2] The exact amount lost through corporate tax evasion is by its nature decidedly hard to pin down, however Richard Murphy from the tax justice network has estimated that £12bn is lost (http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/oct/22/vodafone-tax-case-leaves-sour-taste).>

[3] http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/tax_forums_business_tax_competitiveness.html

[4] A callout was put up on this blog site. http://theircrisis.wordpress.com/

Check UKUncut website


A film about today's protest

Well done to everyone!
Check out this link:


Great target; well-deserved and in a really public place!

We need more actions like this putting the focus on the corporations that are driving these cuts, instead of just focusing on the politicians..

F*cking ace!

You want a right to work?

I don't want any rights and I don't want to work. I want to organize myself outside of this sick capitalistic logiks.