MayDay 2010 in Parliament Square

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A few hundred people gathered at Parliament Square following the call for a MayDay Carnival & People's Assembly. A mixture of different stuff related to the forthcoming general election was taking place around the square, whilst the Dissident Island's mobile sound system and the samba band kept blasting out tunes for the whole afternoon. It wasn't exactly at the same scale as 10 years ago in the same spot with the RTS May Day action [report | pics] but still, below there are some pics of today. Reports and pics [1 | 2 | 3 | 4] and video.

Later in the afternoon the samba band started marching down Westminster Bridge towards Waterloo's tunnel where a Rave Against the Machine party started with a few hundred people dancing to DI's tunes and the Samba Band. Another mobile system also turned up later in the evening. The party was still on as we typed this report [see pics 1 | 2]

Dark clouds coming over Parliament


hmm .. not sure what's this all about

ready to roll ...

Churchill revisited

well, who knows ...

And the clouds get darker over Paliament ... a sign of what's coming?

A blast in the past

Peace Camp's display

That Mayday pole hippy thing

During the Mayday festivities activists from Peace Strike set up a village of some twenty tents in the square. The 'demockracy village' is calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan [report and picsDay 3 | Day 4] And the Space Hijackers  took their anti-election battle bus to the streets of London with a clear message 'Spoil your ballot, Reject the lot of em!' Early on the day there had been the traditional MayDay demonstration with a strong anarchist presence. We did not make it in time there but hopefully someone else will publish some pics of that one.

MayDay 2010 is also exactly 10 years since Indymedia started in the UK. It is time for cellebration! so don't forget Indymedia London's and Dissident Island's all nighter on Saturday 22nd of May. See details